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Merchant Maverick Contributor

Merchant Maverick Contributor

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We've done in-depth testing of each and confidently recommend them.

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    SHOP AROUND!! Pros: This system is simple to use at the point of sale for a retail setting. Color coding allows for easy identification of different options. Customers like the reward program which can be customized to your operation. On the back side, creating and entering items and categories is simple. Creating an employee database is also easy and convenient for tracking hours. Reports are accessible via the POS screen with more detailed reports available from the instore office website. The equipment is quality. 2 years into using it, there have been no issues. Cons: 1. When giving discounts, the percentage is taken from the entire bill. Because of the calculations, line items not meant to be discounted appear to be reduced in the reports. For example, a delivery charge will appear as $9.25 instead of the $10 entered. It makes it difficult to reconcile tax-exempt purchases for auditing purposes. 2. Items created cannot be deleted. You can only make them inactive or active, or edit them completely. 3. Employees created cannot be deleted. Again, you can only make them active or inactive. I have dead people as inactive in our system. 3. The only credit card chip reader available at the time is unlike any others and is awkward for the customers. 4. The display is very small with only one line visible and difficult for customers to read. 5. There was no in-person assistance offered to set up the system, unlike other POS systems I’m familiar with. I was on my own with no knowledge of the way the system operated. It required many phone calls to finally understand some of the options available and learn how to use it to the full potential. There is online help available.

      Aiman Karim

      I own a car wash and I was looking for a Pos System the car wash Pos system are 40k-60k depending on the company you go with very expensive, Along my search I was so lucky to find instore Pos at first I wasn’t sure because they do more restaurants clothing stores but when I talk to sandy she assured me that this would work so I went for it why you ask 1-NO contract 2-69.99 a month 3-No risk Sandy set me up with Andrea she gave me 3 classes of 20 minutes over the phone that’s how easy the instore is and Andrea is a good teacher I learned everything so quickly. I could get all my reports Merchan reports cash flow reports how many items I sold by each item It’s just amazing what the instore could do. I recommend this POS to anyone if the harbor hand car wash loved it I know you will.


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Corey Bailey

        This system falls a far cry south of what is needed for an F and B operation. Theres zero accounting as far as sales to cost. They claim it’s built for Restaurants and not just retail and I found nothing that supports that claim. IT’S PERFECT FOR RETAIL. do not get me wrong. My fiance runs outlets for a major global athletic company and this would be erfect if you’ve got one to two boutiques she says. but I cancelled today because I found the sales staff uneducated on a food and Beverage application and somewhat scammy on trying to sell me on hardware. I had paid the 300 setup and was auto deducting the 50 something monthly when I discovered this shortcoming during my setup process. I voiced these concerns and was insured “theres a software patch coming out in 2 months that will address all of that” to which I was like “ok” We didn’t get approved for the monthly payment on equipment so I said, ” It’s off season let me handle payroll and We’ll just buy outright, but my staff comes first” She was cool with it. She called me today to secure hardware sales and I had to tell her you know I’d like to see the software addendum before I buy a 1200 dollar system. I’m fine paying the 50 something a month until so but I want to feel it out. I got a sales pitch, that typical “well why wouldnt you want to take care of your business and get this going” thing which to me is a huge red flag. It came off immediately like those merchant processor calls you get like 5 times a day or the guys trying to sign your mom an pop restaurant for a service that manages your yelp reviews for like 500 a month. I actually took the time to explain (this part briefly) past credentials over the last decade and a half and why this product in it’s current form, through substandard reporting, serves our restaurant no current purpose and why. Then I assured that we would wait the two months until that software patch rolls out. At which point I’d check it , then pull trigger ( I felt this sensible especially since they’re getting 50 something a month from me for nothing until then) I got another push for equipment. We ended this call for a revisit on a later date. This, to me, was so beyond infuriating that I was being sold a product in a market the sales person did not understand and the relationship had come to such a point of mistrust (and I know many of you in hospitality have this same problem as I do where you’re like, ‘yeaaaaah, everythings fine. no it’s ok, time and time again and you gotta go , ‘ no, this time I’m the client and I shouldn’t have to eat shit on this deal’ I called her back and politely approved account cancellation. I dont trust these people. But Bottom Line, this product in it’s current state is not suited for F& B use. It cost me $300 set up (which is cute because the only service provided initially from start to finish is an online demo, and I’m sorry millenial start up but your bare bones program is extremely self explanatory, and assigning me a self designated login username and password. I’ve got no problem with the tediousity of setting up a POS. I’ve dont this half a dozen times but dont charge me for it) plus whatever I’ve spent on monthly subscription that was spent for me to learn this lesson. I’m fine with it but I hope the next guy heeds my warning and just listens with a keener ear. I should have been more aggressive with my due dilligence. Best of Luck


