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Phone Swipe Review


Phone Swipe Review

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    I have never heard of PhoneSwipe however I did receive a card reader out of the blue last week. We never registered or used the card ready, just put it on a shelf. The next day I started receiving charge back notices for transactions we have never processed since we don’t even have an account with them. Stay away!!!

      Charlotte lang

      This is happening time too I don’t have a business. How did you solve it?

        Julie Nickerson

        VERY Disappointed! I just got a bill 4 years after closing the account and if I didn’t pay it, they would report me to collections. IF YOU DID YOUR JOB I would not have cancelled my account…or thought I did…shame on you!


          After careful consideration, we have elected to exercise our right to cancel our merchant agreement with your company. A full review of your account was completed and it was determined that the products/services offered by your company (social networking sites) are prohibited on the Pay Anywhere platform. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If further assistance is needed, Merchant Awareness is available at 877-387-7093.I sell advertising, what are they nuts? Smelling scam!

            Michelle Richardson

            The app works great, but when you need customer service, you are out of luck. I sat on hold for over 30 minutes before just hanging up and looking for a new company to work with. If they are not there when I need them, I will take my company’s money elsewhere.


              This company is horrible. It’s impossible to talk to somebody with intelligence to do the right thing. Never used them a day in my life due to the fact of never getting swipe or not even being able to sign onto my acct. called multiple times and never received help. Then received a bill from them. Tried to call and everybody was extremely rude. Asked to speak to a manager and they told me managers aren’t available and they will not talk to me. I highly recommend you do not use this company. Really don’t even want to give them one star.

                Ron Klassen

                The app works great.The service, on the other hand, is horrible. On our first charge to the system of any significance, they submitted it for “random audit.” This has help-up our payment for over 3 weeks, and they keep drumming-up new questions to ask, verifications they require. It’s totally ridiculous the hoops they have forced us thru.We’ve used 3 other CC processors; these are by far and away the very worst ever.

                  Patti Joyce

                  have had Phone Swipe for three years now and am 65% happy with it… Main downfall is that it crashes often..leaving me with a check out client with a $500 or more balance and can’t use a credit card because the site is unresponsive. My clients are leaving town , as we are a B&B. So embarrassing to ask them to go to an ATM for cash to check out!And I have paid a $12.95 monthly fee plus their percentage…every month for using the swipe account. I am not sure how no extra fees come in to play? Did have an issue with a charge that they put a hold on the funds for several weeks as they said it was a larger charge than I have signed up for..then they did a credit check on me and my banking account.At this time I am looking into other companieis.


                    I will NEVER ever use Phoneswipe! I tried it 2 years ago and decided it was not for me. I did not officially cancel it, as I did not know I needed to. SO Now they charged me an inactivity fee.

                      surta mostifa

                      The worst credit card accepting app there is. The company is a scam. They don’t send you your money and asks for the customers address, phone number and other information. Why would any customer give there information to anyone. It just doesn’t make sense. They are a ripoff, I refunded my customer and this app charged me $11.60 for refund fee, which doesn’t make any sense at all. They are a fraud and a scamper. Don’t use them, they are the worst of all cards accepting app.

                        Daniel Goodheart

                        Phone swipe is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working. The first transaction I made was for $1500.00. The customers card was processed, but I did not receive the money. I contacted phoneswioe and they requested a singned contract from the customer. I provided this. They still did not release the funds. They requested copies of my bank statements. I provided them. Still, no money. They wanted to speak with the customer, who was an attorney and very busy. The customer agreed to contact phone swipe. Still, no money. Three months and many phone calls later, the funds were released. Along with the money, I got an email terminating my relationship with phone swipe with no explanation as to why. Thank goodness, as I never would have used them again. This was a very unpleasant experience. I ended up using PayPal, which has been excellent. Stay away from phone swipe!!

                          Jim Pysh

                          Been using PhoneSwipe for almost three months now with no issues. I accept mostly cash, but needed something to take an occasional credit card. Online application was quick and easy. The app itself was easy to set up and use. Like the fact that there are no monthly minimums or fees and the swiped rate is a flat 2.69%. I don’t know how/why these other folks are getting charged a monthly fee. Maybe they are working with an outside credit card sales office that is charging them the monthly fee? I went through a friend that is an agent with Digital World Pay and he helped me set it up for FREE.

                            Nick Knight

                            I’ve been using PhoneSwipe for a several years now and absolutely love it. The dedicated merchant account and fully encrypted data (not available with Square’s original reader) along with excellent 24/7 customer support put this heads above Square, which I used to use and now keep only as a backup in my glove box if I don’t have my PhoneSwipe reader with me.Since I do mostly cash, checks and invoicing for my commercial clients, my credit card processing needs are relatively minimal and irregular. The lack of a monthly minimum or service charge make this an attractive option. On the rare occasions when I’ve needed to contact support, I’ve invariably found their US-based support personnel knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful. When I had problems with my first two readers, they immediately sent out replacements at no charge.I was a little concerned when I recently switched from my Galaxy S3 to a Note 4 since it wasn’t listed on their compatibility list, but PhoneSwipe works perfectly with it.In short, a great free reader, among the lowest rates for no contract/no minimum merchant processing, true merchant account, 24/7 phone support, and the backing of North American Bancard have made me a loyal customer.

                              Bert Smith

                              DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!! Appropriate name = “PhoneSWIPE”I already have a appliance and account with which to accept credit cards. However, I thought I would give the PhoneSwipe application a try after reading the “free” terms. I created an account that was supposed to be the “Free” with “No monthly fees” account, but only learned later that some “unknown” entity was debiting my checking account for $10/mo. WHAT?! I had to Google search the charging (nondescript) name, then check my meticulous notes to determine the “free” PhoneSwipe account was behind it. I called to cancel immediately! LONG HOLD TIMES. Just a SCAM to hit you with a couple of monthly charges before you notice and cancel the account. Oh, and they will NOT refund the charges … even if you never used the thing! How appropriate of a name “PhoneSWIPE” !!

                                Larry Pfeil

                                My experience with Phone Swipe is quite different than yours. By “no monthly fee” they mean a $10 monthly fee, and by “no miminum monthly charges”, they mean there is a $25 minimum monthly charge. But wait, it gets better, by no long-term commitment and monthly renewals with no cancellation charge, they mean a minimum of one year commitment with a $350 cancellation penalty. I will not do business with Phone Swipe and I would not recommentd to anyone to do business with them.


                                  I just got a call from Security Merchants to sign up under this “no monthly fee, no commitment” deal. It almost sounds like a too good to be true deal, which normally comes out to that. So by your comment, they are charging you a minimum $25 monthly charge and if you cancel, $350???? I am curious, because I was planning on filling this all out today.


                                    You’re confused. I have experienced NONE of the issues you mentioned. Where did you get your rate and fee schedule from? They do have a more traditional option for a regular merchant account, but not the NO FEE month to month option.

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