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Restaurant POS Software Reviews

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  • GoPago Review

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    Note: GoPago is now Verifone POS. Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the new system. Overview: GoPago became an idea in CEO Leo Rocco’s mind way back in 2007 when he missed Barry Bond’s record-breaking home run while standing in line at a concession stand. The experience made such an impression on Rocco that […]

  • Harbortouch POS Review

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    Pros Robust reporting Open API Cons Hidden fees Long-term contract Software glitches Locked into Harbortouch processing Overview When something looks too good to be true, and your hackles are raised for no apparent reason, it’s always fun to find out your suspicions were entirely justified. (How’s that for starting on an ominous note?) That was […]

  • Hike POS Review

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    Looking for a terrific, innovative POS system to help run your business? Check out our review of HIke POS to see what they can provide.

  • Instore Review

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    Pros Gift card and loyalty functions Open API Simple to use and operate Cons No purchase order management No supply tracking No accounting integrations Overview: Instore is a point of sale (POS) system developed by Own Group; it has been on the market since 2009. In its earlier days Instore exclusively targeted the restaurant industry, but […]

  • Kounta Review

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    Pros Fast payment option for checkout Strong marketing options Reasonable pricing Cons Not particularly intuitive Glitches in the software Overview: Kounta is the flagship POS product offered by a recent start-up (which is also called Kounta). Among the software’s many talking points—and there are many—are its cross-device compatibility (it will work on just about any […]

  • NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition Review

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    Pros Strong customer service Take-out and delivery functions Built for mobility Cons Lack of integrations Not compatible with certain hardware Overview NCR is a Georgia-based fortune 500 company that has been around for over 130 years. Currently, NCR’s products are used to make nearly 650 million transactions every day. Though known best for its retail-oriented […]

  • Ordyx POS Review

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    If you're looking for a point of sale system with dozens of unique integrations to suit your business, give Ordyx POS a look.

  • Quickbooks Cloud POS Review

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    Everyone’s been asking about the latest point of sale platform from Intuit: QuickBooks Cloud POS. Normally, we’d go through the ins and outs of the software, testing it and reporting on what works and what doesn’t, but it turns out we’d be repeating ourselves if we did. As advertised on the QuickBooks website, the company’s latest […]

  • Revention POS Review

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    Pros Entirely customizable system Excellent customer service Strong employee management Cons High upfront costs Buggy software Overview If I was playing Scrabble and the person across from me put down the word “revention,” I’d give them a funny look, check their poker face, and then decide against challenging them. It really sounds like a word. […]

  • Rezku POS Review

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    Rezku POS is a relative newcomer on the POS market. Launched in 2014 in Sacramento, California, it features a sleek and modern interface that is extremely easy to navigate and learn. Rezku (the company swears it's pronounced exactly like "rescue") is designed specifically with restaurants in mind and has some terrific features that make it an extremely appealing candidate.