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TransTech Merchant Group (TMG) has been in business since 2005 (according to the BBB). TMG is a subsidiary of First American Payment Systems (FAPS), and is part of a three company conglomerate including Certified Payment Processing and Summit Merchant Solutions.

For a company that hasn’t been around for very long, they’ve managed to rack up quite a few complaints. I found some commonalities amongst those complaints, so be sure to read the Common Complaints section below.

A merchant account with TMG carries a hefty early termination fee (see Cancellation Fee) that can cost a merchant hundreds, if not thousands to get out of.

My suggestion would be to find a different provider for your processing needs.

TransTech Merchant Group gets a 2 out of 5 rating.

Parent/Partner Company:

TransTech Merchant Group is owned by First American Payment Systems, and is part of a three company conglomerate including Certified Payment Processing and Summit Merchant Solutions.


Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
Fifth Third Bank.

Payment Processor(s):
First American Payment Systems.

Payment Gateway(s):
Authorize.Net or FirstPay.Net 2.0.

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Trust Symbols:
You can find the TransTech Merchant Group BBB profile here. They have a “D” rating and 75 complaints as of this update.

Negative Reviews/Complaints:
There are quite a few negative reviews and complaints against TransTech Merchant Group. You can find some here, here and here. For a company that has only been around since 2005, that’s not a good sign.

Common Complaints:
Here are some common problems that you may want to look out for…

  • Expensive terminal lease contracts through Merimac Capital: Looks like TransTech Merchant Group likes to push terminal leases. Leases are a big money maker for processors that push them, but because they’re so unfair to the merchant, most of the honest processors have walked away from them. A terminal lease usually carries a 4-year contract, which can be extremely expensive to get out of. Nowadays you can buy a terminal outright for far cheaper. Leases only make sense for very large organizations that need multiple terminals and don’t have the upfront capital to purchase them.
  • Large number of complaints from former sales reps: Whenever I see a high number of complaints from sales reps, it tells me that the company is running a “churn and burn” type operation. The goal being to get as many commission-only independent or in-house sales agents under the TMG banner, then letting them loose. The focus becomes quantity over quality. That’s always a bad recipe for the merchant because usually these reps aren’t educated enough and end up signing you into bum deals due to the lure of a fat paycheck.
  • High cancellation fee: Here’s what the TransTech Merchant Group agreement says about their cancellation fee; “MERCHANT agrees to pay bank/processor early termination fees established by Bank, but in no event less than four hundred ninety five dollars ($495.00) for each MERCHANT location, plus any and all losses (including consequential damages and loss of profits, costs, expenses, and liabilities) incurred by Bank in connection with termination.” So, bottom line is that you’ll pay a MINIMUM of $495 to break your contract…most likely more than that.
  • PCI compliance fee: A few of TMG’s merchants are having an issue with the annual PCI compliance fee of $124.74. Although PCI compliance is necessary for anyone that plans on accepting credit cards for their business, TMG is not required to charge their merchants any type of fee for that compliance. So, contrary to what you may have heard, processor’s are not required to pass that charge on to you.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
No verifiable testimonials on the TransTech Merchant Group website.

No on-site security features (i.e. McAfee, Security Metrics etc…). The security issue really depends on what kind of information the merchant account provider is collecting from you. If they require you to fill out a full digital application with sensitive info like SSN numbers, then they should definitely have some third-party security in place. Sometimes, and in the case of TransTech Merchant Group, the initial contact form only requires some basic info, then the real application is taken care of by fax or later on through a secure online app.

Customer Service:
I haven’t dealt with TMG’s customer service, so it’s difficult for me to make an assessment here. If you’ve been a customer of TransTech Merchant Group, please let us know.

Contract Duration:
3-years (auto-renewing).

Cancellation Fee:
No less than $495.00 for each location including consequential damages and loss of profits, costs, expenses, and liabilities. This considered a Liquidated Damages type contract, and can be especially expensive to the merchant.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by TMG.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is also offered by TMG.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), Online/e-Commerce Payments, Secur-Chex, Gift & Loyalty, ATM, Cash Advance, Recurring Billing.

