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Here are some testimonials from business owners that we’ve helped throughout the years. Many thanks to all of them for taking the time to give us a shout out.

I compared my Aug bill to my Nov bill for just one account (the big account). My rate went down over 2% (to 2.51%) which is a savings of over $6,000…. in just one month!!!! What can I say other than thank you so much for educating me and walking me through the process. Your knowledge/insight was incalculable (well, I guess you could say it’s worth at least $6,000/mo.) – Erich Heston CPA for

Merchant Maverick helped us save over $2k per month on our credit card processing fees. We’re definitely happy we came across this site, and would gladly recommend them. – Bret Vessey CFO Rayne Dealership Corporation.

I contacted Merchant Maverick when I was fed up with the processing charges I was incurring every month from my processing vendor. They coached me in how to communicate with my vendor to bring my fees down dramatically. We ended up saving about $300 per month! I would highly recommend Merchant Maverick to anyone that processes credit card payments. – Aaron Tuomala – Owner Method Technologies, Inc.

I was working on complex issues of a growing business managing selling on multiple channels, inventory management, and accounting integration. I was overwhelmed, that’s when I came across Merchant Maverick. After consulting with Amad and his team, explaining the intricacies of my integration issues they were able to steer me in the right direction towards a centralized inventory solution for selling across multiple channels and even tying in our accounting to it all. They have a deep knowledge of all the latest software programs on the market and provided me an instant path to start going down rather than wasting time with trial and error. Give them a call if you should ever find yourself in a similar position. – Brandon Bal, COO, Dog-E-Glow Inc.

I would like to acknowledge my recent experience with Merchant Maverick. We have been using QuickBook POS since 2007 and have been looking at different software packages and platforms for several months. It was difficult determining the best fit for our needs in part due to the overwhelming amounts of information and companies competing in this market. One resource we used and found to be very helpful was Merchant Maverick. After sending an email of inquiring to Merchant Maverick, I was very pleased with the professionalism, depth of knowledge and the process. Within 24 hours of our conversation, I had unbiased recommendations of several programs that were the best options for our needs. I would strongly recommend using this valuable service during your evaluation. Thank you again for a great resource. – Peter Ruby, Sabattus Disc Golf, Inc.