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alternatives to AWeber


AWeber (see our review) may not have quite the high profile of MailChimp (see our review), but it’s a popular email service provider (ESP) choice for small businesses looking for an accessible program that can quickly get their marketing campaigns up and running. If, however, you find yourself running up against AWeber’s limitations, you might be curious about what alternatives to AWeber are available.

Before jumping off into the unknown, it might be a good idea to consider what you stand to lose by leaving AWeber. Here’s a brief rundown of what we liked about the program:

  • Easy to use: AWeber is designed to be beginner-friendly. Its learning curve is much smoother than most of its competitors. If you still feel like a beginner when it comes to email marketing, you’ll want to make sure you look for a program with similar accessibility.
  • Customer service: AWeber has very responsive and helpful customer service, which comes in handy whenever you run into unexpected problems.
  • Templates: Templates can help non-graphic designers create professional-looking emails with minimal effort. AWeber has one of the best selections in the business.
  • Broad set of features: For its price, AWeber provides a nice selection of base features, including autoresponders, list segmentation, and reporting tools.

On that note, I’ll be looking at four AWeber alternatives whose strengths overlap nicely with AWeber, while, hopefully, also making up for some of its shortcomings.

1. Vertical Response

If we’re looking for AWeber’s cousins in terms of ease of use, one of the first competitors to come to mind would have to be Vertical Response, an ESP that’s built around the concept of accessibility and caters to a similar segment of the market.

While we found Vertical Response (see our review) to be lacking in a few areas–it was having some issues with stability when last we checked–many of those were attributable to a platform migration that was underway at the time. It feels a little bit simpler than AWeber, but with the right plan and integrations can accomplish many of the same things.

The app’s focus on pre-made templates will also be appealing to those who don’t want to wander into the HTML/CSS jungle.

Why you should switch to Vertical Response:

The big one here is price. Vertical Response undersells AWeber and offers you substantially more options in terms of plans. If you’re really frugal and have modest needs, there’s even a free plan available.

Why you shouldn’t:

We rated AWeber a full star higher for a reason. Both ESPs offer similar functionality, but AWeber’s features generally feel a bit more fully cooked and versatile, namely the autoresponders, reporting tools, and the ability to import your own HTML if you prefer.

2. Mad Mimi

As user-friendly as AWeber is, it is possible to simplify your marketing experience even further. If that sounds appealing, look no farther than Mad Mimi (see our review).

The first thing you’ll notice about Mad Mimi is that it makes quite a first impression. It doesn’t look much like any other ESP you’ll try, with a comic-like presentation and animated toggles and buttons. I suspect the presentation will be divisive: you’ll either find it fun and engaging or loud and unserious.

The neat thing about Mad Mimi is that it lets you turn features on and off (via a series of switches), depending on which ones you’ll use. Some of the features are premium, but you’ll won’t accidentally sign-up for something you don’t want to use.

The thing that will probably prove more controversial to AWeber users is the email editor, which uses abstract and simple designs rather than more traditional templates.

Why you should switch to Mad Mimi:

Like Vertical Response, Mad Mimi gives you a little more control over how much program you want to buy and can clock in at a lower price point than AWeber (it has a free plan as well). Unlike Vertical Response, however, adding on the full suite of features will bump Mad Mimi’s costs above AWeber’s.

Mad Mimi’s user interface is top-notch, arguably one of the best in the business, and it’s powerful enough to meet the needs of most small businesses.

Why you shouldn’t:

Aside from the cost of unlocking the full program, it’s not hard to imagine scenarios in which you’ll outgrow Mad Mimi. Check out the free plan first to see if it can accommodate all of your needs.

3. MailChimp

You probably saw this one coming. The proverbial gorilla-in-the-room where email marketing is concerned, MailChimp (see our review) is a tough monkey to ignore.

As one of the largest, most well-supported, and frequently updated ESPs, MailChimp is a fairly safe bet for small-to-mid-sized organizations that want a versatile program at a reasonable cost.

While it’s by no means as streamlined for beginners as AWeber, it’s not a very difficult program to use and master.

Why you should switch to MailChimp:

MailChimp offers a lot in return for fairly little (or even nothing, if the free plan covers your needs), and its enormous number of integrations, great editor, and reporting tools will probably cover most of your needs.

You may also appreciate the fact that MailChimp is frequently updated, regularly introducing improvements to its user experience.

Why you shouldn’t:

As popular as MailChimp is, it’s far from perfect and has accumulated a fairly large number of detractors and disgruntled former users over the years.

One of the main gripes is one often associated with larger companies–spotty customer service, which can be a problem if you have issues with your account. Other users have complained of disappointingly low deliverability rates.

Finally, as simple as MailChimp is, AWeber feels like a more complete package for beginning marketers.

4. GetResponse

If you’re looking for a program that feels similar to AWeber without actually being AWeber, GetResponse (see our review) is probably the program that most fits the bill.

Like AWeber, GetResponse aims to provide a robust set of features in an easy-for-beginners package, a task at which it mostly succeeds. There are an enormous number of templates to work with, and a friendly editor in which to do it.

Notably, GetResponse allows users to create landing pages, which is a fairly rare feature for ESP programs aimed at smaller businesses.

Why you should switch to GetResponse:

GetResponse boasts high-deliverability, great customer service (with one particular exception, see below) and the ability to create landing pages for prospective contacts.

Like the other programs on this list, GetResponse is a cheaper AWeber alternative (unless you need multiple users, webinars, or landing pages), so frugal customers might prefer saving a few bucks every month.

Why you shouldn’t:

All is not well in GetResponse land, especially where billing is concerned. The company has developed a bit of a reputation for never giving refunds. When might this be a problem? If, for some reason, you trigger too many spam filters and GetResponse decides to suspend your account, you may still be billed for any months you’ve prepaid. If that concerns you, it might be best to stick with AWeber.

Conclusion: There Are Many Great Alternatives to AWeber

At the end of the day, AWeber remains a great program for small businesses looking for a one-stop shop for their modest email marketing needs, but you should never feel like you’re held hostage to a single company if you’re unsatisfied with the service or have simply outgrown it. These are just four of the potential AWeber alternatives out there, waiting for you to discover.


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Chris Motola

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