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Mavenlink Review


Mavenlink Review

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Irvine, CA
Wesley Kriz

Wesley Kriz

Writing from the Pacific Northwest (read: the Best Coast), Wesley graduated from George Fox University in 2014 with a degree in History, then again from George Fox in 2016 with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. He has been writing about project management for 2 years, and keeps a running list of wacky software brand names; seriously, it's wild out there.

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    I have been in a long-term dispute with Mavenlink about its inability to render the Gantt and even though I brought this to their attention within the first month of my contract they would not empathize with my situation or refund even a partial portion. I quit using it. Way too expensive for a product that does not do that. Go with Smartsheet. DO NOT enter into an agreement with Mavenlink because you will not discover the bugs in the shortterm free trial. Customer support is a joke because they have such high turn-over of their “Customer Success Managers.” Run away!!!

      Kimberly Mackey

      I have been a long time user of Mavenlink, but today was/or may still be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. Mavenlink does not have on-line account management. In other words, I can’t go on their and update my payment information, or renew my subscription, or basically do anything to my account without talking to someone. I was frustrated with this process 3 years ago, but nice about it because they were a fairly new company. Last year, I complained to no avail. This year, I am shouting it from the rooftops for anyone to hear. How can I not have an on-line payment platform with an on-line company???? I have been trying for days to reach someone in accounting (you can’t call) so I can update my payment information and renew my subscription. Finally, they send me an email, titled “Payment Update” and want me to email my CC info? Are you kidding me??? Or better, I can wire the money. Seriously? Why don’t you just announce to all the internet trolls, with a blinking sign, here I am, steal my CC/account information? I am told they are “working on adding an on-line portal so customers can manage their account themselves” but I have been told that same thing for the past 3 years running. Buyer beware. Now I am in too deep and have too many projects on there to recreate elsewhere to move.


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        Mavenlink has a serious issue with the Gantt rendering which will intermittently become disconnected with the task and sub-task (left side of the screen view). It renders the tool to be virtually useless during customer meetings. I have repeatedly requested a fix date but customer service politely avoids any sort of commitment for their development team to fix the problem. PLEASE DO NOT waste your companies $$ in purchasing this tool until Mavenlink has fixed this critical Gantt rendering bug. Note that if you are evaluating the product, the bug is difficult to reproduce when you have only a small number of tasks in a given project. When you have larger projects with many tasks and sub-tasks is when the bug becomes prevalent.

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          Judson Kauffman

          We used Mavenlink for 18 months, then the site began to become very buggy. After repeated failed attempts to speak with someone over the phone (no one ever answers their customer service line), we requested to cancel the account and receive a prorated refund. We were very respectful int he request, but it was DENIED. Several thousand dollars later, we’re super unimpressed with their software and their customer service. Try another app!

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            Jodi Jahrling

            They started out good for the price. Now their customer service is subpar, their product has not evolved well, and they are charging more. Non-responsive, non-customizable dashboard. They lock you into a contract and quote user agreement when you question their changes and usability. Would never recommend to anyone.


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              Poor customer service-the drones respond quickly, but they can’t really think out-side the box and you have to spend months with them talking through basic things like subscription changes.


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                Todd J Poole


                Thank you for a well written and insightful review of Mavenlink. I had tried the software in the past (prior to it having the functionality it now does) and wasn’t all that impressed. However, based on my recent exposure to the current version of Mavenlink, and your helpful (and quite descriptive) review, I’m going to be giving the program and second shot.



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                  We recently signed with Mavenlink, and at this point, I would not give a good review. I am hoping things will move along better.


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