Product/Service Specialty:

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Tom DeSimone
Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit card processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    Christina Mitchell

    Do Not! I repeat. Do NOT! Sign anything with this company. I have been with them for eight blind years. It all went bad when I switched 4months ago to a 1st Pay POS system with them. Which they lie lie lie about all the bells and whistles with this as well. Bottome line. I have a contract stating what I would be charged on processing interest fees> I’m being charged BIG COMPANY Interest fees for a small sole proprietor business. Everytime I’d file a complaint. They’d direct it to everyone like visa, discover, but not them. In the end they are your processor. I was being charged up to 4% plus other deductions taken out of my settlements daily. I could go on and on. When you sign they tell you there is no cancelation penalties. Find out it’s $595 to cancel contract. They are BS’ers. I plan on exposing them. I have an some big people looking into how I can dispute. This company is taking more money out of my account than what I signed up for. Then tells me I have to pay this high dollar cancellation fee. I say gladly. As soo as you pay me back the money you stole. I suggest every conversation you have with them is with the Supervisor, and recorded. Keep track of your paperwork. Do not roll over and take it.

    R Layton

    I sold my business in December of 2014 and have been robbed monthly from this company, and I just got off of the phone with them and it’s still going to cost me over $500 to stop using them, even though i’m not using them. A contract is a contract, but when you sell your business and you are no longer processing credit cards, how in the hell can this contract be binding???
    These people need eliminated from society, and i’m not talking about jail time.


    I signed with the Trans-tech reps who showed up here uninvited, offering me
    credit card processing for .67% & next day funding. I should have known better, but was not happy with the service I was using so I took the bait. They wanted to sell or lease me a new machine, but when I informed them that it would be a deal breaker if I could not use my Hyperion machine, they finally said that my machine could be re-programmed, as I knew it could. After telling me that the service was satisfaction guaranteed & that I was under no obligation to continue with them if not satisfied, they handed me a 3 year contract to sign.
    I told them I would not sign any binding contract, and they altered the agreement to allow me to cancel at any time.
    When they asked, I informed them that my transactions varied from a few dollars up to $6K, as does my monthly activity. They did not tell me that they have a $60. minimum chg on months when activity is minimal, but it was in the agreement.
    The first month I was on Trans Tech, I never received funding before the 2nd day & it was usually the 3rd or 4th day. Before the month was out, I had a busy week, with one transaction over $2K. The next week, none of the transactions had been funded to my bank and I was getting NSF notices from my bank. I never received any communication from Trans Tech, so was blind-sided. At the end of the week, after a tortuous run-around from Trans Tech, I was finally connected to the Security Dept, which informed me that since one of my transactions was over my max amount, ALL of my transactions for the week (about $4K) had been placed on hold! I informed them that I had not been told about any maximum amount per transaction, it was not in my service agreement, and that I told the sales reps that my amounts can sometimes be quite large. About 10 days later the money was finally funded to may account. Trans Tech informed me that they accept no liability for the inconvenience & NSF charges I incurred while they held my money.
    I was therefore forced to cancel my service with them & sign with another provider. Trans-Tech continued to deduct $60./month from my checking acct., and I was forced to instruct my bank to stop their charges after 6 months & $360.00 for min. charges on a cancelled acct.
    As soon as I stopped their monthly charges, the collection notices began. They claim that I have a 3 year contract with them, and the fact that their service was so horrendous that I could not use them, and that I did not in actuality have a 3 year contract makes no difference to a collection agent who gets paid based on the amount collected. I am glad that I was not foolish enough to give them my cell number! What kind of scammers expect to be paid for 3 years of services they haven not provided?
    Avoid these crooks like the plague & do not be fooled by the promises they make to get you to sign up because they are all lies.

    C Selph

    Stay away from this company. I knew for years that they were ripping me off, but I had problems trying to find a merchant that worked with well with my credit card terminal and POS that I already paid for. Once I finally found a reasonable company, I tried to terminate the company. My contract had been signed years ago. They claimed that I could only get out of it on the anniversary that it was signed each year. If I did not they can charge me over $400. I have terminated other companies over the years when their rates increased, and I never once had this problem.

    Zahid Naqvi

    Absolutely the worst merchant processor I have ever dealt with. They told us they will be saving us at least 20% based on what we were paying at that time. The sales guys even wrote down the exact numbers for me. But I later found out that they were charging 35% more. Of course they conveniently forgot to send statements during the initial 45 days period (they signed me up for email invoices without telling me). Now I’m stuck with a hefty cancellation fee since the initial 45 days are over. The sales guy and his manager are both not returning phone calls. I would doubt they even work for TransTech any more. This is partially my fault for not staying on top of this, but I am sure any small business owner will understand how busy we are chasing a million lose ends, merchant processing is supposed to happen in the background without monitoring. So I’d say stay away from these guys, they are a bunch of crooks who sell the sizzle but there is no steak to back it up.

