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Will Chip Cards Kill Mobile Processing?

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Tom DeSimone
Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tom has written for Merchant Maverick since 2013 and currently serves as the website’s managing editor for payment processing content. His work is cited by publications including TechCrunch, Washington Business Journal, and Bank Advisor. Press seeking expert comments for stories related to credit card processing can reach him via LinkedIn for a prompt reply.
Tom DeSimone
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    Spark Pay still doesn’t have an emv reader. their website faq says it will be out sometime in 2016. they sure know how to drag their feet.

      Tom DeSimone

      Hi Clint,

      I know. It’s crazy how long it’s taking some of these companies to roll out EMV-compliant equipment. I keep hassling them to give me a date, but they can’t say yet.


        I currently use EMS+ for my mobile transactions the fees are more reasonable than the others. I used Square for awhile both pay in a timely manner. I was told by EMS that I would not really need to switch to an chip reader because my sales aren’t always alot. They ebb and flow I work out of my house so my clients usually pay with cash or check and some with credit cards. I have noticed a lot more people use the card more now. My big clients pay by company checks. I want to keep up with technology so I would like to comply with the Oct 1st change. I noticed Paypal has a new reader coming out that will do all 3 things swipe, chip, non contact but there fees are more than I pay now. Advise on what to do?

          Tom DeSimone

          Hi Julie,

          If your transactions are at a low risk for counterfeit fraud and aren’t too big, then it might make sense to not make the investment in an EMV reader. It’s up to you in terms of assessing what kind of risk you’re okay with.

          One option to work around the EMV thing altogether would be to use Flint, which uses your phone’s camera to scan the cards and process the transactions. It doesn’t read the chips, but because of the way the cards are processed you are not liable in the same way you would be if the card was swiped.

          If not Flint, Square might be a good option. Its EMV reader is less expensive than PayPal’s. Honestly, you probably don’t need the NFC (contactless) capability. It’s not necessary to have NFC in order to be EMV compliant.

          Hope this helps!


            I think I will stick with the EMS+ reader and company they have a lower percentage rate than Square and equally as good.
            My issue is that I would hate to be liable for fraud charges
            Thanks for your advice


              I have a new credit card that does not have the number on the front in a straight line, but rather it has the number on the back down the left side…in groups of 4 numbers. I’m interested in Flint but I’m wondering if the system would work with these credit cards that look different every time they arrive in the mail.

                Tom DeSimone

                Hi Anita,

                I’ve never seen a credit card like that. What kind of card is it?


                  what about devices such as poynt? which are more flexible and can be used on various providers and not locked into a system such as square, paypal etc?
                  even though it will probably be much more expensive, the tech seems pretty sweet

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