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Gravity Payments Review


Gravity Payments Review

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Tom DeSimone

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    Our small Mom & Pop photography biz on the beautiful beaches of Lower Alabama has been using Gravity for nearly 2 years now. I’m totally pleased with their fantastic customer service and the great way they customized our processing. We “shoot” tourists (our company motto) so I key in all transactions, as we work with customers we only see on the beach. My husband tells the millions of telemarketers who call us about changing processors to go to work at Gravity because they’re not being paid enough, lol! Haven’t had a single problem yet. Gravity works great and costs us so much less than what we’ve paid in the past. It feels good to be working with a company whose CEO is a such a great leader!

      Liz Norton

      The software is very easy to use, it just takes time to learn it like any other thing in life, but I would recommend it to any business. Charlie C has amazing customer service and has exceed all my expectations! He has put up with me while maintaining professionalism at all times.


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        Allison Foil

        March and April are busy months for my company so I didn’t even notice until late April that the credit card payments from my customers were not getting deposited into my bank account. I called in and talked to “Luke” who said their had been a freeze on my account since February because One of my customers was charged 6 times for the same service and I had to have them credit her card for these charges. I have no idea how this happened in the first place because I had 1 confirmation # on that transaction. Long story short, they owe me $9096.00 total for 22 payments. Luke said the money would be in my account by Wednesday. It is now Friday and I called in to check the status of this issue. GUESS WHAT! The phone number is out of service!

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          Any update on this? I’m looking, but may stick to Square after all.

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Allison Foil

            It’s been a complete nightmare. They said that some cards were denied after they went into “limbo”. And I remind you that this initial issue was their fault in the first place so why put my account on hold. .without telling me. Now I have a client that I charge $1000 for services, and she has an additional charge on her account for $615.00. They still have not compensated her for that. I am turning this over to my attorney.

              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Gravity Payments

              We sincerely apologize for any delay in business Allison may have experienced during this time. We’ve taken steps with her and her accountant in order to resolve this issue. Those steps have included:

              1. Fixing the issue
              2. Putting fail-safes in place to make sure this issue won’t happen again
              3. Setting her up with a system better suited to her business and providing her with technology at our expense

              We feel both parties have come to a happy resolution, but if she should find this to be unacceptable, we’ve provided her with the supervisor of our Support department’s direct line.

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                Paul Shepherd

                I’ve cycled through lots of merchant service providers over the last 20 years of retail, and have been very pleased with Gravity. I’m sticking with them. Good service, and they reduced my rates quite a bit.


                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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