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Rezdy Review

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Date Established


  • Numerous payment gateway integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support
  • Well-designed UI


  • Expensive monthly cost
  • Over-complicated pricing plan


Rezdy is an Australian-based, international online reservation system and B2B platform for businesses in the tours and activities industry.

A relatively young company, Rezdy received its first client in 2012 and currently employs about five people. The company is looking to expand, however: job openings have recently been posted on the web. Most of its customers are based in Australia, New Zealand, England, and the US. The company plans to expand further into Europe as well.

Similar to Rezgo, TourCMS, ResPax, and BookingBuff-reviewed BrightCalendar, Rezdy is built exclusively for the tour and activity industry. The company releases regular upgrades including language additions, payment gateway integrations, and improvements in reporting, email, calendar, and gift card/voucher settings. It is extremely active within a broad range of social media platforms and offers users a variety of customer support options.


Rezdy recently shook up their pricing structure, simplifying it considerably. Here is how the new plan shakes out:


  • $49/month
  • 2% or $1/online booking (whichever is greater)
  • $1/offline booking
  • $1/agent booking
  • Booking website, calendar, and guest manifest
  • Mobile App
  • Trip Advisor Express Reviews
  • Email support


  • $99/month
  • 1.9% or $1/online booking (whichever is greater)
  • $0.85/offline booking
  • $0.85/agent booking
  • Sell extras
  • Packages
  • Gift Cards + Vouchers
  • Waiting list
  • Automated customer followup


  • $249/month
  • 1.75% or $1/online booking (whichever is greater)
  • $0.7/offline booking
  • $0.7/agent booking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Session management tools
  • Multiple app integrations
  • API Access
  • Bar and QR code scanning

These three plans represent Rezdy’s more traditional approach to booking pricing. On the other hand, you might opt for the tempting and intriguing option detailed below:


  • $0/month
  • 4% or $1/online booking (whichever is greater)
  • Free and unlimited offline booking
  • $1/agent booking
  • Integrated website builder
  • Dedicated customer success specialist
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital marketing services
  • Customized service solution

Channel Manager Add-On

  • +$59/month
  • Remove all agent fee
  • Ramp up distribution channels
  • Access to global online travel agents
  • Discover new partners
  • Automatically update product availability
Compare to other popular booking software:
ServicePricingEase of UsePayment Processing?Next Steps

$0-50Very EasyYes

Go to Site

Free - $59.99/mnVery EasyYes

Go to Site

$29.95 - $79.95Very EasyYes

Go to Site


Go to Site

Ease Of Use

Rezdy for suppliers

Rezdy for suppliers


Rezdy for agents

Rezdy for agents

Despite the two different configurations available (Agent and Supplier), the interface is nearly identical, though Agent is missing Inventory, Agents, and Calendar headings.

  • Setup: Setup is sparklingly clear, intuitive, and rather detailed. An unobtrusive comment box of tips and instructions appears to guide the confused user through each step. Interestingly, you can sign up through a social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter) to pull your business’s data. During setup, you choose a Rezdy-based URL and input your website (for easier integration later), social media, and Trip Advisor details. There is little emphasis on determining your open hours, presumably because tour and activity businesses tend to keep unusual hours. During setup, you also practice loading the details for one of your products (and see the customer’s view of it immediately). The product details are easy to configure. After you’ve configured a product or two, entered your business details, and set up payment processing, you’ll see a screen with bold buttons, each linked to a separate command.
  • Graphic User Interface: Rezdy’s interface is beginning to look a little long in the tooth, though it’s still perfectly functional and easy to navigate. The Rezdy interface makes great use of a gray and blue color scheme, icons, buttons, links, drop-down menus, clickable and draggable elements, search boxes, informative “Help” sidebar text, and many other facets of web design to make using the software easy to master and fun to use. A list of “Actions Required,” for example, features at the top of the dashboard, making it easy to prioritize your tasks when you log on. Word to the wise: dates show up in European format (day/month/year). Don’t let it throw you.
  • Settings & Features: The Rezdy “Settings” tab includes company information, booking deposit policy, your subscription plan, payment options, and regional settings. The real meat of Rezdy’s functionality and configurability, however, lies in its unique “Apps” tab. Rather than include every function the software is capable of from the get-go, Rezdy sets you up with basic payment and scheduling features and leaves it up to you to choose which apps you need from an integrations page. Not all integrations are available, however, depending on your pricing tier.
  • Calendar: Rezdy’s calendar is easy to manipulate, view, and filter in various ways. Choose from the calendar to view the manifest, agenda, or any day, week, or month. Filter by order status and product listing. Each tour/activity listed has its own color, and within that colored bar, two small numbers show confirmed participants in green and new/pending participants in red. You can also view summaries of the calendar’s activities according to availability, price, or product. Clicking on a scheduled event brings up a frame showing the activity’s price, availability, and number of participants. Create a new session by clicking a button at the top of the calendar or choosing the day you wish the session to start or clicking within the calendar.
  • Customer Booking: Rezdy focuses on making the front-end of the software (the stuff that customers see) easily integrate with existing websites or Facebook pages. Products, displayed with an image and short description in a list, reveal longer descriptions and detail when clicked. Except for the emphasis on product display, the booking process and Rezdy-based business scheduling page are pretty standard. Customers choose the product, date, number of orders, and whether the product is a gift. The customer confirmation page includes an order number, business’s details, and the option to print the order, return home, or make a new order.

