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National Merchant Bancard (NMB) is a merchant account provider with a headquarters in Sunrise, Florida and a west coast office in Woodland Hills, California. Founded in 2002, the company claims to have provided accounts to over 40,000 merchants, putting them in the small to mid-size category for their industry.

With a focus on eCommerce, NMB advertises themselves primarily as an alternative to PayPal for eBay sellers. However, they also offer a wide range of products and services that are suitable for other eCommerce sellers and traditional retail businesses.

Like a lot of other smaller merchant account providers, NMB doesn’t actually handle transaction processing themselves. Instead, they’re currently functioning as an authorized reseller for several other companies, including Authorize.Net (who provide their payment gateway) and iPayment. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself – some of our absolute favorite providers, including Dharma Merchant Services, are resellers for Authorize.Net and others. However, it does introduce another party into your relationship between your business and your merchant account provider. Criticisms and complaints about problems caused by the processor are often targeted at the account provider, who may or may not have any control over the issue.

Adding to the confusion is NMB’s practice of spreading their business over multiple business names and websites. When we last reviewed them, they were operating under about a dozen different websites, each with completely different URLs and brand names. Thankfully, they’ve since consolidated this down to a mere five sites… although there may be more out there. Today you can find NMB at the following sites:

While this is already more than a little confusing, it actually gets worse. As far as we can tell, NMB relies entirely on independent sales agents to market its products and services. This is usually a recipe for disaster (at least for the customer), and there’s no reason to think it will be any different here. Independent agents usually receive very little training and often are hired without regard to prior sales experience or other job qualifications. Working solely on commission, they’re under intense pressure to close the deal, and they’ll gladly transfer that pressure onto you in the form of hard-sell sales tactics. NMB actively recruits sales agents on some of their various websites, a practice that’s usually an indication of high turnover in their independent sales force.

Another area of concern is NMB’s appalling D- rating with the Better Business Bureau. While the overall complaint volume is quite low, NMB has apparently failed to respond to any of the complaints filed against them. Not only did this inaction drastically reduce their rating with the BBB, it’s also a pretty clear indication that you won’t get good customer service or support from them, either. With their reliance on independent sales agents and confusing business structure, I suspect that the low complaint volume is the result of angry merchants filing their complaints against the independent agents rather than the company itself.

Overall, there are enough red flags raised by NMB’s sales and marketing practices that I can’t give them any better than a below-average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Read on to find out about everything you need to look out for with NMB or check out our merchant account comparison chart to see what the best merchant account providers in the industry are offering.

Products & Services:

NMB has a fairly robust range of offerings, including the following:

Merchant accounts: Whether you’re running your business online or out of a traditional retail location, you’re going to need a merchant account. As we’ve noted above, NMB relies on Authorize.Net, iPayment, and others to process their transactions for them. While NMB advertises “FREE Merchant Accounts” on their website, this is almost certainly misleading. While there may not be any account setup fees, you will still end up paying fees and charges above and beyond the normal transaction processing rates for your account.

Credit card terminals: NMB highlights the “free” credit card terminal that comes with your merchant account. Unfortunately, the terminal they’re currently offering is the Verifone Omni 3200, an older, discontinued model that’s no longer supported by Verifone. With the shift to EMV terminals in October 2015, the non-EMV compliant Omni 3200 is now obsolete. So, even if it’s actually free, you really don’t want it. NMB also advertises a number of other terminals for sale on their website, but their prices are much higher than what you can find elsewhere. Many of the terminals they’re offering are obsolete, discontinued models. While we highly recommend buying your terminals rather than leasing them, I wouldn’t buy them from NMB.

Wireless terminals: NMB also offers wireless terminals for mobile use, and they’re definitely not free. In addition to the unreasonably high prices they charge for their equipment, you’ll also have to pay an undisclosed monthly fee for a wireless data plan.

Retail POS system: NMB features a Retail POS terminal on their home page that’s aimed at restaurants and gas stations, but they don’t appear to provide any further information about it on their website.

Virtual terminal/payment gateway: Another supposedly “free” feature for eCommerce merchants, NMB uses the First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal. While the software itself is free, there’s also a $24.95 per month gateway fee to use it after your free trial period expires.

