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inFlow On-Premise Review


inFlow On-Premise Review

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Jon Titterington

Jon Titterington

Writer at Merchant Maverick
Jon Titterington is a writer from Los Angeles, California. He first started working in tech in 2006.

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    Shreya Verma

    Organization Name: Bell Technology

    Hello! Its always be a complex task to maintain stock records up to mark. We supposed to keep our inventory update whenever every transaction like sale or purchase happen. To do such a difficult task, there is numerous software available in the market . I found BTHAWK and inflow on-premises, both are good alternatives available in the market.

    • Organization Name: Bell Technology
    Matthew B.

    While I’ve only used the free trial and the free forever version (for testing/experimenting purposes) I’ve to say I’m pretty impressed. The only design flaw I have found is the colors in the software. They seem to be like bright headlights on a dark night. They are bright greens and yellows. I have talked with support (who have always been helpful and quick to help – yes even a free user) and they have assured me that inFlow is working on a future update with more “muted” colors. I hope this is true and I hope it’s soon because while the different colors really help with being in different areas of the software, it can hurt my eyes. I’m hoping that I can encourage the rest of my team to make an investment in this software.

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      Tamiko Averett

      Hey blog post , I am thankful for the analysis – Does anyone know if I might be able to grab a template CA OCF-1 document to fill in ?

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        Leeann Winkle

        Hi Tamiko Averett. my business partner filled out a blank a form document at this site


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          jeffrey crosby

          I am sorry but I have to be the lone dissenter (spelling…?) here…we have had inflow for a little over a year now and have had several problems with it…to me inventory is and should be class 101…we have many parts / fittings in our inventory that are shared by multiple units that we build…most (not all) but most are stainless steel…many of these stainless steel items are shipped out to be coated in a fine layer of glass…therefore those parts have to be inventoried also…lets say we have to build 4 units…we run a temp work order just to get an idea of what we have in stock and what we have to order…the readout on the right of the work order is wonderful…tells you what you have and or what you are short of…go to print that report out…a nightmare…the treated parts will not print out because inflow does not like to print out any part with a sub-assembly…you can’t get the printout to print out in the same order as what you are seeing on the screen…it just prints out the info in any random order and it makes it very difficult to wade thru multiple records to find what you are looking for…the support staff at the company is wonderful and if it were not for them we would be dead in the water…they suggested (for the time being) that we export and print out the report (CSV) via EXCEL…this is a temporary fix tho…the problem with this is you can’t print out bin locations number one…number two…if you have a need for 12 of something and you only have 8…great…the item in question prints out twice making it obvious that you have an issue…it shows that you have 8 and are short 4…the problem arises when you have one of two scenarios…you need 4 and have 4…that prints one line stating four pieces…but here is the problem…if you need 4 and have 0…the same exact line prints…you have no idea which of the 2 scenarios you are facing because the red flags that are on the screen inventory do not transfer over to the EXCEL report…this is very annoying and the only fix for this issue is taking the EXCEL sheet that you just printed and sitting down with what is on the screen and comparing line for line all of those “single” issues.


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            Ross S Smith

            We moved to InFlow from a Cloud based solution and we see this as a big Plus. Our ISP accidentally stuffed our internet connection and business stopped until we got a temporary router in place. Similarly if our branch of the internet is slow (high demand) the cloud solution is very slow. Now using InFlow if our network is slow it is completely within my control. … Perfect.


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              Hey RossThanks for taking the time to add your comment here! It’s much appreciated! Great point how local networked solutions can be a better fit than cloud-only. Glad to have you as a customer :)Cheers,-MAtt


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                Ted Porter

                Hi Matt,

                Thanks for the response and explaining further about inFlow. Good to know about the support availability for all inFlow customers. I’m sure our readers will appreciate the extra information so they’re better able to evaluate the software for their business needs.

                – Ted

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                  Matt @ inFlow Inventory

                  Hey Ted

                  Thank you so much for taking the time to review inFlow! It’s much appreciated! Just wanted to clarify and add some points to your review if I may.

                  We built inFlow specifically for those that have item based businesses. You can use inFlow everyday to run your business from purchasing to sales.

                  When you need to do accounting, inFlow can generate all the reports you need to make your accountant happy. Or, of course, you can enter your information into your Quickbooks too.

                  As you mentioned, we don’t have direct integration or an API just yet but it would be nice to give our customers that option.

                  Although we say there’s only forum support for free users, everyone is welcomed to get in touch with us via We also have live chat and phone support available here:

                  We definitely don’t turn anyone down for support 🙂

                  Licensing works per concurrent user. So, to have two people using inFlow at the same time, you would need two licenses. You can also install one license on two different computers (say a laptop and desktop) – you just would only be able to access one at a time.

                  You can also have inFlow installed on every single computer in your office and give everyone unlimited READ only access. No one will ask “is it in stock?” again since everyone can check!

                  If you’re curious to find out if inFlow is a good fit for your business, feel free to get in touch with me direct via or call 1·866·923·4974 x 711.

                  Thanks again for taking the time to do the review!


                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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