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Merchant Maverick Contributor

Merchant Maverick Contributor

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Merchant Maverick Contributor

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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

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    John Crutchfield

    Organization Name: MUSTEN & CRUTCHFIELD

    Can’t give it zero stars.This program is ABSOLUTE TRASH. Yesterday I was able to login and ring in transactions, today, Can’t get logged in and no credit card processing. Trash application, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS!


    We been using Cash Register Express for last your years in our grocery store. Software it self is very good. Does all the things need for our store. but I have to spend significant time on the phone with tech support to get things working. We have two registers working fairly well after that. Looks like lately thing going south. Yearly Maintenance has been more than dabbled. Customer support is been moved to USA, but helpfulness still low.More half of the peripherals are not certified for Windows 10. If you newer peripherals you are on your own.Looks like they are going to sunset direct support of current payment processors in favor of Heartland . You have to pay more as Datacap licences to use non Heartland payments.Looks like it is time migrate out of PCAmerica. Any suggestions or recommendations for alternate for CRE. Any suggestions

    Elizabeth Cranston

    Hello Bani, if you are looking for help finding a new POS system contact us here: https://www.merchantmaverick.com/about/contact/


    I am the manager of Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies and we 1st purchased Cash Register Express from a PC America sales back in 2012. With this purchase were spec that inventory would be able to support scanners. Pc America sold use a Honeywell scanner ($2,000.00) and then after several months they (PC America) could not get it to work with their program. Several other problem came up and then we got a lawyer only to find out the salesman was and (ISO agent) not and employee of PC America. PC America told us that we were not the original owner as the product was sold trough a contractor (ISO agent). We abandoned the product & mothballed the equipment. It gets better!
    A Heartland salesman came for our credit processing business and through the conversation he told us that they now own PC America. After going over some of the above he said that if we want to get it up and running he would make it happen. Well we figured that we have the stuff we might as well try it. So we got it running and have a large part of the inventory installed ( no scanner though) and the owner went on vacation for a few months. I got the notice that the yearly service/tech support payment ($948.00) was due, we were not using the system for sales. I contacted the owner and he said that as long as we can keep installing the inventory keep going and he will make the payment when he gets back. We got the 2nd notice that payment was due and (guess what) the system will not boot up now. No error code it just will not start. I called PC America and they said it was just a coincidence (it happens he said) we don’t turn off your system because of nonpayment for support. However if you pay us the fee you will be up and running today. I contacted a IT guy we use and he said that he knows that PC America uses a time bomb in their program and if no contact with home base by a set date it shuts down. So much for ownership. Here we are again with $10,000.00 worth of junk. Don’t deal with this company!
    But if you want some barely used equipment and software give me a call.

    Ben Oesterling

    We have been with PC america for years and the service has always been terrible we just never wanted the trouble of switching. Now we have had enough. For 6 months we called talking to our rep about getting a chip reader that would be compatible with the outdated software on the POS they sold us only to be told they were not available yet (nothing will connect to it so you have to pay for the tech support so you can get things to work). Finally we gave up for a couple months and tried calling today only to be told that this whole time we needed to call pnc bank our merchant for it. The bottom line is the POS software is outdated and they PC america reps suck they even answer the phone very point blank with an attitude like why would you call us. BUYER BEWARE!

    Al Poblete

    So, after working with several customers with PCAmerica, I am now convinced this software is outdated. Heartland purchased this company and now cost almost double the tech support maintenance fee… It cost as much as the software license, its ridiculous. From $250 to $450 !! Who are you kidding,. In my professional opinion. Get eh Clover POS Cloud system. I’m done with PCAMERICA.

    lori kaplan

    THE WORST, WORST, WORST company I have ever done business with. A take-the-money and run company, I spent 6 thousand dollars on a system that didn’t do what the sales rep said it would do, that’s been unused and not implemented. It did give us the opportunity to upload our inventory into the program, and now, we can’t get it out. We are buying a new system and want to export the data to an Excel file – can’t. I called PC America for help, and offered to buy a limited support policy just to be able to gain access to the data. After several phone calls, and being cut off after 10-15 minute wait on hold times, I finally reached a sales person who told me, “find someone familiar with SQL open architecture who can figure out how to export the data. There is nothing we can do.” They basically told me to hack my own system and refused any assistance whatsoever.