Customer Service & Support

Despite operating with a very small team, Rezdy manages to offer a huge variety of creative interactions and support for its clients. The biggest and most unique customer support element is the B2B solution (available to even free “Community” account users) through which Rezdy hopes businesses and agents will identify and promote each other. Rezdy’s substantial Help Center also offers all the traditional forms of customer support.

  • Help Center: Rezdy’s help center is accessible from your account page. It’s the first stop for troubleshooting and conversation about the software (announcements from Rezdy, ideas from users).
    • Support Request: You can send Rezdy a request for support through the center. Check submitted requests and their statuses through the same well-organized site.
    • User Forum: 50+ topics exist in the customer support forum, half of which have been answered already. You can vote to increase the priority of any particular question, as well as see related comments.
    • Announcements: Rezdy’s announcements mostly consist of approximately monthly new feature releases and upgrades.
    • Tutorials: 106 (!) tutorial videos. Obviously, such an extensive library is impressive, but I wish the videos had better sound quality. The audio feels a bit like it was recorded through one of those old vibraphone toy microphones I used when I was a kid.
    • FAQ: Self-explanatory. This section includes frequently asked questions about Rezdy.
  • Contact Sales: You can request a callback from the Rezdy Sales Team by filling out a detailed form on the website.
  • Phone: As their clients come from around the world, the company offers separate helplines for Europe, Australia, the US, and New Zealand, as well as a Skype account to call (rezdy_office).
  • Blogs: Rezdy’s blog offers insights and advice exclusively for tour operators on topics such as online travel agents and tour operator web design. You can subscribe to email updates from the blog.
  • Social Media: Rezdy is active on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • eBooks: Rezdy has written four free eBooks accessible on its Resources page: Online Marketing for Tour Operators, Social Media for Tour Operators, Online Booking Software Buyer’s Guide, and Mobile Strategy for Tour Operators. While primarily a marketing tool, the books reveal the company’s dedication to and knowledge of the tour industry.
  • Industry Research: Rezdy offers print and video statistics on Australian and US travel industries on its Resources page.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Of course, the very features that make Rezdy work so well for businesses within the tour and activity industry make it hard to use for any other industry. Additionally, Rezdy differs from many other booking platforms in that it has a few limitations and a charge-per-booking fee after a certain number of transactions. In fact, most criticisms of the product revolve around its pricing.

  • Charge Per Booking: After a certain number of transactions made online (the number changes depending on your account type), Rezdy charges a per-booking fee.
  • Complicated Pricing System: Unless you know exactly what you want and need, Rezdy’s pricing tiers are a bit hard to navigate.
  • Cost: Rezdy was never especially cheap, but recent price hikes on suppliers make it even less so.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Nearly all of Rezdy’s user reviews online are very positive: The system received a 4.5/5 on Capterra and 4.18/5 on GetApp. Common praises include:

  • Easy To Use For Customers & Businesses: Many users were impressed with how easy Rezdy’s interface was to handle as both a customer and account user. It probably has something to do with the CEO’s years of experience as a dive center manager!
  • Friendly & Helpful Support: After I signed up for a trial account, I saw Rezdy’s friendly, pervasive (but not aggressive) customer service firsthand. Many customers have found the support team pleasant to work with.
  • Affordable: While more expensive than some other online booking management tools, Rezdy is far cheaper than most.
  • Professional Look: Many users enjoyed the professionalism Rezdy’s appearance lent to their website.
  • Specific to Tour/Travel Industry: Businesses within the industry were often relieved that a solution fine-tuned to their needs even existed!


