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San Francisco, CA


The Pipedrive story begins as many new ventures do, with disgruntled professionals in need of better business solutions. They were not a group of programmers with a slick new idea, but instead the Pipedrive team consisted of well-established sales professionals who paused their careers to conquer their CRM woes.

Their background in direct sales no doubt played a role in quickly winning venture capital. A lot of venture capital. To date, they have received over $13.4 million dollars in seed funding to develop their own CRM solution. The Pipedrive team has expanded to include 140 members across the globe, with offices in Estonia and New York.

Pipedrive is a CRM solution designed specifically for sales professionals. Many business types will likely find this software useful, but a sales pro will be instantly relieved to see its features. The most noticeable feature for Pipedrive is the easy drag-and-drop editing of each deal along your sales pipeline, providing instantaneous updates for your sales team as well as clear at-a-glance organization.

So far, over 10,000 users globally have found Pipedrive worth checking out. Pipedrive’s easy customization has made it adaptable to a wide variety of sales-oriented professionals and small business models. Read the full review to see if Pipedrive is the right tool for you.


  • 30-day trial. No credit card is required until the 30 days are up.
  • $12 per month, per user. Pipedrive reports that there is no limit to the number of users or accounts and no hidden fees, such as for premium technical support.

Web-Based or Locally-Installed:

Like most CRM software, Pipedrive is primarily dashboard-based, meaning that it is a web browser application, accessible from anywhere. However, there is a mobile app available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

The Pipedrive app is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher as well as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 8 or later.

Ease of Use:

With my first foray into the dashboard, the design aesthetics were instantly impressive. Simple drag-and-drop functionality makes it a breeze to keep your entire pipeline updated and visually organized. There are no layers of screens and sub-menus to navigate when it’s time to reclassify a deal in your pipeline- just click and drag a deal to the next stage. It’s a wonder why every developer isn’t using this visual-centric approach to their dashboard.

Initial set-up was fairly easy as well. It didn’t take long to establish my fictitious business entity, and there were a few easily-found video tutorials available to assist in the learning curve. The videos reflect a very upbeat and casual corporate culture adopted by the Pipedrive team, which helps to diffuse any initial frustrations. Considering their background in sales, I’m certain this was a conscious (and very effective) choice. You can view a full demo of Pipedrive on Youtube as well as several tutorial videos on their support page.

I did encounter a few difficulties, as is to be expected when learning new software. First of all, when importing contacts from my Gmail account, I realized that there is no way to selectively import contacts; it’s all or nothing. After begrudgingly importing everyone I know, I then discovered that there is no way to selectively batch-delete the unwanted contacts from Pipedrive. Each one had to be removed individually. There may be a way to use the (otherwise very handy) custom filters to isolate the unwanted contacts, but a busy business person will find this to be a hassle when they just want to hit the ground running.

Second, I found that there is no way to duplicate events or set them to repeat in any way. Perhaps an add-on can help with this functionality, but that means extra software and extra steps to get that done.

Third, although Pipedrive claims to have Google Maps integration, this seems to only apply to each client’s personal data. There is no way to define a location when setting up a meeting, except in the “notes” text field, which does not link to Google Maps. Thus, Google Maps can only tell you where a client works, but not where you set up a lunch meeting with them.

On the bright side, I did notice that everything done in the dashboard had near-instantaneous syncing with the mobile app, and vice-versa. Importing hundreds of contacts didn’t seem to cause any hiccups at all. This surprised me, given the negative user reviews about the mobile app (see Reviews section below.)

The mobile app is visually appealing: easy to navigate, very responsive, and respectful of precious screen real estate. It is to be expected that the dashboard provides better master control, but the mobile app can do all the common functions while on the go. You can add notes during phone calls or meetings, shift deals along your pipeline, and add new contacts, all of which immediately syncs with your dashboard and other devices.

The mobile app also uses icons to alert the user of certain events or errors. Decoding these icons was a bit of a scavenger hunt; the Knowledge Base was no help. I was able to intuit their meanings when I was back on the dashboard, and then stumbled upon a video which eventually defined them. I would not have found this information at all from the mobile app.


  • Drag and drop editing: Easily move a client to a new stage in your pipeline with just a simple click and drag.
  • Pipeline view, List view, Timeline view, etc. Choose the view that best suits your needs, and switch back with one click.
  • Filters. Powerful filters allow you to narrow your view to the parameters you are concerned with in the moment. Search by Newest Leads, Most Lucrative Proposals, Opportunities with the Nearest Deadline, and a lot more.
  • Sales Reporting. See the activity metrics for your sales team as they happen.
  • Custom fields and pipeline stages. Make Pipedrive look like it was made for your specific business. Rename, add, and reorder new stages in your workflow.
  • Features Customization. Simplify your life by turning off those features that your business doesn’t use. De-clutter your user experience, or turn features back on that you discover to be useful.
  • Mobile App. Pipedrive supplies an app for both the iPhone and Android users. The app syncs automatically with your dashboard and gives you access to many of the same features, allowing you to look up key information from anywhere, add notes on the fly, and schedule and move items in your pipeline. The mobile app also comes with a call log feature which currently isn’t found on the dashboard.

