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    Julie Titterington

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Julie Titterington

Julie Titterington

Editor in Chief at Merchant Maverick
As the editor-in-chief, Julie Titterington oversees an expert team of writers and analysts and helps to maintain Merchant Maverick's unique culture. She has appeared in a variety of industry media outlets, including MSN, GoBankingRates, and The Ladders, and has written articles for publications including Scary Mommy and The Mighty. She graduated from George Fox University in 2004 with a BA in Writing/Literature.
Julie Titterington
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

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    Matt Noyes

    Organization Name: Shade Factor

    I feel compelled to write a response to this article because there’s a few glaring omissions and incorrect statements. First, with the acquisition of Podio by Citrix it seems development has stopped. Commonsense feature requests have not been addressed and the support boards are very out of date. I suspect they have mothballed development. Second, customer service is appalling. Third, the performance of the system is highly variable and outages are common – we really struggle with this as Podio is at the centre of our business. Fourth, it’s biggest limitation and one that nobody seems to talk about is in the design of the interface. The options for building a user-friendly interface are extremely limited, with no way to “if x then display y” (conditional fields) or real-time user feedback. Fifth, it doesn’t build a relational database, with each “app” effectively a standalone “list”. The options for reporting using data across multiple apps to create an overall picture are limited if not impossible. We have resorted to writing all of our data out to an external database so that app data can be properly linked and dashboards created. Sixth, the web hook integration (basically the only method of real integration with 3rd party systems) has not been a pleasant experience; they are flaky at best and poorly structured. Webhooks are notoriously unreliable too and we have often experienced missing transactions. This article also lists “integrations” – some of these are not real integrations e.g. Excel is merely an import/export function.On the positive side you do have a lot of flexibility, but that comes at a large cost, both in terms of the learning curve (particularly Globiflow) and the actual cost of development. BTW, you can archive old records easily by adding a status field – for example, we just set old opportunities to “Archive”, which then ignores these records in reporting (but they’re still there if needed).There are glowing reviews all over the internet for Podio and I don’t get it; we have used it daily for three years and the above is just my larger grievances, the biggest of which is that it now appears to be shelved by Citrix. One to avoid in my opinion in 2020 unless there’s a major new release coming that I don’t know about.

    • Organization Name: Shade Factor

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    James Durham

    Organization Name: YOOSE

    This review is not accurate from my perspective. First of all, the platform is extremely powerful, especially when paired with globiflow. Second, the customer support is no where near good, it is fairly awful as mentioned in some of the reviews. Very true unfortunately since they have been acquired by Citrix. That being said. I’ve been building custom systems for years and I have never found anything as powerful and extensible, no where close. Anyone who hates the platform is obviously unfamiliar with the platform or the victim of bad app design. But when it comes to tailoring a product to meet strict business needs, the flexibility of Podio is invaluable. It would, for example, take a team of developers consultants to months to years to build the same complex systems in Sharepoint, SAP Netsuite, or Salesforce. And even more development to get those to functions on mobile devices.The key to Podio is having a technical person with a good vision on what you want to design and how you want all the business elements to fit together. If this is done poorly, your team and your company can grow to hate Podio in the same way they hate other systems. The difference with Podio is that you can go from business case to functioning product in a few days – and eventually your entire business on your phone.Another misconception is that it is only useful for project management. That is probably the fault of poor marketing and product development strategy or lack Thereof by Citrix. It extends to multiple business cases. A full fledged ERP including accounting, marketing, HR, sales, operations core can be built on the platform – I’ve gotten about 75% to this goal myself. Beyond all this is price. Just imagine paying 24/user month to eliminate virtually 90% of the other tools. Salesforce at its most basic is 3 times that much.It seems to me that Citrix product team has been ignoring Podio since they acquired it. It’s sad considering how competitive they could be. The announcement of new functions and UI has slowed down to maybe once a year, with a blog post once a quarter. That would be my biggest concern. On the other hand, they have been investing a small amount in making the product back end more secure and corporate ready.

    • Organization Name: YOOSE

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Charles Waugh

    Organization Name: CWD Inc

    I love Podio, and recommended it to a new organization I just joined. BUT….Podio’s customer support is NON-EXISTENT.No, wait! It only took them 6 days to get back to me on a question about a paid account and attaching a domain to it, but they didn’t answer my question – THEY TIED IT TO THE WRONG organization! Now we can’t move forward and sign up the rest of the team, because it’s set up wrong – BUT I CAN’T GET ANY RESPONSE FROM PODIO! Yeah, it’s now been TWO WEEKS and … n o t h i n g …Sigh…I’m left looking like a fool, Podio is losing a TEAM who WANT to give Podio money.Oh,. can there is NO sales department any more – how do they expect to sell anything?It’s bizarre….