Rezdy’s best features support the international tour and activity industry beautifully. I was particularly impressed by the way the software allows for complex relationships between “partners” of the account owner. Agents, distributors, and suppliers of all kinds of businesses have a platform for interaction in Rezdy. The software’s product configuration is also one of the most sophisticated I’ve seen, with both custom and configurable preset options to suit virtually any need. Finally, the system lets you choose a language, integrate your own app, offer gift cards/vouchers to your customers, and create subtle financial reports.

  • Complex Partner Options: Agents and suppliers can sign up for free accounts in Rezdy through which they can log in and send bookings directly to your account calendar. You can find other tour operators in your area and work with them to resell their products through their accounts (as an agent) or hire them as agents to resell your products. Adding an agent to your account involves creating a profile with their information, commission, access to your catalogs, and restrictions. Automatic activity tracking makes it easy to follow the system’s log of partner activities and know exactly where each sale comes from. Agents can charge commission fees.
  • Product Configuration: The product creation process in Rezdy is elegant and sophisticated. Pricing, for example, can be configured according to a fixed price, by item, or by “person” type – which includes nearly two dozen preset options (teenager, couple, etc.) as well as a customizable category. Different text boxes for the product’s actual and advertised price make it possible to display a pre-tax cost. You have the option of making any product available as a gift, with an expiration date. Availability can be based on fixed dates, flexible dates, or no date at all, and you choose whether to display availability to customers. You can also choose how to confirm bookings: you don’t have to confine yourself to doing it manually or automatically. In fact, you can start with one and switch to the other after a certain number of bookings. It’s also possible to add repeating or one-time schedules to each product, with optional custom pricing for each.
  • Order Status: Rezdy takes viewing and editing orders to a new level. See the status of orders automatically: new, confirmed, pending supplier, pending customer, canceled, or abandoned cart. From the calendar, you can add and subtract participants with simple +/- buttons, review a colorful and easy-to-read balance, or choose which agent sold the product. You can also add internal notes to the customer or order. Add made payments clearly and easily.
  • Multi-Lingual: Rezdy supports a growing number of international languages. Currently you can choose from the following: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.
  • Developer API: Rezdy offers coders the chance to build their own app and create a custom integration. Registered “developers” get access to product details and hundreds of catalogs.
  • Gift Cards & Vouchers: It’s very easy to add and track vouchers, gift cards, and coupons on Rezdy’s system.
  • Financial Reports: Rezdy’s excellent sales reports (by order or product) can be filtered in a large number of ways (including by agent or by user) and viewed as color-coded pie, line, and column graphs, in addition to the chronological list of transactions. Bank and commission reconciliation reports are significantly simpler but still helpful.


Depending on your account level, you can accept credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, or cash payments from your customers. Choose which card types you accept, whether a security code is required, and whether you will charge a fixed or percentage-based credit card surcharge.

You can also choose how much the upfront charge for customer bookings will be — no charge, full amount, or deposit based on quantity/person or a percentage of the total charge.

Through “Rezdy Vault,” you can also securely store credit card information for later manual processing.

Payment gateways include:

  • Eway (for Australian businesses)
  • Stripe (for US businesses)
  • FirstData
  • Ogone
  • DPS
  • Braintree
  • Paypal Payflow Pro
  • Paypal Payments Pro
  • Payway


Rezdy’s security policies are simple and standard. The company promises that all transactions are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. Their servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), “a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider with certified infrastructure for storing, processing, and transmitting credit card information.”

Integrations & Add-Ons

Rezdy offers preset integrations with many payment gateways, Google Analytics, and every major social media site you can think of. You can also integrate your own app into the system by using Rezdy’s open API. A summary of the software’s integrations follows.

  • Calendar Sharing: Rezdy offers one-way integration with iCal and its compatible apps, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Confirmed bookings for the past 7 days and upcoming 60 days can be viewed (not changed) in linked calendars.
  • Payment Processing: Rezdy supports Eway, Stripe,, FirstData, Ogone, DPS, and Payway for payment processing.
  • eCommerce: You can sync your Rezdy account with Google Analytics to track your website’s success.
  • Social Media: Rezdy allows you to book directly from a business Facebook page and offers to link your account to Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TripAdvisor.
  • Xero: The cloud-based business accounting software can now be integrated with Rezdy.
  • WordPress: A WordPress plugin is available.

Final Verdict

Rezdy is a highly specialized product optimized for the tourism industry. It’s very good at what it was built to do, though it can’t easily be molded into a configuration that could accommodate other types of businesses (a yoga studio, for example). But if you need to sell tickets or seats for a time-limited event, Rezdy can handle a remarkably large percentage of your business functions.

