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Veeqo is a cloud-based, multi-channel inventory management application designed for small to large businesses. It manages orders, inventory, suppliers, purchase orders, and shipping for your company through one portal. eCommerce integrations allow you to import orders from your online sales channels, while Veeqo’s numerous shipping add-ons make getting products out to customers simple.

Veeqo, like many of its competitors, was born out of an entrepreneur’s frustration with existing technology. In 2013, British businessman Matt Warren had reached the end of his rope trying to find a software solution for managing the different facets of his eCommerce company’s backend. He decided to build his own platform, put a team together, and eventually raised over £1m for the project through crowd funding.

Headquartered in Wales, Veeqo primarily targets businesses in the UK. That doesn’t appear to be the company’s endgame, though. They’ve recently acquired enough American customers to establish a support line in the US, and as their user base grows, they’ll continue to look for larger market shares overseas.


Veeqo has four pricing tiers:

  • Professional
    • $108/month (annual) or $130/month (monthly)
    • 3 users
    • 1 warehouse
    • 1,000 products
    • 1,000 orders
    • 3 stores
    • Shipping integrations (Royal Mail, FedEx)
  • Business (most popular)
    • $167/month (annual) or $200month (monthly)
    • 3 users
    • 2 warehouses
    • 6,000 products
    • 4,000 orders
    • 5 stores
    • Shipping integrations (Royal Mail, FedEx)
    • Free barcode scanner
  • Premium
    • $317/month (annual) or $380/month (monthly)
    • 6 users
    • 3 warehouses
    • 20,000 products
    • 10,000 orders
    • 8 stores
    • Shipping integrations (Royal Mail, FedEx)
    • Free barcode scanner
  • Plus
    • $567/month (annual) or $680/month (monthly)
    • 15 users
    • 4 warehouses
    • 30,000 products
    • 15,000 orders
    • 14 stores
    • Shipping integrations (Royal Mail, FedEx)
    • Free barcode scanner

All plans include phone, email and chat support. You can add extra users for $7/month each, and additional sales channels for $25/month.

There’s a 14-day free trial available, with no credit card required. As with most subscription services, you receive a discount if you choose annual billing over monthly.

Web-Based or Locally Installed:

Veeqo is entirely Web-based. There is nothing to download or install.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

All you need is a Web browser and an Internet connection.

Ease of Use:

Veeqo’s design skews towards minimalism and features a blue-and-white color scheme with touches of orange. Navigating the site is easy, and load times are reasonably fast.

The Dashboard page is dominated by a large graph that lets you toggle between Sales, Profit, or Returns. Also featured prominently are an array of figures, including Total Revenue, Total Orders, Average Order Value, and Average Shipments Per Day. I really like the way the dashboard is laid out. It’s easy to understand, and delivers a lot of important information quickly and concisely.

There are, however, a few design quirks that are puzzling. For example, when you click on the question mark icon for Help, it takes you to the Knowledge Base, and thus away from the regular Veeqo interface. If you want to return to your account, there is no “Back to Veeqo” button – you need to hit your browser’s back button.

Another issue with the Interface is that it isn’t great at communicating to the user how data is being organized. If you’re creating a Sales Order and forget to include payment information, the order will automatically get placed in a sub-page called “Awaiting Payment”. The software doesn’t tell you that this has happened, or that the order requires more input–it just files it away silently. If you’re not paying attention to the “Awaiting Payment” tally on the sidebar, then it appears that the order has flat-out disappeared.

Also, when filling out forms in the application, if you accidentally hit the “Enter” key, the software will close out the form, requiring you to find and open it again in order to complete it. This is annoying from a user standpoint.

Veeqo’s design presupposes that users will be importing their products from Sales Channels (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc). This works seamlessly, unless you’re in a situation where you need to manually add a product through Veeqo. The Add Product page is cumbersome and buggy (I could never figure out how to successfully add a main image), and any products you do add through Veeqo will not sync with your Sales Channels. I talked to Veeqo’s founder, Matt Warren, about this issue and he explained that 95% of customers import their products, as opposed to creating them directly in the software. He makes a good point, but I think it still bears mentioning that the Add Product function is not up to snuff. I’d avoid it if you can.

