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This flexible POS system works particularly well for the food and hospitality industries as well as having competitive pricing.

    Matt Sherman

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Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
A former sports editor and journalist, Matt Sherman has been writing about and researching small business software since 2015, with a special emphasis on retail and restaurant sales. Matt's expert opinions are cited in various industry publications, including Fox Business. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.
Matt Sherman
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


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    Organization Name: Painting Fun Spot

    I have been a user of Ordyx for about 7 years. I originally moved my painting studio (run logistically like a restaurant) to Ordyx because I was looking for a POS that was MacOS/iOS compatible and something with the onscreen signing functionality of systems like Square. Well the sales folks promised me Ordyx fit my requirements, and only after I signed up was it revealed that it most certainly did not. My hardware ended up being incompatible, so I purchased what they told me to and replaced what I had and years later and the screen signing functionality which was promised to be available within a month or two, never materialized. The iOS hardware they recommended later on was revealed to not be fully supported by Ordyx (no one knew how to troubleshoot issues with it, except for one or two senior employees I knew by name who later moved on from the company). The card readers they provided me (about $100.00 each) only worked intermittently and broke within months of use (after two years and hundreds of dollars later and being told that those readers were my only option, I finally gave up on using readers altogether and opted for manual cc entry). The import of my “menu” data from a prior system which they had assured me they could do never worked either, so I manually entered over 500 items line by line into their quirky and bug-riddled interface. Over the next many years, sometimes things would just not function (Ordyx software or server issues). Typically my support calls were as the following: I’d be on hold for a long time or forced to just leave a voicemail message for help, then I’d get a 1st tier customer support representative who didn’t know anything about my hardware and very little about the software but whom would speak with confidence about how the credit card service provider I was signed up wasn’t their preferred partner, or how something else of mine was at fault. I would insist they escalate to 2nd tier or senior support and that I would await callback, and then whether or not a callback occurred, the software problem would mysteriously disappear a few hours or a day later.The final straw however, was in late January 2021 when I was called by a support representative out of the blue, who I could barely communicate with due to accent and knowledge issues, but who told me that Ordyx was no longer supporting anything iOS and that I must switch over to an Android-Based Ordyx-One/OrdyxOne software program that would only work on a new proprietary “touch-screen register” that they would sell me at deep discount for only about $1000.00 (and of course the regular monthly fee of $60.00). Oh and the kicker was that on the phone call I was initially told I had 30 days to make the switch for my business because regular “Ordyx” was going away. Now mind you, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and I didn’t have $1000.00 laying around after months of lockdown. To their credit after my inquiry the next day I was called by Ordyx again and apparently I had until April 1st to use my existing hardware and software… 60 days instead of 30. Oh and I was told that they would put in time to help port over my data to OrdyxOne at no additional cost. Well it’s April 1st 2021, and aside from noticing that I was in fact charged last night for this month’s subscription to Ordyx, it does appear to still be operational after all. After dealing with their nonsense, however, I have migrated over to a new POS system, Square for Restaurants. I did however have to spend about $700.00 for new hardware, and I spent the last two days configuring everything and creating my menu’s from scratch, but as of today, all is working seamlessly and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t ever recommend Ordyx for a Restaurant nor any other kind of business. The amount of stress “Dare Solutions” the parent company of Ordyx subjected me to was nuts and the software and support they provide is really second-rate at best. Buyer beware.

    • Organization Name: Painting Fun Spot

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Joe Rodriguez

    Organization Name: California Pastrami

    I have been a user of Ordyx for at least 6 years. They have been responsive to some of the suggestions that I have made that we integrated into their program. Their customer support team that they used to have was much more knowledgeable than they have been in recent years. The reason that I felt compelled to write a review is that I, unfortunately, have had to close one of my locations. and I wanted to warn anyone considering using this cloud-based system to beware of the fact that you do not own your data and if you discontinue the use of this program and stop paying the fees you will never have access to your data again unless you are willing to pay for it. I think that it is a crime for them to not allow you to access your own reports unless you pay. Beware of this bad situation. If you still wish to use it your best option is to download your reports every day. otherwise, it is really difficult to download the reports. It is a horrible situation to be in and it is very unfair for them to not allow you any access unless you continue to pay. I am in a very difficult situation because I close a location and I never downloaded any report for all these years and now I can’t access any reports. Being a cloud base means your data don’t belong to you unless you pay. Shame on you Ordyx

    • Organization Name: California Pastrami

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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