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    Jason Vissers

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Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
Jason Vissers has been researching, analyzing, and writing about small business software and finance since 2015. His financial expertise has been cited in numerous publications, including The Ladders. Jason graduated with a Political Science degree from San Diego State University in 2001.
Jason Vissers
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

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    Organization Name: Web by Wayne

    Site builder is great. Easy to use and publish. Not to mention my site comes up number one on a google search. That’s number one! Looks great on every screen I can load up. How can you top that? Simplest and effective builder on the internet.

    • Organization Name: Web by Wayne

    Yahoo Site Builder is THE WORST SITE BUILDER ever possible thought of!!! If you love your life – stay away from it by all means! User friendliness review 2/10. Ability to maneuver 3/10 (and I’m being generous). The time it has taken me to just work on a basic thing that Wix (or others) would do in like… 2 minutes is over 2 hours! I am so changing companies! Love your life, go elsewhere!

      Dave G

      I agree that there are some missing features from Yahoo Sitebuilder for someone who needs templates to build their sites. Like last person to comment I’ve used Sitebuilder for over 15 years to build and publish websites I make from scratch and it’s really good at that. I won’t relitigate the points made by Janna Morrison above, but she’s right. Take a look at some of the sites I’ve created with Sitebuilder. All from scratch. All of those were made from nothing using Yahoo Sitebuilder. It doesn’t take a ton of skill to do so either. If a person has zero ability or experience, a template site like Wix may be a good option for them, but for an intermediate user, Yahoo Sitebuilder is excellent.

        Janna Morrison

        While sitebuilder is outdated – and you now have to pay $9 a month to show up on cell phones as sitebuilder sites are not “responsive” there’s a whole side of the builder you aparently didnt discover!

        Templates are just an option. A starting point. They can be completely altered to fit your needs. And by altered I mean every shape can be stretched or sized. Duplicated or deleted. Colors changed using adjustable pallets = infinite possible shades. Add pre-made bars, dots etc from hundreds. Change the type face they used . Type size. Change the words. Switch out preloaded header background image for your own.

        But that’s not the big bonus.

        You can create your own pages from scratch. Add color background or background image, use text boxes as design shapes. Use their pre-made bars, dots , etc . Build your own page menus with dozens of pre-made stacks or bars or make your own and upload them. Even with those you can change the size and font. spacing between boxes. They offer unlimited number of pages! No data limits. Photos- well- everything is sized by grabbing a corner of it. You can make master pages and duplicate them. Go into properties on each page to choose the exact width and length of the pages with no restrictions! My main page is really long and has over 100 pictures. You can use the mouse over feature to show close up pictures.

        And no need pay for an e-commerce upgrade. Just add PayPal buy now buttons to your site. I pay $12 a month for a site I made from scratch. no templates. I remade it at least 8 times. This site would cost thousands to have made by a pro. ( It’s not perfect… but it is good enough.

        Doest look like a template at all.

        One down side is over time – the pictures became darker looking. But all this doesn’t matter because:

        I called Aabaco tech support this last friday.(they were easy to reach on the phone- less than 2 minute wait) I was Ready to jump ship because my site wasn’t responsive. He told me they are right now creating a whole new site building application. Modern. Easy. Should be out in about a year.

        Bottom line is if you hate templates and are a little creative- this is an incredible way to have a custom website you build your self! With practice- you’ll realize just how incredible this app is. There is nothing else even close out there! And it’s free!!!!!

        I hope the writer of this review revisits sitebuilder to discover what he managed to miss. It makes this the number one app for building your own site from a blank page. No coding required.

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Jason Vissers

          Your web design skills far surpass mine, that’s for sure!

          Thanks for the Aabaco information!

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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