The software’s biggest hiccup is its needlessly complex pricing system. I’d recommend scrutinizing each of the available plans to make sure you’re getting the features you need. You can test out any of the plans on a trial basis. The Free plan is especially confusing, as it doesn’t follow the typical conventions of booking software. Depending on how you go about your scheduling, Rezdy can either be a frugal or expensive choice for suppliers. On the other hand, Rezdy is quite generous to agents, offering a ton of useful features at no monthly cost.

Compare popular booking software:
ServicePricingEase of UsePayment Processing?Next Steps

$0-50Very EasyYes

Go to Site

Free - $59.99/mnVery EasyYes

Go to Site

$29.95 - $79.95Very EasyYes

Go to Site


Go to Site

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    Sally Petersen

    Organization Name: AWOL Tours cc

    Major flaw with Rezdy and Xero intergration on the invoice date and tour date. Rezdy does not give you the option of setting up that the tour date as the tax invoice date; and by default makes the tax date the same as the booking date. Surely it makes sense that the day the tour takes place should be the tax date on which the income was incurred. Rezdy only have the option of setting the due date. Xero setup is that dates cant be amended when payments are applied. This causes us to have to manually go and delete the payment in Xero, change date, manually re apply payment and then reconcile each transaction in the bank statement. This defeats the whole purpose of having an accounting system linked to rezdy. Please can you urgently look at this flaw as its causing way to much extra admin. It should be logical that day tours tax date when VAT is due is on the day of departure as clients have the option to cancel with full refund.

    • Organization Name: AWOL Tours cc

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Alan Gilmore

    This would be a 5 star, but Rezdy has no support available on weekends when tour companies are busiest.I reported a problem with the manifest not working on weekends and have received no solution. This problem was reported over 2 weeks ago. I’m afraid of the huge amount of work I will be faced with if Rezdy fails to correct this issue. Changing programs will be a pain. I hope this is fixed before next weekend.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Unfortunately they only accept credit cards payment (no Paypal, no wire transfer, no prepaid cards…) and it is not so common in Italy.LAura


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        SImon Lenoir

        Dear Laura, Rezdy has been integrated with Paypal since 2011 and allow your clients to pay by bank transfer, by invoice and most payment methods. If what you are referring by ‘prepaid card’ are debit cards, they are very similar to credit card (it’s just a different name in various countries – Italy like many European countries are not big on credit cards but debit cards are more popular). I can guaranty that Rezdy allow you to accept online payments via debit cards. We are processing millions of euros per months on behalf of our customers. Rezdy is integrated with over a dozen card processors companies so you can decide which one you would like to use.


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          ilyas bayrak

          Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with rezdy… I was very excited to join rezdy that ı could receive online payments all over the world agencies… I purchased their reservation system and paid 199+49 usd… Than I saw that their system is not working in my country since they haven’t launched to turkey yet… I asked for refund since they didn’t let me know about that before ı purchased their system but rezdy refused to give a refund… so whats the point of selling a system which is not working in my country ??? why ı have to pay for the system which is not working in my country ??? why did u sell that to me ???so..Not professıonal…focused on charging people… customer service even ınform u incorrect to sell there system… Stay away…


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Simon Lenoir

            Dear Ilyas, we are sorry to hear about your frustrations. I note that your account has been refunded last year as you requested. Sorry if it took longer than expected for you to receive the funds back. Rezdy customers are free to cancel at anytime. Rezdy works in any country and currency, and many languages including Turkish (Türkçe). Regarding receiving online payment in Turkey, we noted last year than Paypal stopped to provide service in your country, however it seems that Stripe is still operating as explained in the Wall Street Journal. ( Rezdy integrate with both of this payment solution and many more options. I would recommend you to contact Stripe directly to validate you are able to use their service, then Rezdy staff will be delighted to help you to get started and grow your business. We wish you all the best.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Christabelle Tani

              Hi Bianca,Thanks for this in-depth and very detailed review!There are definitely lots of updates in the works – one that we just released is that we now integrate with Braintree, Paypal Payflow Pro, and Paypal Payments Pro to accept credit card payments. Customizable email templates are also up next.To help our customers get the most out of Rezdy, we are building a knowledge base for them to learn more about how to use our software to achieve their goals. There will be lots more content (including webinars) for users to sift through.Once again, thank you, and I will certainly be sharing this on our social media channels.Best,Christabelle


                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                Bianca van der Meulen

                Hi Christabelle,

                So glad you enjoyed the review! Thanks for reading & for sharing.

                I’m happy to update the review with the new upgrades you mentioned. Keep us in the loop — we want our reviews to stay fresh, accurate, & helpful.

                Best Regards,

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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