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Zing Review

Overview: Despite what you may have heard, the life of a software reviewer is not all champagne and caviar. Sometimes it’s a bowl of store-brand Crispy Hexagons topped off with Mylk (warning: may contain dairy). I’m not complaining. I like generic foodstuffs as much as the real thing, inasmuch as the real thing contains things […]

The Best Ways To Collect Donations Online & Improve Your Fundraising

In recent years, charitable contributions online and crowdfunding have become extremely popular. At the heart of online donations is a way to take money, which means payment cards, ACH/bank transfers, and similar. We’ve gathered a few highly-rated tools that can help you design and manage a fundraising campaign.

Square Online Payments Guide: How To Use Square’s Online Store, Checkout, & Other Tools

If you need a simple and accessible way to take payments, keep orders moving, and make it easy for your customers to buy, then keep reading. In this post, I’m going to show you why I think Square offers one of the best ways you can experiment with online selling, and it brings along plenty of room for growth when you’re ready, too.

2Checkout Review (Now Verifone)

Compatibility with virtually all shopping carts makes 2Checkout a more viable option for many eCommerce merchants than other alternatives (such as Stripe or PayPal). This broad compatibility and wide international availability make the company an excellent choice for those who don’t need to accept card-present transactions.

LivePOS Review

Pros Nearly 1000 features Integrates with Shopify Unique employee management features Simple set up Cons Slightly higher cost Mediocre customer service Interface not as intuitive as some competitors Overview: Self-proclaimed the “cloud point of sale system for Chains and Franchises,” LivePOS is a system designed for the retail industry. Back in 2006, LivePOS became the […]

PayJunction Review

With PayJunction’s unique suite of products and services, merchants can organize their sales data, eliminate paper-based inefficiencies, reduce risk, broaden customer payment options, and eliminate the need for a traditional credit card terminal. All this can save you time, boost your profits, and streamline your business practices.

The Blue Business Plus Credit Card From American Express Review

With no annual fee, a simple rewards structure, and a long 0% intro APR, Blue Business Plus from American Express is an appealing credit card for small businesses. Find out if its right for your business in this comprehensive review.

Franpos Review (Formerly iConnect POS)

Franpos has established itself as a solid all-in-one system and is particularly useful in the salon world. It specifically caters to franchises and service industry establishments with special feature requirements (booking, scheduling, checking in and out, employee-specific service rates, rentals, and recurring memberships).

WePay Review

As a third-party payment facilitator, WePay has relentlessly sought its own niche among household names such as PayPal and Stripe. As you’d imagine, this is an extremely competitive space. Currently, WePay differentiates itself by serving both as a payments processing website and a platform partner.

AmeriCommerce Review

Pros Reasonable monthly cost Easy to use Advanced features Intuitive design tools available Single page checkout Cons Limited customer support hours Some outdated design templates Limited international selling features Overview Founded in 2005, AmeriCommerce began as an innovative shopping cart platform, the first to offer multiple store management, product embedding on other sites, and single […]


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