    • Organization Name: CWD Inc

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Podio customer service and billing is horrible! I am so angry that I upgraded to the $24 per month plan and was charged $244.56! The invoice and payment receipt came in at the same time without giving any notice that the $24 plan that I signed up for was now up to over $200.The customer chat said I could request a phone call to get the issue resolved, however, no one ever called. The email resolution department was NO help! All they could say was it would be corrected on the next billing cycle. I need it corrected Now! Had I wanted to spend that much per month I would have signed up for the 5 person $120 per month plan.No phone support to assist customers and extremely disappointing customer service.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Kimberly Nichols

      After working with Podio for almost a month, I am incredibly impressed with the customization and flexibility it offers. Unfortunately, I ultimately learned that it is as impractical to use on a daily basis as it is amazing to implement.To test the program, I loaded about fifty projects spanning several clients. Successfully creating 7 workspaces, each with several apps to link Clients, Vendors, Contacts, Projects, Events, etc. was an interesting challenge. I am fairly computer literate, but wasted a considerable period of time experimenting with overall structure because the app templates didn’t suit our needs. It is an impressive tool, and if you have the time and expertise to set it up, it’s a lot of fun to play with. After set-up, however, the fun ends. We discovered that Podio excels in set-up, but fails utterly (for our purposes) in every day use. Therefore, we ended up going with Teamwork Projects. Here are a few other issues I had with Podio:1. It takes too long to get from one item to another. Within the structure of workspace > app > item, there is a lot of clicking and loading. Furthermore, there are dashboards at the home, workspace, and app level. These are cumbersome and include an “activity stream” which cannot be deleted. Custom tiles can be added for most used items, etc., but I found this many dashboards unnecessary.2. Each item can have unlimited fields, and there is no convenient way to view larger items. For our projects, we have too much information to realistically fit into one page. Therefore, when I clicked on a project, the information in fields would pop up and I had to scroll to the very bottom to edit tasks, for example. There are other ways of viewing tasks, but this seemed an absurd manner of working with projects on a daily basis. Structurally, I could have created one app per project instead of one item, but then I would have to open individual items to retrieve categories of information, and they couldn’t be viewed together. Thus, even more clicking to get between projects.The reason for my high rating is I believe in this product, and think it is amazingly unique and useful for other applications. It didn’t suit us, but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to test PM software. At the very least you’ll be amazed at the wide range of customization options and enjoy designing a structure for your project(s).


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Dave W

        Podio Backups?Working on a pre-startup for 6 months, using one of their available CRM apps. Worked beautifully, much better than competition for my purposes. 70,000 data points covering 4,000 artists were entered & stored.Then poof! One day my account wasn’t there. Calling/emailing support was futile. They insisted I must have deleted it. They have no comprehensive backup of any kind. For a company that purports to support commercial businesses in the cloud, this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. PAIN BEYOND BELIEF! MY WHOLE PROJECT/STARTUP GONE FOREVER. I can’t imagine redoing it. I will never use them again & will minutely investigate & test any future cloud CRM solution re: backups/restores.


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          If you like Podio, then you’ll LOVE Podio with GlobiFlow. It’s like Podio on steroids.
          I love Podio for it’s flexibility – I can run my entire business in one system. GlobiFlow just makes Podio better and smarter.
          See http://www.globiflow.com

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Susanne Coates

            I originally set up my Podio account to try out the service and see if it would fit my needs (filmmaking and video production). The price is a bit higher that other solutions I evaluated, but it seemed to be much more customizable than something like Basecamp. To test things out I did a detailed setup of a tentative project, and populated my “Employee” network (you can have 5 employees in the free version) with some initial volunteers who were interested in the project and willing to help me test things out (not knowing that they couldn’t be removed later without upgrading to the premium version), now that the project is moving forward, I’m trying to remove those initial people to put in actual volunteers to take this test to the next level, but I can’t do that without paying $$. This is a real aggravation as I have expended a fair amount of effort to setup a real project in Podio for an actual test, but it’s still too early to commit to paying for the premium service. This frustration has me now looking at other options since (from what I’ve read in Podio’s help site) Podio has no desire to create a fix for this issue in the free version of their service. It really makes me concerned how helpful they will be with fixing other problems even after paying for their service. This issue has not only impaired my ability to try out the service for my application, but has significantly tarnished my opinion of a service I was initially very excited about.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


              Thanks for this excellent review. I am trying to learn and work with Podio for a couple of weeks now and this article certainly encourages me to hang on!

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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