Data Migration

Supported from:

  • Base CRM
  • Batchbook
  • Capsule CRM
  • Close.io
  • Highrise
  • Maximizer
  • NetSuite CRM
  • Nimble
  • Nutshell
  • PipelineDeals
  • Redtail CRM
  • Sage ACT!
  • Salesforce
  • Saleslogix
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • …and options for migrating from spreadsheets, exported by other programs.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

  • Google Apps.Google apps, such as Calendar and Contacts, will sync with Pipedrive whether the action is initiated from within the Google app or within Pipedrive.
  • Google Drive integration. Google-based file hosting, which can be selectively shared with clients. Great for storing and sharing proposals, presentations or specifications.
  • Google Maps Integration. If you have input location information for your clients, you can easily find them for that personal touch when closing a deal.
  • API.  API will export and automate some tasks to work with 3rd party apps.
  • Other integrations. You can find a complete list of integrations on Pipedrive. Some of the popular ones include:
    • Contactually: A contacts manager, which tracks relationships across email and social networking channels.
    • MailChimp: A drag-and-drop HTML editor for email blasts.
    • Gravity Forms: Form enquiries are sent directly into your Pipedrive account.
    • Proposify: Automatically updates proposals as they move through the sales cycle.
    • Pipedrive Outlook Sync: Synchronizes your Pipedrive contacts, deals, notes and activities with Outlook.
    • snapADDY: Saves addresses from emails, your browser or other data sources.
    • Yesware: Tracks emails and creates templates.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Pipedrive is overflowing with modes of communication and customer service, as listed below.

  • Email: support@pipedrive.com
  • Online Support: Pipedrive has a searchable Support Center with articles, overviews, and tutorials. You can engage in live chat support from the support page if you need answers to specific questions. They also have a regularly updated Blog with sales and software tips, as well as other relevant information.
  • Twitter@pipedrive

There is also a “Help and feedback” link inside the app.

In a test that I conducted with their email support team, I was less than impressed. I had one simple question, which took two days to elicit a response. And when I did finally get a response, my questions were not answered with anything definitive. I got the impression that the CSR answering my email was late for lunch, and gave more thought to his sandwich than to professionalism. Their reply was untimely, vague, and rife with spelling and grammatical errors. To be fair, it’s unclear whether the CSR handling my question was from the US office, or the office in Estonia, but I like to see a little more effort put into business communication.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Most of the negative feedback for Pipedrive revolves around the mobile app. The mobile app does quite a bit, but there are a few features you won’t find, such as Products, and some design features for the iPhone aren’t available for Android. Support responds to most of the reviews, and overall user feedback is significantly better than it was in times past, but here are a few examples of user complaints.

“Battery usage a problem. Great app overall, although the Activities section is a little cumbersome. My main complaint is the battery usage which can be 7 to 15% when it’s not even being used, this is a problem.”

“No Landscape view on Android. Disappointed that no landscape view on Android. Have used on iOS and works much better with the rotated view…”

“Great but… Wish I could have calls logged automatically to piped rive without calling from the app…”

“Cannot find materials on my deals I just downloaded the latest version. I’m missing the most important information of all. How am I supposed to stay on top of my sales pipeline If I cannot look up the products I’m offering to my customer?”


Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

As for the positive side of the spectrum, Pipedrive has been received by sales teams with elation. Users give the mobile app 4.5 out of 5 stars with 147 ratings on the iPhone and 4.4 out of 5 stars with 688 ratings for Android. The users who aren’t using the mobile app are apparently very well satisfied with the dashboard operation of the software. Pipedrive consistently receives 5 out of 5 stars for everything from ease of use, to customizability, to work efficiency boosts. Several user reviews are below.

“Truly best pipeline management. I’ve tried pretty much all the major sales pipeline / CRM software and there’s nothing that comes even close. Simple, intuitive, clean. Just give it a try, it’s free anyways for the first month.”

“Great app! We have been using Pipedrive for the past six months and were really happy when we were invited to the beta program for the iOS app. The team has made a lot of improvements since version 1.0 and we are very happy with the pace of development. Looking forward to future improvements!”

“Incredibly helpful and well designed. Exactly what I needed. Provides a handy view of my pipeline while away from my laptop.”


I see that ubiquitous SSL shell every time I go to an information-sensitive page on Pipedrive’s website, including login pages and the email portal. This gives me a sense of security that Pipedrive covers its bases.

Pipedrive also conducts backups of your data to live servers, which become active in case of any server issues. They also do nightly backups of the entire database, which are encrypted and sent to a secure location on another continent.

Final Verdict:

I found Pipedrive to be a welcome change of pace. Although it was designed specifically for sales teams, I think it can be seamlessly adapted to a wide variety of business models. I explored Pipedrive through the lens of a fictitious freelance photography business, and did not encounter any friction for using this sales-oriented software. The centralization of leads and projects in this CRM, combined with its highly visual approach to the dashboard, will make even the more creative types breathe a sigh of relief.

