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Sweet Tooth began as an ecommerce web development agency. After developing a successful loyalty software for one of their clients, Sweet Tooth decided to go full loyalty. The company works with over 3500 merchants worldwide, including Delta, Universal, and Olympus. According to Sweet Tooth, case studies from many of these clients have seen over 20% increases in customer lifetime value, sales and repeat purchases.

Jay El-Kaake founded Sweet Tooth in 2009 along with Steve Deckert, Bill Curtis, Mike Rossi, and Mohsen Hadianfard. Recently, the company has formed partnerships with other developers and designers to enhance the Sweet Tooth product.

The software is currently available through Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify, and is developing an integration with WooCommerce. If you’re using Magento, configuration may be a little cumbersome, but Sweet Tooth’s extensive program offers great benefits and manageable costs for a wide variety of merchants, including offline solutions for brick and mortar stores, API access for developers, and omni-channel loyalty connections. Read on for more details.


Sweet Tooth can be used in all its glory through Magento. While Magento has a more extensive feature list, it also has more configuration settings to sort through as well. You can use a lighter, simpler version of Sweet Tooth on BigCommerce or Shopify. Subscription plans are offered monthly and automatically renew unless cancelled. Plans are broken down by loyalty point transactions and annual revenue generated on Magento. If your activity exceeds the limitations of your plan you will be required to upgrade to the next available plan. The software is free to use on BigCommerce and Shopify for up to 500 customers. After that, monthly subscriptions begin at $49 per month. Paid plans remove the Sweet Tooth branding. You can view the full pricing details for Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento on the Sweet Tooth website.

Cancellation Policy:

Sweet Tooth’s Cancellation Policy can be found on their terms of service page. Cancellations are accepted before the end of your current paid month. You have to email support or fill out the support form on the website to cancel your service. There is no fee for cancellation, but they don’t issue refunds for partial months.

Web-Based or Locally Installed:

Entirely Web-based.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

You’ll need to meet the Magento minimum requirements to run Sweet Tooth correctly. The same goes for Shopify and BigCommerce.

Specific Size of Business and Type (Or Company Size):

Sweet Tooth works best for ecommerce merchants and can accommodate small to large business sizes. Sweet Tooth can be also be used with brick and mortar merchants who also have an online store.

Ease of Use:

On Magento:

The Sweet Tooth Rewards program is accessed directly from your Magento dashboard. There’s a reason Sweet Tooth offers consultation packages. The program is, in a word, overwhelming. From creating rules to adjusting points, Sweet Tooth is loaded with options, and options within those options and so on. Not one to leave you ignorant, Sweet Tooth offers videos and interactive demos on their website to give you a better sense of how the program works. You can check out the Admin Interactive Demo to see Sweet Tooth in action.

Configuration – The editable settings run a mile long and, while written in layman’s terms, are pretty tedious. If you’re a veteran Magento user it may not seem complicated at all, since Sweet Tooth uses Magento’s rule system. To get your loyalty program to work you’ll need to configure your reward rules.

  1. Earning Rules – These rules control how points are added to a customer’s account. For each category you’ll need to create a name, description, conditions, and labels. They’re broken down into three categories:
    1. Catalog
    2. Shopping Cart
    3. Customer Behavior
  2. Spending Rules – Spending rules are configured more or less the same way as earning rules. These rules control how customers can spend their points and are broken down into two categories:
    1. Catalog
    2. Shopping Cart
  3. Dashboard Design – The layout of the dashboard reminds me of an SQL query table. A code lover’s dream, perhaps, but it makes the screen look very busy. It’s a combination of text buttons, query boxes and line after line of drop down options wrapped in a big gray square. The software should come with a map or a guide so you can find everything.
  4. Customer Interface – On the customer side, the program looks pretty good. The design is appealing with pops of color and easy navigation within the rewards section. The checkout process has quality features as well. Their point slider responds quickly when moved in either direction and doesn’t slow down the checkout process or reload the page at a painfully slow pace.

On Shopify and BigCommerce:

Sweet Tooth is much easier to use on these platforms, and setup takes minutes. Though there aren’t as many features on these platforms, you can still choose to reward customers for purchases, signups, and referrals.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Customer service is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. My experience with support was pretty positive. The rep was knowledgeable and friendly and answered my questions well enough. Most reviewers on Magento believe technical support is great and an essential part of their loyalty program.

Phone – You can call one of two lines: 1.855.699.9322 or 1.647.725.2564.

Email – You can email support@sweettoothrewards.com or use their online request form to get support. Since Sweet Tooth has clients around the world, there are usually people available to respond via email after business hours.

Web Support. The support page is broken down by platform and access for Shopify or BigCommerce requires a login for use.

Learning Center – Sweet Tooth offers an online knowledge base of case studies and articles on a range of topics involving loyalty programs and how to make them successful.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Complicated – Sweet Tooth is so complex on Magento that there are some issues with features and integration. It’s a lot to work through, and sometimes Sweet Tooth doesn’t get it right the first time around.

