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Shopify Balance Review

Shopify Balance is a money management tool that delivers many traditional banking tools and benefits to Shopify sellers. But exactly what is Shopify Balance, and is it right for you? We’ll help you answer those questions with our Shopify Balance review.

Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader Review

the Shopify card reader is unfortunately no longer free for new signups. However, an inexpensive chip card-capable card reader with competitive pricing for card transactions is a big deal.

Magento VS Shopify: Which eCommerce Software Is Better?

Shopify and Magento are both shopping cart platforms that allow you to create and operate an online store. But when it comes to Shopify VS Magento, which is the right choice for your eCommerce site?

Flint Mobile Review

Pros Requires no hardware Predictable flat-rate pricing In-app invoicing No monthly minimums Cons Expensive pricing Limited features Account stability issues No phone support Limited support materials Overview Flint Mobile used to be our favorite mobile POS system (an honor now held by Square). Then it shut down — very unexpectedly and with virtually no warning […]

Best Enterprise Software: Magento ECE & Shopify Plus

eCommerce is booming. Though the rate of eCommerce growth is tapering off, online retail is still through the roof. In 2015, eCommerce sales had grown 11.4% from the previous year – an impressive figure in any market. And it’s not just B2C; some of the top tech businesses out there actually exist to help other businesses […]

How To Set Up Your Shopify Store & Start Selling On Shopify

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or just ready to take a more professional approach to online selling, Shopify is a great choice. Shopify currently serves more than a million businesses worldwide, thanks to its intuitive UI and undeniable ease of use. New to Shopify? Let this article serve as your guide. We’ll give you some hands-on advice you can use to avoid delays and pitfalls, and help you get your store up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted, cloud-based eCommerce platform aimed at high-volume merchants who anticipate large amounts of both traffic and sales. It’s fast — delivering unlimited bandwidth that can handle up to 3 million visitors per second and 10,978 orders per minute, with 99.99% uptime.

Big Cartel VS Shopify: Which Is Better For Your eCommerce Business?

In a comparison of Big Cartel VS Shopify, making the right choice comes down to the details and what, exactly, you want for your online store. They’re both Saas (Software as a Solution) platforms that have a lot of overlap between them. Both are easy to use and cloud-based. However, there are some differences, and that’s where you should focus.

Complete Seasonal Business Guide: Get Ideas, Find A POS & More

A seasonal business isn’t without its risks and challenges, but if done right, can be rewarding and lucrative. You can get your business off the ground by doing your research, choosing the right business idea, and using the tools and resources available to you.

Shopify Plus VS Mozu

If you’re looking into Enterprise eCommerce software, you’ve no doubt come across Shopify Plus (see our review). And, if you’ve dug a little deeper, you may have found Volusion’s version of Enterprise software, Mozu. Both systems offer the scalability, reliability, and customer support you need, so how do you decide between the two of them? I’m […]


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