Shopping cart software: NMB offers CartManager for their online shopping cart software. While it’s also heavily advertised as being free on their website, it’s really $22.45 per month after the free 14-day trial expires.

Merchant cash advance: Like many other merchant account providers, NMB also offers a merchant cash advance program. While they offer more details on their website than a lot of other companies, you still should proceed very cautiously if you’re thinking about using this service. Our article on avoiding merchant cash advance scams is a good place to start.

Virtual credit card: A rather, um, unique product that NMB pushes on their website is their Virtual Credit Card. Not really a credit card at all, it’s more like a prepaid debit card that can only be used for online purchases. Sponsored by Visa, you have to already have a Visa card to link your account to. Before you can use the virtual card, you have to load it by depositing money into your account. There’s a $4.00 fee for doing this the first time, but NMB claims this is a one-time-only fee. Maximum deposits are approximately $270.00, and funds in your account won’t be refunded after a year if you don’t use them. The supposed benefits of the virtual card are that it allows you to make online purchases anonymously, and purchases you’ve made won’t show up on your credit card statement. If this sounds more than a little shady, that’s because it is. Even worse, this product seems to be deliberately marketed to people with financial difficulties and poor credit ratings. Not recommended.

Fees & Rates:

Unlike a lot of merchant account providers, NMB actually provides some information about fees and rates on their website. Unfortunately, catch-phrases like “lower rates guaranteed” and “rates as low as…” are a sure indication that you’re not getting the full story.

For retail accounts, NMB currently advertises rates “as low as” 1.38% + $0.18 per transaction. Online, mail order, and telephone transactions are charged a minimum rate of 1.99% +$0.25 per transaction. What NMB doesn’t disclose is that these are almost certainly rates for qualified transactions only. Mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions, which will make up the bulk of your transaction activity, will be charged much higher rates – possibly up to three or four times higher. This is also a good indication that NMB is using a tiered pricing plan, not the more affordable interchange-plus pricing that we prefer.

NMB doesn’t charge any application or account set-up fees, which is a good thing. We consider these to be junk fees, and we’re glad that most merchant account providers are finally phasing them out. The company does, however, charge a so-called Customer Support Fee – $10.00 per month for retail accounts and $5.00 per month for eCommerce accounts. There’s also a $24.95 per month gateway fee for online accounts.

While these fees are actually fairly reasonable, they may come as a surprise after you’ve been bombarded by an endless litany of supposedly “free” account features on NMB’s home page. Be aware that many of these “free” features are actually only free for a limited time – as short as only 14 days. After that, you can expect to be automatically billed for them on a monthly basis. Also be aware that these fees are just the ones that NMB discloses on their website. There may be other fees as well, such as for PCI compliance, that aren’t disclosed. By all means, be sure to read your entire contract very carefully before opening an account, and never rely on any assurances given to you by your sales agent.

Contract Length & Early Termination Fee:

Here’s what NMB has to say about their contracts on their website:

This is Important: No Lengthy Contract Term

Almost all merchant services providers have lengthy contract terms from one to three years which could cost your company over $1,000 in fees and penalties. Be advised that these companies can damage your credit and place you in collection proceedings if you refuse to pay their fees and penalties.


Well, that last sentence is certainly true. While NMB prominently advertises that their contracts are month-to-month, we’ve also had reports from upset merchants who were charged a $495.00 early termination fee (ETF) when they tried to close their accounts. Long term contracts (typically three years) with automatic renewal clauses and exorbitant early termination fees have proven extremely unpopular with merchants, and the processing industry is slowly responding to this collective anger by gradually phasing them out in favor of month-to-month contracts. Many of the reports from merchants who were charged an ETF are several years old, so it’s quite possible that NMB has discontinued this practice for new customers.

For now, I’m going to give NMB a “thumbs up” for going to month-to-month contracts. It’s a practice that we like to see, and it’s good to see the company responding to market pressure in a positive way. At the same time, be aware that you still need to review your contract in detail before you open an account. Don’t rely on the company’s website, and definitely, do not rely on verbal assurances given to you by your sales agent. It’s unfortunate that we have to even point this out, but the processing industry has an absolutely lousy reputation when it comes to honesty and fair dealing, and a mistake in this area could end up costing your thousands of dollars.