“We liked the look of this extension and we hoped it could help our business. However upon installing in we have found that a lot of the features do not work correctly. We experienced problems with some of the social media inter-actions and they just did not work at all. We experienced numerous issues the reward rules not working as advertised. The refer a friend issue did not work correctly either and is functionally very limited…”

“The support needs to be good with this extension because installation has had 5 different errors. Files were corrupted from their zip file and has caused many hiccups along the way. Stopped allowing users to checkout upon first installation. Facebook and twitter share weren’t working or awarding points Stops the Shopping Cart promotion rules to work if this is not setup correctly…”


Somewhat Expensive – For merchants who need the additional consultation services to get their program up and running, those costs can be a little high. For merchants who have a high level of transactions every month but are on the lower end of revenue caps, the upgrade to a higher plan might be a little costly.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Positive Results – Sweet Tooth boasts an average 28% annual sales lift, 40% increase in customer lifetime value and a 20% increase in repeat purchase rates for clients. They offer client case studies and testimonials to back up their claims. Reviews on Magento as well as Shopify rank Sweet Tooth pretty high. Sweet Tooth received an average 4.5 out of 5 stars from 152 reviewers on Magento. Their Beta program on Shopify has only received six reviews but their rank is still 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Great Technical Support – With all the complicated configurations associated with creating your loyalty program, Sweet Tooth has been pretty diligent to offer technical support to its clients. Even reviewers who gave Sweet Tooth a low rating were satisfied with customer support.

“I have been working with Sweet Tooth for 2 years now. Being alone starting my business, SweetTooth Team Support has been of a great importance. The responsive ness to solve the problem, is quick and perfect.”

“We’ve used this extension for years and years. Whenever we’ve upgraded or messed up the support team have been there for us – they get the problem you are having in one email and the resolution comes in the next. All the team members are polite and helpful and we’re really pleased to have had their support over the years.”


Features. On Magento, the software offers tons of features and developments for small business merchants. Integrations and offline solutions, referrals, a myriad of rewarding options, and social media connections make the program very comprehensive.


For Magento:

  • Point Based Loyalty Program – Sweet Tooth offers a comprehensive program with several tools to configure your loyalty program. You can view the Magento features in full detail on their website. Some of the customizable features of the program include:
    • Rule Engine – Set parameters for numerous earning and spending rules.
    • Bonus Rewards – Create special or limited time offers for clients at will.
    • Referral Rewards – Set up rewards for referrals via email, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Social Sharing – Customers can share your site info directly to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Customers can share purchases on FB and Twitter as well.
    • Reward Holds – points can be held for authorization before being awarded to a customer.
    • Points Expiry – Manage when points expire from a customer’s account.
    • Product reviews – Customer reviews posted on your site can be awarded points pending your approval.
  • Interaction rewards – there are over twenty interaction rewards already in place in Sweet Tooth. These interactions can be activated and given parameters as you see fit. They include rewards for:
    • Writing reviews
    • Birthdays
    • Creating an account
    • Newsletter subscription
    • FB follows
    • Tweets
  • Sweet Tooth API – The Sweet Tooth API is available to all merchants and can be used to integrate Sweet Tooth with other programs and customize features within Sweet Tooth. Third party development of Sweet Tooth features has some limitations. You can read more about it on the API section of their website, or contact Sweet Tooth directly.
  • Offline and Omni Channel Development – Sweet Tooth and its partners offer integrations with POS (point of sale) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems as part of an offline solution. Check out the Ren’s Pet Depot case study for an example.

For BigCommerce or Shopify:

If you’re using BigCommerce or Shopify, Sweet Tooth is a fully customizable point system with a lighter list of features than its Magento version. Those features include rewarding points for purchases, referrals, and signups, as well as limited email marketing.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

  • POS systems
  • ERP systems

Future Integrations:

  • WooCommerce (in development)


Sweet Tooth’s policy on security is a bit generic, but it can be found in their privacy policy. Information collected online is secured and protected by your account login procedures.

The Loyalty Test:

So, does Sweet Tooth:

  • Increase repeat business – Yes. The front end of Sweet Tooth’s program is very clean and easy for customers to use. The program is dependable and if there are issues, Sweet Tooth is quick to resolve them. Their case studies have shown marked increases in repeat purchase rates and customer lifetime values.
  • Generate new business – Yes. Sweet Tooth provides opportunities for customers to spread information about your business and products to potential new customers through social sharing and product reviews.
  • Give you a competitive edge – Yes. While there are many loyalty programs that offer some of the features of Sweet Tooth, the combined force of Sweet Tooth’s features is pretty hard to beat. If you have your own professional development team, Sweet Tooth’s API can offer even more value to your rewards program.

Final Verdict:

Is Sweet Tooth worth your time? I’d say yes. Setting up Sweet Tooth on Magento is a lot of work, but the potential for a great rewards program is there. If it’s too complicated, Sweet Tooth has developed much more user-friendly versions of the software on BigCommerce and Shopify. Not having these options was the main downside in my earlier review of their software. Free trials on Magento, and free usage on BigCommerce and Shopify, make it even easier to test out the program and see if it’s a good fit. The tiered pricing is manageable, the program is very comprehensive, and customer support is there for you when you need them. It’s a great solution for both ecommerce merchants and merchants who use combined methods of commerce.

Phylicia Joannis

Phylicia Joannis

Phylicia is a freelancer, indie author, and Google addict. She used to scout all of New York’s free venues in her spare time, but now she’s reviewing loyalty rewards software for Merchant Maverick. Her professional background includes technical writing and research, though she’s also fluent in toddler gibberish. When she’s not crying over spilled milk, Phylicia enjoys reading, writing, and conducting random Google searches.
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