    Beware POS Agents too, the shysters who fronted the product and didn’t deliver on a single promise they made about the functionality of the POS and their service and support. I should have known better when I called all the extensions at the company and they rang back to a single line. Shame on me for still taking people at their word, even when their word means nothing.

    Cash Register Express is a disaster, and Heartland PC America is too.


    Spent many years, money and agony learning maintaining and dealing with pc america tech support with numorous software and hardware issues, so yes you need their tech support contract due to the fact the software isnt reliable at $250/terminal per year on top of buying their software upfront supposely.
    Made the mistake of buying a website thru another company they partnered with so my storefront business inventory could sync with a website inventory.Again cost alot and took alot of time to set up.
    Things went downhill when heartland payment system bought pcamerica software.They promised me for 8 mos that they were working on getting one chip card terminal that I could use that they would be setting up to work so i could continue to use chase for my chip card processing with the pc america software. I wanted to stay with chase as they gave me great rates and service so I didnt want to switch to heartland.
    Then a month ago i had saleman from heartland coming around our store pushing me to sign up with heartland since they werent certifying chase for chip card set up .I received even a phone survey from them questioning if I was going to be making any changes.I said no.I was indecisive about wheither to switch because they would be charging me extra charges with another company called data cap to continue to use chase or wheither to totally switch over to heartland.Within days of that survey my pc america license was cancelled at the end of the day on a saturday night,I did my usually end of day report late at night and when i tried to go back into the software to double check a receipt I couldnt open the software and message appeared that said my pc america license was cancelled.That meant not only did I lose my store inventory and software but also my website which I put alot of time into.
    My support contract was due at the same time but apparently they consider it a license fee as well.Again I was caught waiting on them to find out what the card service set up was so I didnt want to put out another 1000 for anther year of support and then decide to move to another company.If it was the money they were after and were trying to get me to pay they could of at least
    1. give me notice they would be cancelling the license as they had plenty of chances calling and coming to my business so I could make a pressured final decision wheither to re-renew.
    2. at least they could have cut the license during a weekday so if I was going to decide to stay with them i could quickly call with a payment and renew but instead it was done on the middle of a busy weekend with a crashed system til monday morning as their sales office is closed on weekends.
    Fortunately I had a previous account with square so I was able to run very primative and non describtive sales quickly til I got set up .I then was in a panic mode as I didnt know if they were going to next crash my sister restaurant storefront software so I rushed to set up both places with a square set up and I have been very happy and amazed how simple and trouble free they are so far.
    They sell an all in one software and hardware package so from the get go they are made to work together.
    My website is still dangling til I get my square account set up with their partner website company which i will have to start from scratch doing.
    I refused to call pcamerica as I was so mad to be treated so crudely as a long time customer of pc america.Even if I did call tech support they probably wouldnt talk to me without paying the 1000$.
    To top it off after all the digging to find about chase working with pc america over a year and then in the last month to be told it wasnt going to happen I just noticed they are now saying on their website that chase can be used with pc america software with the chip card terminal with that extra data cap service fees.
    Glad this all happened,the pc america system really held us in bondage in many ways..

    Tiffany Kidwell


    I am a account executive for CentralPayment. We offer free EMV ready equipment and we are month to month . 24/7/365 support as well as my clients can contact me on my cell and i will handle the issue they have. I am floored by reading that this company charges for SUPPORT! That is insane!
    I’m available to help if you have any questions or would like a side by side proposal feel free to give me a call.
    Tiffany Kidwell

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