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VirtueMart Review


VirtueMart Review

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Merchant Maverick Contributor

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    Leon Bellamy

    I can go on and on about how absolutely WRONG you are. But i’ll let the analysis data tell the truth. From Nov 2016 analytics, 7,000ppl/mo try virtuemart and shopify. 5000ppl/mo drop shopify. 2000 may drop virutemart after testing both in the real world. is for online “experiments”. Virtuemart-Joomla is for real world use. Magento is the most popular for big business, and the ONLY system that comes close to virtuemart in production use. Ebay owns Magento, but wont use the notoriously and amazingly slow system. Ebay uses Joomla for intranet and analytics since or circa 2010. That should tell the story there.Nov 2016 stats for VIRTUEMART VS SHOPIFY say you’re waaayyyy off…Time will tell. And it has…

      Stefan Schumacher

      Hello Erik,

      reading your review I mostly disagree with your findings about VirtueMart. I am an active member of the German forum and have helped many small business people to set up their store.
      I remember a pretty unexperienced user who just wanted to sell his honey.
      With a little bit of help from the forum he got his shop up and running in a very short time.

      I have several customers that are really happy with the speed you can get out of VirtueMart on a simple web space, not even a virtual server.
      One of my first customers is still running his pizza service on a 4 Euro per month webspace. His full running cost the last four years are less than 200 Euros a year. A bigger more frequented shop should run on a virtual server. There are even shops out with around 100.000 products.

      With a good template the site can be build quickly for small businesses and also brings all the needs to get a good SEO ranking.

      I guess the difference in opinion mostly from the fact that you cannot know all systems well. People are really happy with the system they used for a while, and when they see another system, they cannot connect to that new system, because the behaviour is different.

      From your review I could make out that you did not really research a lot and might be not too familiar with Joomla and VirtueMart. VirtueMart is a component for Joomla, not a plugin and the Template VP Supermart is an old version for VirtueMart 2. The same company has one of the best templates for VirtueMart though, VP Merchant which works perfectly with their One Page Checkout. I also like templates from These templates are easy to adjust to your needs and can look fully different from shop owner to shop owner.

      The huge advantage is that you can add VirtueMart to your already existing Joomla site with a lot of content around it. If the rumors are true there will be even versions for WordPress and another CMS in the near future.

      VirtueMart gets a 4 to 5 star rating from me for being so versatile, on one hand for small business owners, on the other hand, of course, with some investment involved you can also run a big business with it. And the best part, if you want to adjust anything there is almost no limit to adjust it to your needs.

      All the best

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