    T. FURE

    My wife has a hair salon and we owned our credit card equipment. A man we went to church with, who had been a little down on his luck called one day to ask if we would be interested in comparing credit processing. My wife agreed to have him compare. The rates were apples to apples but to help him out she switched. We were not under contract and when he was going through his contract is made it appear like no big deal. Telling us if we ever wanted to do something else to just fax in a letter and you are done. WOW is that the joke of the world!!! We just paid our last $54.08 monthly payment for a service we have not used for 11 months in a business we no longer have. This 594.88 was a better deal than the crazy $1200.00 fee to cancel the “no worries contract”. Please beware Transtech Merchant Group, and always read the fine print no matter who the rep is or what he tells you. SCAM ARTISTS!!!

    S Follettt

    Thieves. Sent equipment that was not compatible with our phone system. They said to send it back. They never did send equipment that would work. Our account remained opened and they charged the monthly fee even though we couldn’t run any cards through it. Unethical thieves.


    This is the most dis-honed and misrepresented company I have ever had dealings with. The make promises and after the contract is signed you learn otherwise. After riding out my 3 year mistake, they continue to tack on fees that are unjust. I have worked with them for months to cancel the contract prior to expiration. The put me off for months and ignored all request. They then canceled our processing a month prior to our contract expiration. This left us without a processor and then they withdrew a “early termination fee”. I still have two years to ride out the 5 year mistake that I made with them as well. They also lease their equipment and sell services under Lease Finance Group and Certified Payment processing. These guys as well are horrific to deal with and let you know they have little concern to listen to you as they have the contracts that you signed.Talk to your bank for processing needs. They are MUCH less expensive, direct processors and are most likely reputable and concerned about you as a customer. If you have fallen under the same mistakes I made with TransTech, I feel for you and recommend that you file with BBB, attorney General and spread the word.Thank you and best wishes

    Samantha Sheppard

    I am not on here as a business owner victim, but as a ex employee victim. I was never paid for my sales or for the training like I was promised. I also did not know what I was doing to poor business owners by working for “TMG”. I NEVER knew what they were up to when they were asking for faxes of the current companies, all we are told is that they are doing this to “help save money” I never knew that they were charging for this “free service” that we are suppose to tell the business owner about. All I want to say is before accepting a job offer, do your homework on it, because what you do will come back to haunt you.

    S Follettt

    I just talked to the sales rep that signed us for this lousy company. She also has not been paid. Her manager told her that “customers are like prostitutes, take as much money as you can from them”. There’s a warm place in Hell for these people.

    Cynthia Heidrich

    This is the absolute worst company to do business with. I had a rep come to my store and I agreed to fill out an application to compare to my existing company. Without ever switching over to them, I had my account debited. This made my decision very easy to not do business with them. I did as I was told and sent them a fax requesting that they credit my account which I did within seconds of getting off the phone. Over a week later they applied the credit. Now checking my account this morning I find that they have once again debited my account! I am livid to say the least. This is not acceptable business practice. For one thing mycurrent processing company does not charge a monthly fee or an annual fee. This company is very shady and underhanded. I am disgusted with there business practices.

    TMG or Trans Tech Merchants Group is the worst company I’ve dealt with in 30 years of business. They use deception and fraudulent practices to dupe merchants into signing leases for credit card processing machines that appear to be a good deal up front with fees that seem reasonable. However, the catch is in the lengthy and complicated lease contract; the cancellation fees are exhorbitant and it’s a horrible agreement. They will under no circumstances return any fees or charges and they are quick to grab these from the business checking account. TMG and their unscrupulous partner, First American payment Systems, took $913.65 from one account that was never used by the business at all. When the company was asked to cancel this account and refund the charges, the well-trained, smooth talking “customer service” rep simply says, “These are considered ‘valid fees’ and you signed a contract, whether you use the account or not.” The contracts renew automatically and the merchant goes through pure hell trying to get out of these so-called contracts.

    Do not sign up with TMG and do not work for them either. They cheat their reps too, according to current and past reps I’ve talked with.

    A class action lawsuit is the only language this group of thugs will understand.

    J Gilbert

    I recently started a new business. Had started services with NPC. I found that they met my needs and were helpful getting started. Then, a month into business a rep from Trans Tech came into the store and told me that NPC were scam artists and that I would save a ton of money if I switched. I told her that I was not interested in switching at this time (I hadn’t even received a billing statement form NPC yet) but, I may be interested if trans Tech was able to “cut my processing in half”. She told me that she would write me a quote, she just needed me to sign some paperwork so she could see some of our financial records. I didn’t know that I was signing a contract starting services with Trans Tech. Next thing I know I have $44.55 taken out of my bank account in start-up fees. I tried to get my money back but they where ultimately the ones that where the scam artists. I know now my mistake was in signing anything and not reading it first. My ignorance doesn’t hide their deceit.

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