The mobile app reviews have shown marked improvement. I think, in part, this is due to Pipedrive’s proactive response to user reviews. From my own experience, I’d give the mobile app a B+. It seems Pipedrive has put its seed money to good use, expanding customer support and improving both the design and intuitive function of the mobile app as well as the dashboard. The apps for Android and Apple receive regular updates, and Pipedrive seems to be moving in the right direction. This is one CRM I will keep a close eye on as they develop.


Erik Robie

Erik Robie

Erik is a writer, small business developer, and photographer, making his home in Northern Colorado. He has been publishing his writing for 15 years, and occasionally sells his photos when he can pull himself away from the keyboard. When he's not writing the CRM, HelpDesk, and Shopping Cart categories for Merchant Maverick, he can usually be found on his mountain bike, playing volleyball, hiking with his camera, or keeping the local coffee shops in business.
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    Jaron Rice

    Granted, I’m new to pipedrive, but everything I’ve seen so far I absolutely love. I own a credit card processing company and this is perfect for keeping up with all of my prospects. I love the email integration features and the price is unbeatable.

    Lukáš Cypra

    Just a small update from my experience.As to the import of contacts from Gmail account. There is a very nice workaround to do this.1) Create a contact group in your Gmail account – e.g. PipeDrive.2) Go to PipeDrive, Settings / Connections and connect your Google Account3) Go to Settings / Google Contacts, enable the synchronization and select the newly created “PipeDrive” group from the list 3) Go back to Google contacts and select all contacts you would like to import into Pipedrive and add them to this group. 4) They will be imported into PipeDrive and any change made in either PD or Google is reflected in the other.I do have some issues, like:1) some fairly standard fields do not sync – e.g. position or address2) sometimes the sync creates duplicates – not of the person, but of the company he is associated with…and then merging the duplicates either on Google side or PD side creates some mess3) if you add new contacts in PD, they are synced with Google, but only added to the “PipeDrive” group. you have to manually select them and add them to “my contacts” so that you get them to your iOS/Android device. Maybe Pipedrive guys can work on this a bit 🙂

    Martin Kessler

    Very disappointed. We found out — unfortunately too late — that Pipedrive deletes all trial users after two weeks after the trial has come to an end. Unfortunately we didn’t watch our account during the holiday season and didn’t see the warning…

    We contacted support and there was no way to recover the data. We lost a ton of important CRM data just because of that and we have lost days of work because of that. Not a great way to sell prospective customers.

    Cannot recommend Pipedrive if they have policies like that in place.



    Hi Martin,
    We are sorry to hear about your bad experience. Please bear in mind that we have a fair amount of dormant accounts on our servers and we cannot store information indefinitely. Once we notice an account has no activity, we will let the account owner know of our intentions to delete their data. We send reminders before we finally take the step to delete what we must assume is a stagnant account. As such you would have had opportunities to alert us to your intention of using the account again in the future. As we received no communication regarding the account, we took the decision to delete the data.
    We apologize for the obvious inconvenience this has caused but feel we acted in good faith by keeping our servers in good standing for paying customers.

    Sharna Brockett

    Hi Erik,I’m with Pipedrive. Thank you for the detailed review of our software. A lot has changed since you last reviewed Pipedrive back in March 2014. Would you be interested in updating your review with the latest features?


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Amad Ebrahimi

    Hi Sharna,

    Thank you for the heads up. We’ll update Pipedrive soon.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Thank you for pointing out the lack of a batch-delete option. I just signed up and so far I am really digging the overall look/feel of the software. I feel as though I have to use far fewer menus to get where I need to go. They just need to integrate time management/logging into the software and iron out a few details.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Actionable and thoughtful review.

    I find the iOS app to be quite serviceable and effective with none of the errors reported by others (probably the result of interactive updates).

    Regarding the bulk delete, they have added that feature, the only issue is that you have to have the records filtered first. That was a problem for me because I could not pick individuals or groups of records straight from the general list view. My workaround:

    1) create a custom field called DELETE as a “single option” field in persons (same for deals and organizations), with the choices of “Yes” and “No”
    2) added it as the first column in the general list view
    3) turn on “bulk edit”
    4) select individual records or groups of records assign “Yes ”
    5) create a filter called DELETE where DELETE is equal to “Yes”
    6) filter records with the DELETE filter
    7) click on “bulk delete” option at the bottom right of the list

    Contact me if you have any questions.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Erik,Your review is exceptional. Thank you for the deep-dive into both the pros and cons of Pipedrive. I’m narrowing down my options for a small biotech service company and Pipedrive seems to have all the functionality I’d need and your review may have sealed the deal.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Erik Robie


    Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad we were able to help you find the right fit for your bio tech service! You may also find our reviews of Accounting Software to be useful, if you don’t already have a solution in place.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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