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Sitey Review

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Date Established
Burlington, MA


  • Easy to use
  • Numerous templates
  • Solid blogging and eCommerce


  • Sketchy business practices
  • Poor billing practices
  • Overwhelmingly poor customer feedback
  • Poor customer service


Disclaimer: Should you ever come across services called, or, be advised that they are the exact same products as For reasons known only to them, the company behind Sitey is hosting the same website builder on multiple domains. The only differences are in the specifics of the paid plans.

Sitey is a do-it-yourself website builder. Though launched in 2014 and relatively new to the site building market, the sleek professionalism of this program’s design tools and its well-designed and straightforward editor have already caught the attention of many. Unfortunately, the company has a history of atrocious business practices.

The simple design of this builder makes it possible for even amateurs to create effective websites. In fact, Sitey offers over 10,000 template combinations to help users get started. In addition to site building, Sitey provides free web hosting and domain names, free setup of business email, access to SEO tools, and the option of eCommerce integration.

One thing you’ll notice if you read the comments on this review, on our reviews of Sitey’s “sister” sites, or pretty much anywhere online where people can share their experiences with the company is that Sitey and its doppelgangers have possibly the worst reputations of any DIY site builders in the industry. Reports of terrible billing practices and customer service horror stories abound. Recently, however, Sitey and its duplicates were acquired by the Endurance International Group. The company has moved Sitey’s operations to the US from the UK and has overhauled its support and billing staff. Have these changes translated to a better user experience? Read on to find out.


Sitey is ostensibly free, but if you want to have a professional-looking site with a normal domain name, or if you’re squeamish about the company advertising itself on your website, it makes more sense to choose from one of three available upgrades:


  • $5.38/month (annual plan)
  • $4.61/month (2-year plan)
  • $5.99/month (when billed monthly)
  • Free domain for one year
  • Free hosting
  • Free email
  • Website statistics
  • Ad credits included
  • Removal of Sitey ads


  • $6.14/month (annual plan)
  • $5.38/month (2-year plan)
  • $6.92/month (when billed monthly)
  • All of the Above PLUS:
  • Priority support


  • $9.99/month (annual plan)
  • $9.23/month (2-year plan)
  • $12.30/month (when billed monthly)
  • All of the Above PLUS:
  • eCommerce

Sitey accepts payment via credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) or PayPal. Refunds are offered within 14 days of purchase. To request a refund, you must contact the company’s billing department and provide your name, email address, and an explanation of why you require your money back.

Web-hosted Or Licensed

Sitey is entirely web-hosted.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Just be sure your browser is updated.

Business Types Supported

Many website building services don’t try very hard when it comes to appealing to specific demographics. The result is that some customers get the sense that no one is really trying to earn their business. Sitey, however, has gone to great lengths in order to appeal to everyone and reach a variety of industries via a comprehensive template selector. The categories provided are as follows:

  • Architecture & Real Estate
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Blank Templates
  • Blog
  • Business & Consultant
  • Computers & Technology
  • Construction & Trade
  • Design & Creative
  • Hotels & Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Night Life
  • One Pagers
  • Online Store
  • Pets & Animals
  • Photography
  • Portfolio
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants & Eateries
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Themes
  • Wedding

Though some templates lend themselves to a specific topic or industry, any template provided by Sitey can be configured to suit your purpose. And for those looking to explore or exercise a bit more creativity, there are a number of blank templates and one-pagers on offer as well.

Ease Of Use

Whatever else can be said about Sitey, it’s undeniable that the editor itself is contemporary and intuitive. The tools it provides are simple and accessible, and the learning curve is almost nil. In fact, it is straightforward enough to allow an amateur to learn it well within an hour or so. As with most modern website builders, individual content elements are organized into blocks (referred to here as “Sections”) which are stackable vertically. The following are some of the features that make Sitey so user-friendly:

  • Elements Panel: Sitey’s Elements panel allows users to modify or customize their websites with a variety of shapes, buttons, text/image boxes, social media widgets, menus, store items and icons, documents, flash instances, blogging tools, and so forth. Use this when you want to add an individual element to your site, as opposed to an entire Section.
  • Section Panel: The Section panel lets you add an entire Section to your site. After adding one of the available blocks of content to your site, you can then freely edit what you’ve added, so you’re not locked into the particulars of whatever Section you add. You can also re-arrange your existing Sections from here.
  • Design Panel: With the Design panel, users may adjust default fonts, change the style of text, and alter the background image or colors. My favorite aspect of this panel is the “Colors” section, which allows you to customize the entire color pallet of your site. With a massive selection of presets and the simple click of your mouse, you can change the whole look and feel of your pallet. You may not like every preset pallet available, but Sitey gives you ample opportunity to find the perfect color scheme and set a proper mood for your site.
  • Pages Panel: The Pages panel helps users to manage their websites’ various pages. It is as simply implemented as its “Design” and “Add” counterparts and provides great tools like the “Duplicate Page” feature (which allows you to do exactly what the name implies).
  • Manage Panel: This is an excellent resource which permits users to customize all outgoing social media links, as well as favicons and HTML inputs for the site’s header and footer. It is also used to update PayPal account information for sites that are being used as online stores.
  • Previewing: Preview mode is a built-in feature through which users can instantly view their site as though it were already published. This tool is particularly helpful for making sure you’ve laid everything out properly and that everything you’ve done is in check, where it should be, and functioning properly.


  • Social Media: Social media integration is immensely important to most businesses, and Sitey doesn’t disappoint in this department. Users are provided with clean looking, out-of-the-way social media widgets which may be neatly embedded in the website’s header. 
  • eCommerce: Sitey recently unveiled their in-house eCommerce solution, available only with a subscription to the eCommerce subscription plan. It’s a solid online store package, complete with discount codes, product variations, categories, and other features you’d expect of a modern eCommerce system.
  • Blog: I appreciate a good blogging platform, and that is exactly what Sitey brings to the table. The incredibly versatile post manager makes it simple to tag featured posts, sort out the details of published entries, edit drafts, and pin posts so that they remain organized in a certain manner. Creating new posts is a refreshingly straightforward process that leaves little room for user error.
  • SEO: The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feature allows you to add/edit site tags and meta tags that are associated with each specific page. Adding meta tags — choosing keywords and phrases that potential visitors might type into a search engine — gives your site better visibility and can lead to more traffic.
  • Stock Photos: Stock photos are arranged in much the same way as Sitey’s template lists. Users can sort through roughly a dozen categories and may choose from hundreds of HD stock photos.
  • Image Galleries: This program lets users select row, column, or grid options for their image galleries, which may be placed anywhere on the website. Being able to customize the appearance of the image gallery can really spice up an otherwise dull website and helps to impart some of the creator’s personality.
  • Stats: Stat tracking is a must-have for modern websites, and access to accurate feedback can determine the success or failure of a new website. Sitey does provide this service, though it is only available to users with higher-level paid subscriptions.

Web Design & Editing

  • Templates: As I’ve stated previously, Sitey comes with an impressive selection of templates. There are literally hundreds of templates to choose from, all sorted into neat categories. The templates range from the utterly austere to overly cluttered. Some are elegant, while others are kitschy. Frankly, I found the selection a bit overwhelming, and it might take hours to sort through all of the possibilities. If you’re looking for a wide variety of choices, though, this is the software for you. For those of you who would rather take a different path, there are blank templates offered as well.
  • Mobile Editing: While it is unfortunately impossible to edit directly from a mobile device at this time, Sitey does provide users with a Mobile View within the desktop editor. This allows for fine-tuning of certain elements and website components and makes it easier to speak to the needs of visitors or patrons who use their mobile devices to access your site.
  • Desktop Editor: This editor is really quite good: it’s simple to use, replete with practical tools, and nicely organized. The best part of the desktop editor is that it ensures that every aspect of the website is customizable. Click anywhere on the site and a toolbox icon appears, allowing you to make edits on things like color, size, text location, and even tend to tiny, specific details you might otherwise have missed.

Integrations & Add-Ons

There isn’t much here in the way of third-party integrations. What you see is what you get, in other words.

Customer Service

Sitey’s customer service system consists of a general help tech support page and live chat. With the recent inclusion of live chat, the company appears to be trying to address the numerous customer service complaints that have been aired.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

  • Professional Reviews: While largely praising the software itself, some reviewers have found fault with the sales tactics employed by Sitey. One reviewer noted the automatic, unprompted inclusion of a $10 SEO ebook in his shopping cart when ordering their services, and also noted that it required multiple attempts via email simply to cancel his upgraded account. As for the software, one reviewer found the eCommerce template selections to be underwhelming and questioned Sitey’s commitment to being a true eCommerce solution, though this seems to be the minority view.
  • Customer Feedback: Consumer opinion falls along similar lines as the professional reviewers — the product itself is seen in a mostly favorable light while opinions about the business practices of the company are decidedly negative. A review of user opinion reveals a significant number of complaints: customer service that can be less than responsive or helpful, the absence of a customer forum, customers being billed for services the customer did not intend to order, and customers encountering stalling tactics while trying to cancel an order before the charges went through.

