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ShipWorks Review

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ShipWorks Review

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Jon Titterington

Jon Titterington

Writer at Merchant Maverick
Jon Titterington is a writer from Los Angeles, California. He first started working in tech in 2006.

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    Karen Jones

    Organization Name: Sweet and Vicious

    I have been using Shipworks since 2004 and I love it. Support has been top notch since day 1. They are constantly improving the product and adding functionality and partners. And it’s incredibly fast as compared to cloud solutions. Also very easy to use for users of all tech levels.

    • Organization Name: Sweet and Vicious
    Amazon and eBay Seller

    We have used ShipWorks for several years. Their customer service is very good and always very courteous. The software is great when it works. The problem is, their server is down a few times a year, usually during peak times such as Mondays when we have many orders from the weekends to fulfill (such as today). The system was down most of today so we have many orders that we are unable to fulfill and now we risk getting negative feedback from our Amazon and eBay customers again.

    We originally opted for ShipWorks because we thought it will be faster and less reliant on ShipWorks server since it runs locally on our PCs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our PC must communicate with ShipWorks server when processing EACH order, which slows down the processing and also makes it impossible to process any order when their server is down. We cannot understand why every order must be approved by their server. This defeats the whole purpose of running the software locally. Our ability to process any order is at the mercy of their unreliable server. This makes ShipWorks no more reliable than other cloud-based systems. Plus, unlike cloud-based systems, we have to manage and maintain the database ourselves and spend over $3,000 on a MS SQL server software.

    If the purpose of communicating with the ShipWorks server for every order is to count the number of orders and verify the authenticity of the ShipWorks software, they should do so when the orders are downloaded or uploaded (i.e. in a batch), not for every order. For a company the size of ShipWorks with as their parent company, it is disappointing that they do not have a backup server, especially since their server outage has been a persistent problem for a while. I have complained to their customer service before to no avail. I hope ShipWorks management sees this review and upgrade their system. I will revise this review when their server reliability improves. Otherwise, we will have to change to a different software.


      We have been using Shipworks for 13 years and love the product. They have great support and make shipping much faster. They are constantly upgrading to keep up with technology and new ecommerce products. My only complaint over the years is that they do not have built-in DHL label processing.

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