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Volusion VS Shopify

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Liz Hull

Liz Hull

Liz Hull is a writer for Merchant Maverick. In her three years with Merchant Maverick, she has tested and reviewed over 40 eCommerce platforms and published two ebooks on the topic of online selling. Liz has also been published in Startup Nation and Home Business Magazine Online. Liz has a BA in English and Spanish from George Fox University.
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    Great content! In my opinion volusion is overpriced and shopify is much cheaper.

    Also on shopify there’s much more useful apps like SIXADS for traffic, SHOGUN for landing page optimization, OBERLO for fulfilling orders, etc….

    Yes, shopify with tons of app can become extremely expensive too but some of them are really worth it.


      Volusion just raised their rates. My small site that used to be $89/month is now $200/month for the same functionality. I can not go to a lower plan because they removed live shipping rates from the lower plans. They only reason I was using the $89 plan was for the Amazon and eBay api sync feature. The Amazon api goes down all the time and the eBay feature does not work with eBay Motors. I understand the eBay one is a common issue though and is on eBay. Seems like they are trying to drive away small businesses. With the increase it is probably time to switch. I have had a Shopify site in test for a while, just not looking forward to the work of getting everything transferred and working properly. Guess it’s time though.

        Brian Cahill

        Shopify recently banned legal gun accessories so we moved to Volusion. Might not matter to many, but if your business depends on online commerce, it could be your store that gets shut down overnight for whatever reason they want.


          Volusion does not offer you an SSL. This was a HUGE disappointment as it is a bit pricey. If you purchase through them you pay a hefty price but if you purchase your SSL from a 3rd party no only are you paying for the SSL yearly you also are paying a fee to Volusion to “set up” the SSL certificate onto their system….which by the way takes all of 3 minutes to do. I worked very hard on getting my shop set up with Volusion to now not get any traffic because of no SSL. I will be moving off of Volusion but not entirely sure if I am going to Shopify, Big Commerce or Big Cartel

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            Allen Walter

            In the USA Shopify only offers real time shipping rates for USPS on all plans. Other carriers like FedEx or UPS real time rates are only offered on their most expensive plan or can be added to any plan for $20/month.

            Volusion includes this feature on all plans at no additional cost.

            My experience with these eCommerce solutions has only been with their free trials so you might want to do your own investigating if this feature is important to you. For me I was surprised that this was not a standard feature or at least available for a one time purchase and not a monthly fee.

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              Yvonne Russell

              As a user of shopify, let me say there are other complaints. Calling for help, I often leave feeling what did they say. Secondly someone with lots of options you have to buy an app and then pay to install it because of the liquid on shopify. Then the app doesnt work so you pay for another app.
              Im tired of getting apps some of the best rated only to find them not work the way you want or its an another added cost.
              Yes volusion is expensive and I am worried about band width but overall. Four years with shopify and I can say, I am close to leaving them for better options.

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                I’ve been with Shopify for a year now. I have the same problem with apps too. Additionally, my Shopify store is ultra slow for certain browser so users aren’t able to shop from time to time. I see the numbers at Google Analytics show slow, and our sales will be almost nill when I know they should be up for the advertising I’m doing. I call tech support and it’s always the same answer… they checked the site speed overall and it above average. They say, “I need to work on the SEO to drive more traffic.” I’ve had an online store for over 11 years and know what my sales for the day should be. Yes, overall the speed may be good but when mobile browsers are super slow and none of my smartphone customers will wait for slow pages to shop my business is dead.

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