As a final point, if you’re already a customer of NMB, now is a good time to review your contract. Older contracts probably still have the renewal clauses and early termination fees in them, and you will definitely want to re-negotiate your contract if this applies to you.

Sales & Advertising Transparency:

I’ve already discussed how NMB relies on independent sales agents to sell their accounts and the kinds of problems this practice can cause. Poor training, little or no supervision, and the need to earn a commission all combine to create a recipe for disaster – for both customers and sales agents alike. Unfortunately, the use of independent agents is very common in the processing industry, and hard to avoid. Be prepared to negotiate, get everything in writing, and thoroughly review your contract before you sign anything.

Before you get to deal with one of NMB’s independent sales agents, however, you’ll probably first have to wade through their website. And what a website it is! This, boys and girls, is what the internet looked like back in the 20th century. With its plain white background, minimal graphics, large print, and exaggerated sales claims in BIG, BOLD FONTS (often in color or highlighted), it’s a throwback to the days of dial-up modems and dot-matrix printers. By modern web design standards, it’s simply awful just to look at it.

It might be hard to imagine, but things get even worse when you start to actually read those advertising claims. NMB’s home page consists almost entirely of a litany of claims about all the free features you’ll get with your account, plus repeated boasts about how much money you’ll save by signing up with NMB ($995 in savings, if you can believe it). Most of these claims range from misleading to downright false. There’s no mention of the fact that many of these features are only free for a very brief (14-day) trial period.

After reading all the way through to the bottom of the page, I was left thinking that it surely couldn’t get any worse. Oh, but it can! In the left column, you’ll find links to a large number of other pages on NMB’s website. Surely, there’s something more useful and informative on those other pages, right? No! Click on just about any of those links, and you’ll find another page that’s almost identical to the home page, with the entire sales pitch repeated verbatim, plus a few new paragraphs buried at the bottom of the page. Most viewers probably won’t even scroll far enough to find those new paragraphs, and I was left with the unmistakable impression that this was intentional. For example, what little fee information NMB discloses is buried deep on some of these other pages. Much like your contract, you’ll need to suffer through it before you commit yourself to an account with NMB.

Despite their abysmal website, NMB actually does have a presence on social media, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, none of them have been updated in several years, and you won’t find anything there that isn’t already on their website.

Customer Service & Technical Support:

NMB claims to offer 24/7 telephone support, although it’s unclear whether that support is provided by in-house staff or is outsourced. Email support is also available, and their website – despite its other flaws – offers live chat, at least during normal business hours. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any direct experience with their customer support, and there’s very little feedback available about it online. If you have had any experience with NMB’s customer service, please tell us about it in the Comments section below.

Negative Reviews & Complaints:

For a company of their purported size, there’s a suspicious lack of complaints and negative reviews about NMB on the internet. For better or worse, even the best, most ethical processing companies receive their fair share of complaints from customers. You really can’t please everyone, especially in the processing industry. NMB’s strategy of spreading their marketing over so many different websites probably accounts for the general lack of complaints filed against National Merchant Bancard themselves.

National Merchant Bancard has a profile under their own name with the BBB, but they aren’t BBB-accredited. They also have no reviews and no rating with them.

NMB is also mentioned in a complaint filed against iPayment on Ripoff Report, alleging withheld funds, sudden account termination, and generally lousy customer service. Complaint Board has an interesting complaint alleging that NMB is actually the driving force behind and, two (obviously) anti-PayPal websites. Both of these websites feature the same cheesy, antiquated website design as NMB’s site, and they both also conveniently recommend – one of NMB’s numerous websites – as a great PayPal alternative. I’d have to say that it’s pretty plausible that NMB is deliberately setting up these sites to attack their competition, although it’s not a definite certainty.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials:

Believe it or not, NMB actually has several positive testimonials on their website. A few of them provide only the business owner’s first name and therefore aren’t verifiable. However, the company does provide two very credible testimonials from business owners who provided their full names and links to their websites.

