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    Melissa Johnson
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Alpharetta, Georgia
Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Expert Analyst & Reviewer
Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    Bonnie Best

    Organization Name: Best Face & Body, Inc

    I was unaware that Dharma and MX Merchant were created, owned and controlled by Priority Payment Systems. Beware, my fellow merchants! PPS has sent my account to a collection agency called Oxygen and attempting to collect approximately $2300.00 in credit card charges. My business closed down by CA government Covid shutdown order on March 21, 2020. I had no disputes or chargebacks before that time. They are claiming a $700 charge was not paid in January 2020 even though everything was running smoothly and I received no notice of any problems. PPS is also charging me according to a contract I supposedly signed, for 3 months of fees owed for not giving notice that I was closing my account. I guess a global pandemic forced closure means canceling my account. I chose Dharma because of their environmental commitments and had no idea that PPS was involved. They are a dishonest outfit and do not deserve to be in business. I feel betrayed by Dharma, abandoned and forced to deal with Priority Payment Systems. Research better than I did and find out before disaster hits and you are in bed with thieves and pirates. Good luck to all of you brave survivors.

    • Organization Name: Best Face & Body, Inc
    Sarah King

    Organization Name: Angel Gilding Ltd

    We recently had a bad glitch with our payment processing which required me to phone MX Merchant. Two of the support people I talked to told me that they worked for Priority Payment Systems and that, so far as they knew, MX Merchant was just the online wall paper for Priority Payment Systems. I had a very bad and expensive experience with Priority Payment Systems years ago so I was very distressed to find that I was, without knowing it, working with them again. Fortunately for me, we use Dharma as our merchant service provider and Dharma was able to bully (it took two days and several phone calls) Priority Payment Systems into fixing the problem they caused at no charge to me. I write this because your review implies that MX Merchant and Priority Payment Systems are two separate companies. I strongly suggest that you investigate further.

    • Organization Name: Angel Gilding Ltd
    Alyssa Alfaleet

    Organization Name: Fit & Kick, LLC

    I am so happy I found MXmerchant, and I actually signed up through priority payment systems and am pretty happy with them.I run a martial arts school that is big, but not big enough to want to use the systems designed for large gyms and fitness centers. Way too many tools I dont need and way too expensive.I have been able to work MXmerchant into my registration process online for new students, and the autopay function is really easy to use. I wanted to punch quickbooks in the face for how hard it was to change contracts when a family made a special request (10 + minutes worth of work). With MXmerchant it is 30 seconds.I also love the optional layers of security you can add. A lot of foot traffic comes through my school and its nice to know it’s really hard for anyone to get into my payment system.I still use Quickbooks for my accounting, but I switched over to payroll mate for tax management and I use formstack for registration. If you want to see how I made it all work together, you can look at my website. Hope this helps other businesses like mine, and save you a lot of headache trying to make it all come together.

    • Organization Name: Fit & Kick, LLC
    John ONeill

    Organization Name: Chefs For Seniors

    MX Merchant has been great for me, I use it thru Darmah. Perfect for my small biz, a personal chef, I go home at end of a day and run my charges via the dashboard, super easy to use and I don’t need any bells or whistles so the basic version is what I need. I don’t run mPOS do all my billing at home. I have only had to call them once, a minor issue on the user end, they squared me away in 2 sec flat. Payment takes 5-7 days to show up in my bank account

    • Organization Name: Chefs For Seniors

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