One last thing I’d like to touch on are the customizable templates for delivery labels, packing slips, picking lists, invoices, product labels, and purchase orders. The document editor is reminiscent of Microsoft Word and features drag-and-drop functionality, data import, and the ability to add or delete elements. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but I think that overall it’s a great tool.


Veeqo includes a suite of tools that let you manage your orders and inventory across multiple sales channels, as well as methods for handling shipping, suppliers, purchase orders, warehousing and stock transfers.

  • Sales Channels: Integrations with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce and Magento allow you to automatically sync orders from these platforms every 10 minutes. You can also select which warehouses fulfill which orders and set default shipping methods.
  • Inventory Management: You can add new products (with unlimited variants), import new ones from sales channels, and hide certain products from your sales channels if desired. You can attach multiple suppliers to one product and manage stock levels by warehouse.
  • Order Management: Veeqo is adept at handling the different kinds of orders your company needs to generate. You can create Sales Orders quickly, import or export via CSV files, assign a shipping solution, print invoices, and sync your sales with Xero, all through one portal.
  • Purchase Orders: Getting new materials from your suppliers is simple with Veeqo’s Purchase Order tool. The ability to edit your Purchase Order template is also a handy feature.
  • Shipping: You can integrate your account with a number of different shipping solutions, which allow you to batch-print labels, email tracking numbers to customers, and create custom smart shipping rules.
  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) System: Software for taking orders on-site. I cover this in detail a little later.
  • Suppliers: Veeqo allows you to add suppliers and their contact details. You can also assign products and purchase prices for each supplier.
  • Warehouses and Stock Transfers: Creating Warehouses and assigning products to them is easily done. You can also manage the flow of stock between Warehouses, and view the historical data for past transfers, along with the status of current ones.
  • Reports: This application includes some great Reporting tools that are highlighted in the next section.
  • Supplier Credit Limit: When adding a supplier, you can enter the credit limit you have with them. It’s a feature I haven’t seen from any of Veeqo’s competitors and a great way to keep track of your spending.
  • Document Templates: There are fully customizable templates for delivery labels, packing slips, invoices, product labels, and purchase orders. The document editor is reminiscent of Microsoft Word and features drag-and-drop functionality, data import, and the ability to add or delete any elements.
  • General Settings: You can change the currency for your account at any time. Options include the US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Euro, and Canadian Dollar. If you get an order from a sales channel with a foreign currency, Veeqo will automatically convert that order amount into your base currency using real-time exchange rates. You can also include a variety of different taxes, including taxes on shipping.


Reporting features basic line graphs and pie charts. Most reports can be adjusted by a variety of criteria. These are the available reports:

  • Sales by Channel
  • Returns per Channel
  • Profit per Channel
  • Brand Reports
  • Warehouse Inventory
  • Re-order Levels

POS Software:

Veeqo’s development team has recently added a Point-Of-Sale (POS) solution to all plans. It isn’t a stand-alone app; like everything else in Veeqo, it’s accessed through the web. That design choice, while practical from a development standpoint, means that if the user loses internet connectivity they’re also losing their POS system. The majority of professional grade applications in this arena have the ability to work offline, so any software that doesn’t have this feature is sorely lacking, in my opinion.

I should also mention that I was never able to actually get the app to work. During the setup process, the software didn’t recognize any of my sales channels, not even the standard “taking orders in person” one. Whether this was a bug, or a result of me being on the free trial was never clear to me. On the whole, this part of Veeqo’s service feels like a Beta, not a fully developed, ready-for-market application.

According to the support team, Veeqo is working on an offline version of the app, but I wasn’t given an estimate for when it’ll be available.

