Team Bio Series – Bianca Crouse (The Almost Sourdough Bread Master)

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“Department head” is such a stuffy title! I like category point man, subject captain, or topic ringleader much better. Our Merchant Maverick team bio series continues with our first leader of the pack, Bianca Crouse. Not only is she incredibly friendly and the perfect example of a team player, she also started a whole new category. Read on to learn more about Bianca.

Name: Bianca Crouse

Title: Head Loans and Finance Writer

Hometown: Nooksack, WA

Current city: Salem, OR

E"I deal with anything that has to do with getting business funds" -Bianca Crouseducation and background: BA in English from George Fox University

Merchant Maverick department/specialty: I deal with anything that has to do with getting business funds.

How did you discover Merchant Maverick?: I was classmates with a person who used to work for Merchant Maverick. She let me know that Merchant Maverick was looking to hire.

Proudest professional moment: I’m pretty proud of starting the invoice factoring category. I think factoring is a useful resource, but there isn’t very much information about it on the internet.

Favorite Merchant Maverick post/moment/opportunity: We had a team meetup a few months ago; it was fun to meet most of the team in person.

What do you do when you’re not working for Merchant Maverick?: Mostly watching too much TV. Sometimes I go outside.

Favorite early 2000s song: As I was a pre-teen in the early 2000’s, I think I am obligated to say my favorite song is Oops I Did it Again.

Favorite ‘90s movie: I like horror movies, so probably Scream.

"I occasionally go outside" -Bianca CrouseFavorite ice cream flavor?: Definitely cookies and cream.

What are three items on your bucket list?: I would like to see a sperm whale in person (because Moby Dick), I would like to own a Split Rock plant (because they look cool), and I would like to go paddleboarding (because it looks fun).

If you had to pick your theme song, what would it be?: I’ve always liked It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel.

Mac or Windows?: Right now I’m on Linux, because I’m too cheap to pay for an OS when I can get one for free. But if I had to choose—Windows, because they’re cheaper than Macs.

Hidden talent?: I can make good sourdough bread like 80% of the time. And if you don’t mind flat lumps, I can make good sourdough 100% of the time!

We’re all in to help Bianca check off those three things on her bucket list, as long as she isn’t in charge of the road trip music. For more from Bianca, follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more team bio series posts on our category leaders and the rest of the Merchant Maverick team. If you missed last week’s bio, check out what Managing Editor, Tom DeSimone, had to say.

Rebecca Bertone

Rebecca Bertone

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