Okay, two satisfied customers out of 40,000 doesn’t seem like a very good track record, does it? While I wasn’t able to locate any other verifiable testimonials online, it’s just human nature that people are far more likely to complain about a business than to praise it, especially on the internet. Happy, satisfied customers are usually too busy running their businesses (and making money) to take the time to write and post a positive review. That said, if you are one of NMB’s satisfied customers, by all means, please take a few minutes to leave us a review in the Comments section below. We read all comments from our readers, and they’re an important factor in determining overall ratings when we update our reviews.

Final Verdict on National Merchant Bancard:

With so many different business names, different websites, and murky business relationships with other processors, National Merchant Bancard seems to go out of their way to keep their customers in the dark about who they’re actually dealing with. While none of these practices are particularly unusual among merchant account providers, taken as a whole they’re a strong indication that you won’t get a quality product at a fair price from a company like this.

NMB’s appalling website provides the first strong indication that something just isn’t right here. When a company tries this hard to get your attention with promises of all the free stuff you’ll get by signing up with them, it’s really a strong clue that they’re hiding something. Given that their website manages to include almost every misleading sales gimmick that the processing industry is known for, I’d say they’re probably hiding a lot.

So, what can you expect if you sign up with NMB? For starters, you can expect that the sales agent who promised you the moon won’t be available down the road when problems arise. Turnover among independent sales agents is extremely high, and NMB doesn’t provide dedicated account representatives or have an in-house sales staff to help out when problems occur. Now, in all fairness, it’s entirely possible that you’ll get a good, experienced, ethical sales agent who will be honest with you and who will work to get you the best possible deal. Unfortunately, the odds are against it.

You can also expect that a lot of the freebies advertised on NMB’s home page will start costing you money after the 14-day free trial is over. While NMB does disclose some important fee information, it’s buried deep on their website, where they’re hoping you won’t see it. You should also fully expect to end up paying processing rates that are much higher than the “lowest” rates advertised on their website.

With so many people opening their own businesses and selling things online today, it’s only natural that competitors to PayPal would spring up. Unfortunately, everything about NMB’s sales and marketing approach, from their unprofessional-looking website to their extensive use of misleading sales gimmicks, strongly suggests to me that this is a company that is deliberately targeting unsophisticated, first-time business owners.

While NMB does have some apparently genuine positive testimonials and they also offer some features (such as month-to-month contracts) that we like to see, overall I can’t recommend that you sign up with this company. The likelihood that you’ll end up paying high rates and fees and be stuck with poor quality service and support is just too high.

For now, I’m giving NMB a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. This is a below-average rating and a good indication that you should look elsewhere for your processing needs. If you’re running an online business, either through eBay or on your own website and want a better option than PayPal, our PayPal alternatives article is a good place to start. If you’d like to see what the genuine 5-star processors have to offer, check out our merchant account comparison chart.

Finally, if you’ve had any experience with NMB or their numerous affiliates, please leave us a review in the Comments section below.

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl is an independent writer, editor, and blogger with an endless fascination for technology and gadgets. After a long and enjoyable career of traveling around the world as an Air Force navigator, he’s comfortably settled down in the wine country of California’s Central Coast. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits.
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    David Smith

    I recently switched my ecommerce shopping cart to Square and I have been a Square customer in the rest of my business other than e-commerce. I cancelled my account with Authorize Net, but they told me I had to cancel with my MSP. They gave me the phone number. I have called every day for ten days. I left messages in multiple offices asking for a return call. I emailed them using their contact form. Not one word from them. I finally called my bank and put a stop to any debits to my account from this company. TERRIBLE customer service and after reading posts below, now I know they are just the typical scamming credit card processing companies.

      steve kuebler

      Do not do business with this company.I talked to a sales person and we went over everything all the products we sell etc.He said sure no problem and assured me we would be good to go.Account was then setup and we were processing for two months.Then I login on Tuesday to check our business bank account and the funds wern’t in there.They asked for some info from us which I gladly sent in.Next I’m told that they now consider us a high risk account and are closing our account and holding $6000 for 181 days and not a thing we can do about it.This is now going to cause a loss to our business while we have to setup another merchant account.That money is from gross sales as a small business owner we needed to buy more inventory, pay employee’s and book other shows(we do home shows).do not do business with this company or you two will be screwed over.I also can’t figure out how they are rated A+ here when there is clearly 16 complaints.


