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National Merchant Bancard Profile & Reviews

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National Merchant Bancard Profile & Reviews

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Read our profile and user reviews for National Merchant Bancard below to learn whether or not this is a credit card processor worth your time.

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Review Data About National Merchant Bancard

  • Early termination fee: Yes
  • Pricing model: Tiered
  • Online reputation: Negative
  • Vetted by Merchant Maverick's experts: No
  • Average user review: 1.8 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)

We haven't done a full editorial review of National Merchant Bancard yet, but we've spent hundreds of hours reviewing merchant account providers like this one. Learn more about our top picks below and why we think they are likely a better option for you than National Merchant Bancard.

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How Does National Merchant Bancard Compare?

Take a look at how National Merchant Bancard stacks up against some of the best credit card processors we've reviewed.

National Merchant Bancard Payment Depot Stax by Fattmerchant PaymentCloud

Early Termination Fee

Yes None None None

Pricing Model

Tiered Interchange-plus* Interchange-plus* Interchange-plus*

Online Reputation

Negative Positive Positive Positive

Merchant Maverick Approved?

No Yes Yes Yes
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*All of our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plus pricing rather than tiered pricing.

What We Look For In A Merchant Account Provider

  1. No early termination fees: Credit card processors use expensive early termination fees to lock you into your account for several years. We think that your merchant account provider should have to earn your business every month, so we only recommend providers that offer month-to-month contracts. A small account closure fee can sometimes be acceptable, however.
  2. Interchange-plus pricing: One of the best-kept secrets in credit card processing is interchange-plus (cost-plus) pricing. All processors have to pay some baseline "wholesale" costs to the credit card networks, and these rates are generally the same for all processors. The variable is the "markup" added onto these wholesale rates. Interchange-plus separates the wholesale from the markup. Membership (or subscription) pricing is a variant of interchange-plus where the entire markup is charged as a single flat monthly fee. Flat-rate pricing (like Square offers) where the markup is not separated is sometimes a good deal for low-volume business. Tiered pricing (where different flat rates are charged for different transaction "tiers") is the least transparent option and we never recommend it. Learn more about interchange-plus, membership, flat-rate, and tiered pricing, or see our complete rate and fees infographic.
  3. A long-standing good reputation: New merchant account providers are popping up all the time and they all provide very similar service offers. How do you know which ones you can trust? For us, seeing a long-term reputation of satisfied customers is critical. We also spend a lot of time verifying that the reputation is real and not created by fake reviews.
  4. Clear and accurate advertising practices: Even good service can be a problem if a merchant services provider is using unrealistic promises or gimmicks to gain your business. That's why it's important to us that our preferred credit card processors are 100% honest and transparent with both their marketing and their sales practices.
  5. High-quality support: Processing credit cards sometimes comes with unavoidable problems. Maybe some software or hardware is misbehaving, making there was a problem with your customer's payment method. We want to make sure that your payment processor is able to help you resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

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    David Smith

    I recently switched my ecommerce shopping cart to Square and I have been a Square customer in the rest of my business other than e-commerce. I cancelled my account with Authorize Net, but they told me I had to cancel with my MSP. They gave me the phone number. I have called every day for ten days. I left messages in multiple offices asking for a return call. I emailed them using their contact form. Not one word from them. I finally called my bank and put a stop to any debits to my account from this company. TERRIBLE customer service and after reading posts below, now I know they are just the typical scamming credit card processing companies.

      steve kuebler

      Do not do business with this company.I talked to a sales person and we went over everything all the products we sell etc.He said sure no problem and assured me we would be good to go.Account was then setup and we were processing for two months.Then I login on Tuesday to check our business bank account and the funds wern’t in there.They asked for some info from us which I gladly sent in.Next I’m told that they now consider us a high risk account and are closing our account and holding $6000 for 181 days and not a thing we can do about it.This is now going to cause a loss to our business while we have to setup another merchant account.That money is from gross sales as a small business owner we needed to buy more inventory, pay employee’s and book other shows(we do home shows).do not do business with this company or you two will be screwed over.I also can’t figure out how they are rated A+ here when there is clearly 16 complaints.


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


        horrible customer service,,one person only will deal with ur account so if he is not in the office or he is off or in vacation ur screwed ,,,no information will be provided till this sucker come back to his office,,add to that the long waiting time on the phone till u get access, I was put in the phone for over than half an hour and then they send me to that sucker and endup leaving a msg to his voice mail..this issue is happening over and over and over,,,i am out , no business with these crickets no more


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Chase Axinn

          I didn’t rate by stars because i cant judgethis outfit that send a monthly statement for $44 but charges my account 138 during a month that i did not use their service. I will follow up here and elsewhere as i try to either reduce or discontinue my involvement with them.

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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