Having recently beefed up its customer service options and replaced its support and billing teams, the Endurance International Group has clearly heard the constant chorus of complaints from users of its services. Unfortunately, complaints from users on this front have not yet abated. I would advise potential customers to pay close attention to what appears on the bill!

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

  • Professional Reviews: Sitey has received a fair amount of positive attention from reviewers, especially for features like social media integration, the widget library, ad integration, and mobile optimization. It’s also been praised for providing ad credits and creating an overall sense of stability in its users. It’s the company’s customer service and billing practices that typically get Sitey dinged by reviewers, not the builder itself.
  • Customer Feedback: Sitey is most celebrated by users for its user interface. It is also praised for being “great for beginners,” though to be fair that statement is true about almost any of the popular drag and drop website builders on the market.

Final Verdict

Overall, Sitey’s software is robust and intuitive. All else aside, I can safely say that it is one of the better basic website builders on the market. Unfortunately, the program is missing some of the most crucial features one would expect in a top-tier web builder. There are essentially no external integrations available, the payment gateway options are sparse, and truth be told, you’ve got to pay up in order to unlock the very best of what this program has to offer (i.e. eCommerce, stat tracking, etc).

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the Endurance Group to rectify the builder’s negative reputation, problems persist. Users continue to report a broad array of problems with the service — typically involving billing — on both our site and other Sitey reviews that allow public comments. One reviewer recently found unwanted products in his cart at checkout — and this is after the ownership change.

If Endurance’s efforts to clean house start bearing fruit and people start reporting more positive experiences with the company, I’ll rethink the site’s low rating, as the builder itself displays great potential. Sadly, I cannot ignore the virtually unanimous public verdict of Sitey users. 1.5 stars.

Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers is a writer and cereal chef from San Diego. He graduated with a Political Science degree from San Diego State University in 2001. He's been writing about website builders, crowdfunding sites, online lenders, and credit cards for Merchant Maverick since 2015. Additionally, Jason can't eat raisins.
Jason Vissers
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    Organization Name: Teen Chat Club

    Sitey is very nice. I get outstanding customer support as soon as I need it. Were talking minutes.I even had them help me fetch a domain I thought Id lost forever. With sitey support no sweat.My website is very fast, and boasts all the features of any standard website builder.I would recommend Sitey over WiX, Weebly, GoDaddy, and Squarespace.My users love it to. My site users notice the huge difference, in upload times, and overall quality of the website. Also pricing is very affordable I have my biggest site on a ecommerce plan for less than 25 usd a month. That includes priority support. Granted I just recently switched to Sitey this year..but just like a McDonald’s commercial … I’m Lovin it

    • Organization Name: Teen Chat Club
    Don Freeman

    Billing Dispute are still a problem
    Every month I get billed for various amounts from $13.63 to 24.80, even though I’ve never used their services. The billing department can’t seem to find my account, so every month I report them to Bank of America for fraud. Every month BA credits my account and still the bills keep coming. Today, when I called Sitey @ (844) 211-7911, they again could not find an account for me, nor could they find my credit card account.
    This time they asked for my ARN (account routing number). When I contacted BA fraud department, BA said not to give them this information. BA promised to block any new charges from their account to my credit card number.
    I don’t know how they got my CC number, I’ve never used them to set up a website or blog site. I don’t own a business and have zero interest in their services.
    Beware of this site and their strange billing practices.


      A support service is useless. I have asked some question. The answer wasn’t even close to the subject which I was asking for 🙁


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Nick Ashcroft

        Recently cancelled my account as I no longer require the website. Was charged for another 24months despite cancelling a month earlier. Was refunded promptly but have still been left out of pocket as a result of bank fees and exchange rates. Disappointing service.