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


        horrible customer service,,one person only will deal with ur account so if he is not in the office or he is off or in vacation ur screwed ,,,no information will be provided till this sucker come back to his office,,add to that the long waiting time on the phone till u get access, I was put in the phone for over than half an hour and then they send me to that sucker and endup leaving a msg to his voice mail..this issue is happening over and over and over,,,i am out , no business with these crickets no more


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Chase Axinn

          I didn’t rate by stars because i cant judgethis outfit that send a monthly statement for $44 but charges my account 138 during a month that i did not use their service. I will follow up here and elsewhere as i try to either reduce or discontinue my involvement with them.

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


            Angel Rivera ( REGIONAL SALES MANAGER) told me the tha cancelation fee was $495.00 but what they do no told you that you have to pay $59.99 for the remaining of your contract ( or you mothly fee) 4 year contract plus your monthly mimimum ($25.00) if you cancel after 3 months you have to pay $495.00 plus 25 x 45 months =$1,125, plus $59.99 x 45 MONTHS $2,699.55 THE TOTAL IS $ 4,319.55 THE JUST TOLD ME $495.00 AFTER CHECK THAT i cancel the contrat just hours after signed and the rep told me the he do not what to do about that ,he will call his manager Morris Katsap , i call several times to both reps and they never answer my calls, emails, I send a text to Morris after several call and he just reply ( WE WILL CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT) I CALL TO THE OFFICE NUMBER 888 715 8021 AND after several calls Maleni answer and she told me the she do not know that persons, because they contract people over the phone to make sales. but Angel Rivera told me the he has several years in the company and he has the national WALMART ACCOUNT , and walmart paid the same rates as me, and it is not trueand they do not have address in the business cards and only have cell phones , i found the number on internet but no one answer anymoreSTAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.THE SALES REP, ARE THE OUTSIDE IMAGINE OF A COMMPANY.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Robin Walter

              Amad, It is obvious that you only read their publicity pages from their website charts and info, and that is absolutely worthless when you are investigating a slime-ball company like this one. You obviously didn’t even check with the Better Business Bureau, which gives them an “F” Rating (not just me saying so) because of their refusal to cooperate with them on complaints and their illegal methods of operation. I strongly suggest that you revise your notes on this site, and maybe read most of the comments on these pages. The only favorable comments are from people that Just signed up with that service and people who wouldn’t know a scam if it bit them, or people that are obviously employed there and its their job to post phoney favorable comments.

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                Robin Walter

                Sorry Amad, Your review was only partially right, in that you assumed NMB was located where they are registerd. They are physically in Walnut Creek, CA, in the same offices as Authorize.Net, and most of their affiliates are shadow companies of Authorize Net AKA AuthorizeWarehouse. These companies cannot publish their addresses or phone numbers more than a month or so at a time because they are running scams of all kinds that the BBB says is not legitimate business practices, giving them an “F” Rating becaus of serious complaints and failure to uphold any of their agreements with the BBB. I am still being stung by them over bait & switch billing, billing charges for nothing at all, and avoiding our cancellation notice for months just to continue high-rated billing even though they know the business website is shut down and moved to a better site that they aren’t connected with. One of the chief billing tricks businesses like this use is creating a building cancellation policy that isn’t written into their contract, requiring you to repeatedly beg and threaten them for the unavailable form (in this case it is the same form all of AuthorizeNet affiliates uses, which means they are part of the same conglomerate scam corporation), and require it be faxed to numbers that are not active, and almost all of their posted phone and fax numbers are disconnected lines, and finally after two months shouted loud enough to a costomer rep that I got a working fax number, called back and demanded they account be closed, only to be told that it would not be closed for 30 days, which means they will charge me at their highest rate for 2 more months (only 2 months if I am lucky). They have stung us for hundreds of $$ in less than 6 months of contact with them for a website that another phoney webmaster messed up and never worked or sold a single product. Amad’s favorable review of this company can only be based on advertisements and not real data.

