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ShipRush Review


ShipRush Review

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ShipRush is an affordable software solution designed to calculate shipping rates quickly and accurately. The software fits the needs of many different types of sellers as it comes with support for individual parcel shipping, freight shipping, and LTL shipping.

What’s more, ShipRush claims to be the only shipping software that offers shipping rate comparisons on one screen, allowing you to select the cheapest shipping option every time. ShipRush also provides the regular features you can expect from a shipping software, including multiple printing options and integrations with over 100 business systems.

ShipRush has been available in its current, web-based version since 2015 when it was published by Z-Firm. Since then, the software has been acquired by Descartes, which is a software system group. ShipRush appears to be thriving under the new ownership.

ShipRush does an excellent job providing merchants with an affordable and effective solution for shipping calculations. Keep reading to learn if ShipRush is the right fit for your business.

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Pricing for ShipRush depends on a few factors. You can choose to purchase the desktop version at an annual rate or you can opt to use the web-based version at a monthly rate. Here are your pricing options:

Web-Based Plans

  • Speedy: $29.95/Month
    • 3 Users
    • Multi-Carrier (UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, Amazon)
    • Discount Postage
    • eCommerce Integrations
  • Turbo: $59.95/Month
    • 3 Users
    • All Of The Above PLUS
      • DHL Ecommerce
      • FedEx LTL Freight
  • Warehouse: $99.95/Month
    • 3 Users
    • All Of The Above PLUS
      • NetSuite-Connector
      • NetSuite-Button
      • SAP Anywhere

Additional Services

  • With Setup: $99.95/Month
    • Plus $995.00 One-Time Setup Fee
    • 3 Users
    • Warehouse Plan With Guided Setup
    • Best For NetSuite & SAP Anywhere Sites
  • Add LTL Rating: $100.00/Month
    • 3 Carriers
    • Rate Only (50 Rates)
  • Add LTL Shipping-5: $150.00/Month
    • 5 Carriers
    • 50 Tender/Dispatch
    • Unlimited Rates
  • Add LTL Shipping-10: $250.00/Month
    • 10 Carriers
    • 200 Tender/Dispatch
    • Unlimited Rates

Desktop Pricing

Pricing for the desktop version covers a one-year license. Pricing increases with additional users and with additional shipping carriers. The following breakdown shows pricing for one user. Find comprehensive pricing information on ShipRush’s pricing page.

  • Stand-Along (No Contact Manager)
    • FedEx: $195
    • UPS: $195
    • UPS Pro: $795
  • Outlook & ACT!
    • FedEx: $195
    • UPS: $195
    • UPS Pro: $795
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP/Microsoft RMS/Sage50/ShipRush SQL
    • FedEx: $195
    • UPS: $195
    • UPS Pro: $795
  • QuickBooks Desktop, Pro Or Premier
    • FedEx: $195
    • UPS: $195
    • UPS Pro: $795
  • QuickBooks Enterprise (Up To 15 Users)
    • FedEx: $695
    • UPS: $695
    • UPS Pro: $995
  • Goldmine/Saleslogix
    • FedEx: $495
    • UPS: $495
    • UPS Pro: $895
  • Order Manager (Including eCommerce, Excel, & QuickBooks Integrations)
    • FedEx: $795
    • UPS: $795
    • UPS Pro: $1490

You can also try out ShipRush with a free 60-day trial. 

Web-Based Or Locally Installed

Both. ShipRush comes in two versions. Windows users are able to download the desktop version. There’s also a web-based software, which is the one I tested.

Hardware & Software Requirements

In order to use ShipRush, you need a computer, an up-to-date browser, and an internet connection. You also must run one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista, v7, v8.x, v10
  • Windows Server 2008-R2 or higher
  • Mac OSX Lion (10.7) or higher

Supported printers include laser, inkjet, and thermal printers.

ServicePricingBusiness SizeEase of UseNext Steps

Free - $99/monthSmall to MediumVery EasySign Up

$25 - $145/monthlySmall to MediumVery EasySign Up

$39 - $499/monthlySmall to LargeVery EasySign Up

$15.99/monthlySmallEasySign Up

Ease Of Use

In order to test out ShipRush, I signed up for the 60-day free trial. During the sign-up process, I was able to integrate my online store (which is a Shopify account). I skipped adding my credit card information during sign up, and surprisingly, I was still able to access my dashboard. However, you should note that you won’t be able to integrate with shipping carriers without entering a credit card number.

Here’s the ShipRush dashboard as I first saw it. My Shopify orders immediately populated in my ShipRush account:

I then headed over to setting where I was able to add a demo shipping account. Using this demo account, I could view USPS shipping rates without actually creating a shipping account. Keep in mind that in order to add this demo account, you will be required to enter your payment method (a.k.a. a credit card number) into ShipRush.

With everything set up, I could now process my orders and finally view that legendary price comparison dashboard ShipRush gloats so much about. I see the advantage of the feature, although it probably would have been more impressive if I had integrated with more carriers. In general, I was satisfied with the shipping features ShipRush included. I was able to calculate shipping rates and download printing labels and packing slips easily.

ShipRush also has some nice automation features available. You can program your software to automatically select shipping options depending on a number of factors. You can also take advantage of one click “Rate” and “Ship” options that let you process orders without navigating to each individual order page.

While ShipRush is certainly not the sexiest shipping software out there, it does work quite well.


ShipRush offers all of the usual shipping features. Here’s what you can expect to find:





ShipRush displays a variety of reports based on the following information:


ShipRush integrates with over 100 software programs. Here are a few of the most popular options:

eCommerce Platforms

Payment Processors


Accounting & CRM

Customer Service & Technical Support

ShipRush provides live support to all of their customers. I was pleased with the level of support I received. I called in twice and received complete responses to my questions within a reasonable time period. Here’s when those support channels are available:

Additional support materials include:

Although I appreciate ShipRush’s personal support, I wish there were more support videos available. A few more getting-started videos would have been a huge help when I was setting up.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

There aren’t many customers discussing ShipRush on the world wide web. I only found a handful of reviews online. Here’s what those customers complained about:

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

I only found a couple of positive reviews online. Here’s what they remarked upon:


ShipRush employs HTTPS encryption on every webpage and admin.

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Ship more, pay less. Sign up for a free trial today.Sign Up
Free ground shipping on orders over $100. Expires December 31, 2018.Go To Site
Special offer: $100 value - $45 in postage coupons, digital scale & more. Use STAMPS100. Expires December 31, 2018.Redeem

Final Verdict

In my eyes, ShipRush is a good shipping software for many businesses. It appears to be relatively bug-free with enough versatility to meet the needs of most sellers. And while ShipRush does not sport a cutting-edge look, the rates dashboard feature definitely has a modern flavor to it.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable rates calculator for your online store, take a look at ShipRush. Sign up for a free trial and see if the software feels intuitive to you. Import your orders, create automation rules, and print demo shipping labels. With 60 days free, you’ve got nothing to lose!

You can also check out our shipping software comparison chart or see our list of other shipping software reviews.

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ServicePricingBusiness SizeEase of UseNext Steps

Free - $99/monthSmall to MediumVery EasySign Up

$25 - $145/monthlySmall to MediumVery EasySign Up

$39 - $499/monthlySmall to LargeVery EasySign Up

$15.99/monthlySmallEasySign Up

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Liz Hull

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