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Whenever I get asked “what project management application do you like the best” (believe it or not, I have been asked that question), I start to feel a little sheepish. I wish I had some kind of fantastic answer detailing a long list of amazing features; I wish I could name some outrageously complicated and expensive software that automates all kinds of functions and saves its users hours of busywork. But instead, I have to be honest and just say “Trello.”

Trello (see our review) is one of the simplest project management platforms I have ever reviewed (thus my reason for feeling silly). But I can’t help it. I really, really like Trello. I love the drag-and-drop capabilities, graphic design, and the flexibility offered by this software. I also love that you can get an extremely functional version of Trello for free. In fact, I like Trello so much that I actually use it myself when writing articles for Merchant Maverick.

Now, I have to admit that my own needs are pretty limited: I barely scratch the surface of what Trello can do when using it for myself. For what I need, Trello is perfect just how it is. Most others, however, might want a few more features. Enter the integrations (or as Trello calls them, Power-Ups)!

Here are 10 different options for customizing your Trello experience:

1. Elegantt

As its name implies, this integration brings Gantt charts to your Trello experience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gantt charts, they look like this:

Gantt charts are an omnipresent feature in the majority of project management applications, so one of my biggest reservations in recommending Trello to businesses is the lack of a native Gantt feature. Fortunately, Elegantt is a simple powerup-activation away. Problem solved!

2. Slack

Slack is one of the most common communication applications for business use. With the ability to create channels between individuals or around hashtags, Slack’s functionality is evident. While Trello provides some communication tools of its own, the integration with Slack lets you send reminders, create chats around individual boards, and even send Trello cards in conversations.

3. Marker

Marker allows users to take a screenshot of their words and use a digital “marker” to annotate it. This integration requires a paid subscription, though there is a 30-day free trial available. Having seen a bit of what Marker can do, however, I think purchasing a subscription might be worthwhile, especially if your business does a lot of proofing, bug-tracking, or similar tasks. Marker lets you turn those annotated screenshots into Trello cards, or simply add them to already existing ones. You can do all of this within the Marker app, and it updates simultaneously in Trello.

4. Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox

I’m copping out a bit here by not naming one program as the all-around winner, but honestly, I feel bad featuring any one of these options over another. ( People can become very attached to their particular file storage choice.) Personally, I am a Google Drive fan, but Slack integrates equally well with Box and Dropbox. Using any of the three options, you can turn individual files or even whole folders into Trello cards.

5. Twitter

For all of you social media managers out there, let it be known that Twitter integrates directly with Trello! You can save individual tweets as Trello cards, then sort them using Trello’s drag-and-drop capabilities. This can also be useful for IT techs, who need to be able to keep track of bugs in their programs. Using the Twitter integration for Trello, you can create a board for each bug, then sort tweets into those boards.

6. Join.Me

Join.Me brings video conferencing to Trello. Normally reserved for more advanced project management platforms, video conferencing can be an essential communication tool, especially in fields where email or chat services don’t quite meet the mark. Join.Me also has screen-sharing capabilities, which is a handy tool to add to your chest.

7. SurveyMonkey

If you are in a field that requires feedback, either from your clients or your employees, this power-up might be useful for you. Whether you send out your survey within Trello itself, or just receive results, data, and analytics there, there is a lot to love about this integration. Personally, I love digging into customer feedback, so this one is a definite win for me!

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales tool that utilizes a similar drag-and-drop sensibility to Trello. As such, the integration between Pipedrive and Trello seems like a match made in heaven. Sales deals made in Pipedrive automatically generate boards in Trello, so that once you have closed a sale with a customer you can get to work managing your new project.

9. Burndown

If you run your business using the Agile methodology, you know the importance of data and feedback. Trello doesn’t have much to offer in this department on its own, but fortunately Burndown, in the form of a Trello power-up, can help. Burndown for Trello instantly analyzes how many cards are finished, how many are in progress, and how many hours are remaining in your project plan.

10. Includer

Includer is a platform for brainstorming and team feedback. With the Includer power-up for Trello, you can have those brainstorming and feedback sessions, then attach them to a Trello card for later reference. You can also use individual Trello cards within your Includer sessions.

Have I missed any important Trello integrations? Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!

Wesley Kriz

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