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          Long story short, I needed help getting into an account that I had cancelled my payments for because I wasn’t ready to make it live. I explained this during the cancellation process. I couldn’t easily figure out how to get back into my now offline websites to edit them, so I turned to Sitey’s live chat. After several messages back and forth, the only response to my very specific request was that the only way to gain access to edit my accounts was to pay $140+. We went back and forth for a while. I got frustrated. I went back into my accounts page and figured out how to do it myself. They were trying to get $140 out of me for something that was FREE and eventually had to figure out how to do on my own. SCAMMMMMM


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


            I have never had a website experience as bad as I have had with Sitey. No technical support, super slow response. Security is a joke. They changed the account email and password because a scam artist emailed them about it without asking for proof of ownership. Now I’m locked out of a website I mistakenly paid thousands for and have to build a new site. Other than being out the money, I will be glad to be away from the site. Nothing worked well on it and the interface was not very intuitive.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


              I just canceled. I tried getting help getting my site live and could not and finally had to ask to cancel. And I was refunded. If you click on the facebook icon on Sitey’s website footer it leads to a Kevin Ng, who seems to be a New York med student???? I messaged him to find out why his account is connected to Sitey…he has not responded. The longer I tried getting a page up with Sitey the more uncomfortable I became with them. The only support I could get was by email or live chat. The whole time it seems they do not speak English and copy and paste from scripts. Even on the phone with billing, she repeated everything several times with a HEAVY accent and it was as if she wasn’t listening to me. Finally we worked out the cancellation and refund and then she offered 3 free services if I decided to stay with them. My reply was ” I would love to stay, but I can’t get help going live ” and she repeated the whole cancellation thing….I felt as thought they had no clue what I was saying or asking. No one in 10 days has reached out to help me. I gave up.

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                It’s impossible to find my website even when describing it word-for-word.


                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                  Chloe Bahal

                  Hi Debbie,

                  Please take a look at this article. I hope it helps!

                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Carol Hansen

                    The 2 stars is my rating for Sitey as a user myself. Their customer service is the worst Ive experienced. I’ve been hosting and working with GoDaddy for over 10 years and I thought I’d try something new just to have a better CMS system for my clients. I regret it completely. See the recent chat below with their tech team. You can only chat with them. No phone calls. No emails. Kal: Hi CarolKal: Thank you for visiting Sitey. This is Kal, How can I help you today?ME: →It’s been more than a week since I submitted information to transfer my domain to Sitey and I have not had any update on the ticket. I have not had a good customer service experience since switching my hosting to Sitey and this delay in service and lack of communication is not helping. I was told it would take no longer than 5 business daysKal: Please allow me a moment while I am checking this for you.Kal: I have reviewed the domain and found that the domain is in the transfer process and the issue has already been escalated to the product development team and when the transfer is done completely they will update you regarding it.Kal: Also I will make sure it is resolved at the earliest possible Cari.ME→Thank you. I appreciate it, but again this is the second time within recently signing up Sitey that you have given me timeframe for a job to be complete and it has not been done. I would like to speak with someone about this. Not just a chat session and emails that are never returned, please.ME→I am testing Sitey with my own site first before even thinking about using it for client sites. I will not be using it for any additional work because of the poor service I have experienced. I would have lost clients by now if their email was down for a week while waiting to be transferred. Kal: I understand your concern and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. But please allow us some time also the domain is in transfer process so I request you to wait for sometime.ME→Again, I understand. I was told 5 days. I waited 5 days. It is day 7. Who is in charge there actually cares about upset customers? ME→If you didnt have email for 7 days would you be happy? Would you be happy that you could only chat with someone about it and be told to continue waiting?ME→I wish to physically speak with someone. I am paying you for a service I am not receiving. Kal: I understand your concern and I am sorry for all the issue you are facing.Kal: But I request you to allow us sometime Cari :(ME→Can i speak with someone else? Please answer my questions. Kal: Unfortunately we do not provide phone support for technical issues.→That is unfortunate. Do you provide refunds for unsatisfied customers?Kal: For this I would recommend you to contact our billing team on 1-855-885-2877. They will help you with the refunds.ME→Oh! A Phone number as soon as I want to talk about getting my money back. How helpful. I will move my domain back to GoDaddy and discuss with your billing team. Thank you. Have a great night,


                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                      Jason Vissers

                      Wow – thank you for giving this account! I’ve been seeing ever more reports coming from users of this Sitey-Sitelio-WebsiteBuilder-SiteBuilder quartet of duplicate services, and most (if not all) detail experiences similar to yours, though this might just take the cake in its tragicomic dimensions.

                      Thanks for the heads-up!

                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                        Jennifer Reed

                        Thank you for the very insightful review.


                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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