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Corey Bailey

          apologies, anyone wanting specifics on the downfall is free to email me at [email protected] has been a trusted resource for all my friends who are operators and owners. we thank you guys for doing the amazing work that you do

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


            Sorry to hear about your experience with Instore. As CEO, I must say that we don’t treat our customers the way you describe. We are a merchant-centric company and our mission is to provide you access to technology that helps you run a more profitable business. If you had a different experience, you have my apologies.

            At the time you wrote this, we had not launched our Retail solution, so Instore was best fit for food service businesses. Instore Retail is now live, allowing us to effectively serve a wider variety of merchants. We’d be happy to discuss how we can meet your business needs today. Give us another chance, and I assure you we’ll make you a fan.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Corey P Bailey

              Yes, Matt. You’re retail program was about a month out at the time. You can call it whatever the hell you want. What I am telling you is your Restaurant platform does not produce the proper back office reporting for a restaurant operation. Your restaurant reporting goes as indepth as detailing whole units sold. Spend some time on Aloha, Micros, dinerware, Harbortouch, etc and you’ll see the difference. I want to see a variance report on romaine lettuce based of the recipes programmed for my menu items. Theres no way to run inventory / accounting on ingredients even though I was assured of this. Your reports end at counting how many menu items I sold in the Span of time frame X. Great I sold 117 Classic Burgers this month. That’s helpful………
              I suggest going to work for a corporate restaurant for a little while and learning what it is you are actually promising people for their money before locking them into a contract. The fact that you cant make the distinction here tells me you have no experience in the field but I appreciate you challenging my 17 years.
              We signed with Dinerware.

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                Organization Name: The Dover Grille

                I will second Corey’s review. Word for word I feel the same way. We needed to be able to split checks to take back to the table and were never able top do that. We also got the wait, we have an update coming for that in 2-3 months, well after 6-8 updates and just over 2 years still no table splitting. Oh, they did finally come out with that update, 2 days after I signed with Toast. But it still wouldn’t work, Our app froze up every time we tried. Like Corey said, great for a retail outlet, not for the restaurant industry.
                Been with Toast 2 weeks,LOVE<LOVE<LOVE it! I as the owner love it, kitchen loves it and the servers love it. Simple yet made for the restaurant industry. any questions on it shoot me an email. [email protected] toast is a little more money but well worth it. Promises Kept!

                • Organization Name: The Dover Grille

                Be very weary if you are using more than one iPad. The time lag between iPads is exhausting. Printer errors were common during busy periods. Because it’s Cloud based, lots of info does not get translated in due course. Readings from iPads at end of day did not match Cloud figures, making cash outs a problem. Phantom chits would arrive at the kitchen that were actually a sale from the previous day, reprinting itself. Very easy to program and use, I’ll give them that. But the problems experienced, and the lack of support afterwards, made this unusable for my business.


                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                  After doing extensive online research (which almost made my head explode) and trying a few different services I made the decision to go with Instore. I own a cafe/bar and the decision to go with them was actually pretty easy after I tested different systems, most offer free trials. What I needed was a system that offered an employee time clock, open tabs, split tickets and item tax because we sell bottled beer to go. To my surprise these capabilities are not available with all of the other service providers I looked at. I also liked that they also offer gift cards and online ordering.
                  Pretty much every website I went to said that their system is the easiest to use but the Merchant Maverick review of Instore is very accurate….it was the easiest of all the systems I’ve tried. Just my opinion. I’ve had it in my place for about a month and this was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.

                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Dave Eagle

                    Glad to hear we helped out – thanks for letting us know!

                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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