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PAYD Review

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Toronto, Canada
Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    Organization Name: Fieldtek Heating and Air Conditioning

    I own an HVAC company. I’ve had the machine for about a month, and so far so good! I haven’t used it at any great distances or anything, but apart from having to reboot the two occasionally (phone/terminal….if they’re apart too long or far, etc)….seems to be good!

    • Organization Name: Fieldtek Heating and Air Conditioning

    I ended up using Payd Pro as an add on to Square 1) because earlier in 2017 Square did not accept debit here in Canada and 2. Because the debit was free and that mor ethan offset the monthly fee of the bluetooth pad.Set up initially was a problem because it did not work with the store phone ( iphone 5s) although their tech support said it should have. Four tech support people later and the verdict was in, Nope just would not work with the iphone 5s. It did however work perfectly fine with the iphone se and ipad air 2, with no problem at all.We still use square as a POS but use the Monaris Payd Pro for debit transactions mostly or when Square has an issue ( usually right after an ios update arrrg!I would recommend the system, at least here in Canada. When I signed on through BMO in July 2017, there was NO contract and I could cancel free of charge anytime, something I really liked after getting majorly burned by Paymentech which I got through Sage. That is something I’d caution against HIGHLY. Sounds like a great idea to have all you c/c use you bookeeping gateway ( if you use Sage) but it was a 3 year nightmare of overcharging, double charging and mysterious end of contract date which they make insanely difficult to get out of.So 4.5 stars overall for Monaris Payd Pro app :5 Stars on support for knowledge and over the top trying to figure out why it didnt’ initially work4 stars on the system itself, 5 stars on speed of deposit into your account, best I’ve ever seen literally within 12 hours ( longer for holidays of course) 3 stars on the back end support system, reports are a little onerous compared to square and much harder to drill down for specific thingsBig Note Here: the paid pro app works well on ipad but does NOT have rotate ability so you are constantly having to turn your ipad to accomodate, Big problem if ( like us) you have it mounted in a square stand)Point of note the fee is set and unless you are keying in manually, it is a straight 2.75% PERIOD. No other “fees” “us card charges’, “premium card charges” etc. I would advise people to actually look at their costs for a year on any other system, add the monthly fee and truly get a realistic perspective of what their credit card acceptance is actually costing them. I’ll guarentee it’s almost always more than they though it was.Dont’ be guiled in by the Banner Waving only 1.75 % for Mastercard transactions (think CFIB) because you will soon realize that is only for a certain type of MC and then the fees start piling on afterward, plus your monthly. I did an entire sprectrum analysis of 7 different processors and WOW, you’d be surprised at how much more than 1.75% you are actually paying. Turns out that through the CFIB 1.75% MC program you are actually paying over 3% on US, Premium and international cards (at least in Canada) plus their $400ish yearly fee for providing you this great deal. WT?But of coarse this is just my opinion as a small ( under $250k) business owner who has other places to spend those extra %’s, like Eggs Benny and lattesD


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