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                  Amad Ebrahimi

                  Thank you for the input Robin. I’d disagree with you that a 3.5 out of 5 is very favorable though. 🙂

                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Enrique Noriega

                    Been aware of what the National Merchant Bank Card, advertises; you can call their CSR 1-877-891-8409 and ask about what they offer; I found out that the terminal is free the one you plug on the wall, but the wireless terminal cost $799., acquring the termials (both of them) requires a 3 year contract with a $15 monthly fee, discount rate 1.99 %, and a 0.25 per transaction.
                    I think is a normal the ammount they are asking, i been shopping around for a wireless terminal and they do require a ll of the charges mention above and also the time commitmen: 3 years contract; that goes for anyone tryng to get terminals, wireless or not. I think they will have to advertise this information as well.

                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                      Scott Gordon

                      “PayPal alternative” National Merchant Bancard uses as a website to “switch” prospective customers from using PayPal to using their On-line Credit Card processing service. The website does not tell you about the fees that they are going to charge monthly. After responding to an e-mail and giving them my personal and bank account details, National Merchant Bancard began charging my bank account without my authorization (they claim these charges are in the fine print of the agreement they offer). They have apparently set it up so that the account you gave them because you think they intended to deposit your credit card transactions there, is also available to them to take a direct debit for their undisclosed or at best, barely disclosed monthly fees – whether you end up using the service or not. Office Manager [name removed] assured me I would be refunded my fees if I signed a statement. I did so and was assured that all was taken care of and to contact “Corporate” at a 1-800 number for any further questions, but after that on the first week of September 2010 I was charged $19.95 and still no refund for the previous charges had ever appeared. When I called “Corporate” (I assume is National Bancard Central) I was asked to read out the bank statement charges – going through the entire process again – and this time the attendant told me that these charges were for starting up my account so what was the problem? – I asked her why my credit union account continued to be debited after she admitted my account had been “cancelled” and she proceeded to explain that my account had been “restructured” – I began losing my patience at this point because I recognized this as a clever re-defining of terms calculated to further confuse, if not defraud me. Although I did raise the volume of my voice and emphatically asserted that I had never intended to “restructure” my account, she accused me of “screaming” and used this as a justification to explain without letting me continue in any way, that she was transferring me to an agent who would help me. I was actually routed to the back of the general call line and have been on hold for almost an hour, so I doubt that she was telling me the truth about getting me an agent who could help. I am afraid that after several polite attempts to straighten this out, that I am dealing with a fraud and a scam and so I am going to continue sounding the warning.

                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.



                        After reading some of these storys, Im freaking out. I applied for an account at and have not heard anything from them yet,e-mail wise or phone. Look, Im broke to the max, lost my job to the recession and am trying to start an online business to make some money to pay down my student loans and credit card bills. Just trying to make a living and then someone trys to screw you out of your Identity and money. I gave them my personal info. which is what you have to inorder to apply for an account or credit card anywhere. Now Im worried they or whoever it is that is scaming may use my Personal info. for identitiy theft. Like the one person said, he googled this company and looked them up at the BBB and couldn’t find nothing so, What gives???
                        Any advice ?? please let me know

                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                          I’m very currious about this service, as I just opened a business and absolutely can not afford what i’m paying. how are the rates with say, are than Evalon or other processors?

                            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                            The Merchant Maverick


                            Rates are going to vary. My advice is to narrow your search down to a few reputable companies, then ask for quotes.

                              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.



                              As indicated above, is an alter ego for NMB.

                                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                Just Wondering

                                I too am considering asking this company for some money. My main purpose is because I have seen SEVERAL prominent sellers on eBay saying they don’t accept PayPal and they have a link in their auctions that says WHY they don’t. The link redirects you to a site that is ANTI PayPal and tells of PayPal horror stories. Now I can believe PayPal is somewhat shady because I had someone advertise rosetta stone software on ebay and I purchased it thru ebay and used PayPal. The person ended up sending me a COUNTERFEIT CD that did not even work. PayPal would NOT refund the charges, even though I follow their guide lines to a T, and the only reason they gave us that no matter what I RECEIVED the item. If it’s delivered they will not refund the charges. Well WaMu decided I was scammed and they refunded my money. That ofcourse was taken back from PayPal and that put my account into -$230 since I don’t carry money in my paypal account. They tried collecting the money from me and since I wouldn’t pay they closed out my account.They sent me to collections and I was able to stop the collections with a letter from my bank.I now have paypal as my Merchant Service Provider and my company generates $17,000+/month in sales and every day I am freaked PayPal will screw us over. So everyday I transfer the money out of PayPal and into my business checking account.So If anyone knows is NMB is legit or not I would love to know. The sooner I leave PayPal the better.