UPDATE: After this review was published, Veeqo gave me a dummy account to test their POS system on (since I was unable to get it working during my trial). While the app is functional, I found it suffers from the same issues that hamper the rest of Veeqo’s platform, error handling in particular. If you attempt to process an order for an item that is out of stock, the software generates a blank pop-up window. There’s no error message, or notification that the item is out of stock, just an empty white space that doesn’t serve any function. There was also an occasion where the system stalled on me while I was trying to process an order. As a free add-on to an inventory software, I suppose the POS app is workable, but its not up to the standard of most enterprise POS systems.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

Veeqo has a number of Integrations, and plans to roll out more over the course of 2015.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

The Knowledge Base covers a wide variety of topics with How-To articles (including screenshots) and a Frequently Asked Questions section. If you can’t get your problem solved there, you can contact Veeqo support in one of three ways:

  • Phone: +44 01792 720 740 (UK) or 1.844.847.3837 (US)
  • Email:
  • Live Chat

Support Hours

  • US: 9AM to 5PM EST
  • UK: 9AM to 5PM GMT

I should preface this section by mentioning that as I’m based in the US, my experience with customer service is probably going to be different from what users will get in the UK. Veeqo’s support team has one agent in the States, who more or less handles phone calls from 9 to 5 EST and generally picks up slack for the UK team. I talked to this gentleman over the phone, and thought he was very well spoken and polite.

US customers should expect delays with their support requests, albeit reasonable ones; I never had to wait more than 24 hours. When I did get a response, however, it was helpful and genial. I also found that it was very easy to get in touch with Veeqo’s founder (the previously mentioned Matt Warren) and talk with him directly about his product. I got the sense that the company really cares about communicating with their customers and want to make sure they’re satisfied.

Phone support was hit and miss for me. I tried calling during business hours twice, and both times I was greeted with a system disconnect after twenty or so rings. That was not very encouraging. A few days later, I tried again and was thankfully prompted to leave a voice mail. A few hours later I received a call back, and was able to get some help. Veeqo is clearly trying to boost its presence in the US, but still has a few things to iron out. I was, however, charmed by the support agents’ positive attitudes, and I feel that at their core they have what it takes to one day provide top tier customer service. Veeqo just needs to put a little more into infrastructure and staffing.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

I did a pretty thorough search of the web looking for negative Veeqo reviews, but I wasn’t able to find any. That is definitely a first for me. Most reviewers agree that Veeqo is a great product, that it has some flaws, and that the developers and support staff are eager to work with their customers to rectify any issues. That being said, let’s take a minute to address those flaws.

First and foremost, Veeqo lacks polish. As I mentioned earlier in this review, error handling is often non-existent. Sometimes a drop-down menu will generate, but there won’t be any data populating it. If you update a form (like a sales order, or details for a product), the software doesn’t tell you if the update was successful–it just closes the form out, requiring the user to re-open it and make sure the changes registered.

One of the more sloppy features is the reports section. I generated several charts where text was overlapping on itself, labels were cut off, sizing was off, and the whole thing was generally unreadable.

Another issue (for American businesses anyway) it that the software isn’t fully localized for the US. Dates are in the DD/MM/YYYY format, which can lead to confusion for those of us in North America who use a different notation. As of June 2015 there is no option to change this.

The language used in the website is also decidedly British. Shipping solutions are “couriers,” a cash register is a “till”, and the default currency for the website is pounds sterling. You can change currencies easily enough, but it sometimes takes a little while for that change to propagate through the various components of your account. Again, it would take a pretty xenophobic person to call any of this a deal breaker, but it’s worth mentioning. You will be reminded again and again that this company is based in the United Kingdom.

Overall, the core functionality is there, just be prepared to adapt to its various quirks, should you decide to sign up. I can say that from my research, their customer base is very loyal, and seems willing to stick with them through this phase of their development.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

As I mentioned earlier, Veeqo is beloved by its customers. On both the Shopify app store, and the Xero Community it gets 5 stars across the board. Here’s a look of what users have to say about the software.

Simple, intuitive app that [has] really helped us mange our stock levels and control our inventory.

Other inventory apps looked too complicated but Veeqo is very easy to use.

The customer service from the team is great and they are good at taking on feedback and implementing new features. Great app.


The choice for us was to find an integration software that was sophisticated enough to enable a much faster way of processing orders or to hire a further member of staff to deal with just this… thankfully, we chose to go with Veeqo and so far they have taken everything we throw at them.

Great technical support and a really friendly team that really makes you feel they appreciate the business you are giving – and we very much appreciate the service we receive. You’d be hard pushed to find a more in depth order management and postage integration system. Thanks guys.