                                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                  Just Wondering

                                  sorry I meant am considering asking them to HANDLE my money, not FOR.

                                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                    Call PayPal and tell them to turn Auto-Sweep on it will transfer your money to your bank account automatically. 🙂

                                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                      The same situation happened to me and I switched to [name removed]. The down side is their transaction limits. I’m checking out NMB too so I can see about upping transaction limits.

                                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                        Robin Walter

                                        Hello. Have you used this service yet? I hope not. They have not been exactly trust-worthy with us, and I believe them to be nothing less than just another shadow scam company that passed authorization to do banking transactions under the least strict and least oversight state board in the country. We used them for several months and I still haven’t received satisfaction for their overcharges and other scams.

                                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                          They have affiliates or resellers that sell for them. I would think someone reviewing a company would know this as I figured this out in about 2 seconds. They sell for first data and so do their affiliates. This means if they are sucessful in thier ventures they will have many more domains.

                                            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                            The Merchant Maverick

                                            All of the above domains are either current affiliates or were previously affiliated with National Merchant Bancard. So, when you’re doing your research, keep that in mind.

                                            I mention that in the review, but I see how it can come off as if I’m bundling all those domains under the NMB brand. I know they have a TON of resellers and affiliates, and it might have taken me more than 2 seconds to figure that out, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like how fragmented they allow themselves to be. MSPs/ISOs themselves are resellers and affiliates of Visa and Mastercard. As a merchant, why do I need a reseller for my reseller? NMB is very successful, but remember, this site was created for merchants, not to tout how successful an ISO is. Personally, I don’t like MSPs/ISOs that allow their resellers and affiliates to have their own brands/domains. It makes the merchant’s job of reviewing them much more difficult. So, as a merchant, I’d much rather deal with a company that doesn’t have so many affiliates and resellers associated with their brand…too confusing.

                                              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                              Robin Walter

                                              Obviously you work for these companies, or don’t really have a clue what you are claiming. I have investigated this company for almost two months, after my company got involved with them through an affiliate program that was not our choice. They immediately started charging us for non-existent transactions and escalating service charges even when our website wasn’t even activated. Then it took over two months to make them close the account (and we expect more automatic charges from them in the future).
                                              No, we do not recommend this company to our worst enemy.

                                                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                                It’s smart business practice to have a lot of domain names, especially when just starting out. It’s just a way to re-direct traffic based on key words. I do not find it underhanded at all.

                                                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                  The Merchant Maverick

                                                  You have a valid point there Brighid, but multiple domains is only good when the entire domain name matches a specific keyphrase like “” if NMB had domains like that, domains that are generic, that are keyword driven, then I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it. But, the domains in my review aren’t like that. The ones in my review are more like brands themselves. What that does is it makes my job harder because instead of having to look up complaints for just the brand “National Merchant Bancard,” I also have to check up on those ones too.

                                                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                    Robin Walter

                                                    Hello Amad, Our company has for parts under the parent corporation, because they all do different things. I found twice that many aliases and “associates” of National Merchant Bankcard. None of them, including the ones you posted, claim to be associated with them in any way, which is not good business, it is how scammers work.
                                                    I have been scammed by better cons, investigated and busted several of them along the way, and I know what I’m talking about. This is a slimy company to do business with and trust your bank account and customers accounts to their hands.

                                                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                                      Hi, did you try them out? I just registered today and was wondering what your results were.

                                                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                        The Merchant Maverick

                                                        Hi Veronica,

                                                        Is the question for me or Michael? I personally haven’t tried them out, but it seems that Michael has. Please let us know how it goes. 🙂

                                                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                          Michael Mack

                                                          I actually have a merchant account with National Merchant Bancard and their customer service has been terrific. The enitre setup process only took about 15 minutes and my free terminal was shipped out the same day.

                                                            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                            The Merchant Maverick

                                                            Thanks Michael! I’ll take your review into consideration when it comes time to update the NMB score. Don’t forget to leave a star rating. 🙂

                                                            Take care!

                                                              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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