– Roxfit

I run a company which retails a range of products across a [number] of different sales channels, including Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce. Managing orders from over 3 different channels was becoming a nightmare, dispatch times were slow – and a little short of chaotic. Veeqo allowed us, after a very quick and easy initial setup, to suddenly pull all this information from different sources into one place – making our logistics team very happy people indeed! In short – Veeqo has massively streamlined the order dispatch process and allowed us to focus on our core business. Coupled with outstanding customer service – it’s a must have for our business.

Richard Crosby, BrizTech


The application uses standard HTTP and not HTTPS, which may concern some users. According to founder Matt Warren, Veeqo does not store any confidential data (like credit card information), so bear that in mind.

Final Verdict:

Veeqo is a very usable inventory management system that has inspired tremendous loyalty from its users. The developers clearly care about their product and the people who use it, and founder Matt Warren seems to have made himself available to anyone who wants to have a conversation about his company and what they can do better.

I would not discourage anyone from signing up for Veeqo. UK business owners, in particular, will be hard-pressed to find a web-based inventory software more tailored to their needs. If you do so, just be ready to deal with some quirks in the software. The support the company receives from its customers is a strong sign, though, and I’m confident that as Veeqo continues to keep users happy, the rest will fall into place over time.

You can start your free trial right here.

Jon Titterington

Jon Titterington

Writer at Merchant Maverick
Jon Titterington is a writer from Los Angeles, California. He first started working in tech in 2006.
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    Thanks for the review of Veeqo Tom. Have just come across their website and would find it useful to have an updated review. Any chance of this? I’m looking into it for use in Australia.

      Chloe Bahal

      Hi Annette,

      I’m not sure when an updated review is going to be in the works, but I don’t think Veeqo works in Australia yet. I would take a look at TradeGecko. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.


        Organization Name: Veeqo

        Veeqo does work in Australia 🙂

        We have integration with Amazon Australia and also Australia Post for shipping.

        • Organization Name: Veeqo
        Gavin Brown

        Bugs, glitches and crappy customer service is my overiding experience so far. I give it two stars as it does help with inventory management and saves manual entry time for us when entering DPD labels. I was promised accounts integration with Quick Books Desktop version when I signed up, but they didn’t tell me that they were in BETA test phase and that the promised integration would takes months and not weeks, but still no end in sight.

          Phil Barton

          Veeqo is OK but far from perfect and the Xero integration is shockingly bad so don’t use unless you want all of your accounts messed up. We have had ongoing issues with tax settings for 6 weeks which are still unresolved and have had to take on a bookkeeper to put things things right in Xero. They didn’t even offer us any compensation!


            Customer service is nice and they tried to help. Seems like they are new to USA market. They tried to get my FedEx account to work with there shipping labels but couldn’t after a couple months. Every time I went to make a Fed Ex label it would overcharge $4 to $5 per order.Listing tool isn’t ready either. Lots of bugs. It also would only list items to ebay and Amazon as “New” and wouldn’t let you offer shipping choices to customers like Ground, 3 day, Overnight.I am sure they will fix these problems but I can’t wait around anymore as of 8/24/16

              Harry Mckee

              Everything ticks the right boxes. Except one thing, On the point of sale when you scan an item and it happens to be a variant of a product, the parent product jumps up on the screen with the list of children variants, and then you have to select which variant you want. This is double the time and open to mistakes from picking the wrong variant. Why ca’t you be able to scan an item and it jumps straight into the basket. Asked the question 2 years ago and then tonight and they are ”still working on it”


                Hi, I found Veeqo’s App in Shopify and it says prices are Custom starting at $45.00 a month.Every where else including you thou-rough review states monthly plans starting at $108.00 month (annual) $130.00 monthly. I now wonder why they have $Dollar sign and not the Pound. I am in the States setting up a Store for Friend in U.K. We could both ship from our own side of the pond with this App. Thanks for any thoughts, I really do hope the pricing is $45.00 starting package.Cathy

                  Jon Titterington


                  Thanks for the question! You’ll notice on the pricing page that there is a pricing structure for “Shipping Only” and a pricing structure for “Shipping + Inventory Management”. On the pricing page, select “Veeqo Pro” for the pricing that reflects both the Shipping and Inventory features. I suppose I should make this a little more clear in my review.

                  Anyway, $45/month is what you pay for just the Shipping features.

                  Let me know if you have any more questions.

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