Cheaper alternatives to Shopify

The Best Free Shopify Competitors

A penny saved is a penny earned, or so the saying goes. I’m not a fan of most of the advice you see on Grandma’s needlepoint pillows, but this axiom rings true when you’re cultivating your small business. These days, anyone can sell online, regardless of skill level, technical know-how, or income. One of the […]

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loans for freelancers

Loans For Freelance Businesses: Your 13 Best Options

Freelancer. The very word evokes freedom (and lances). If you’re a self-employed freelancer, I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you about the perks and drawbacks of running a freelance business. You probably enjoy the independence — the feeling of freedom that comes from choosing your own work assignments and making your own financial choices […]

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The 10 Best Retail POS Systems For 2018

Not every POS software program is suitable for every industry. If you’re running a retail business, you’re going to suffer from a system that’s designed for a foodservice environment. Not only will you be inundated with tools you don’t need (like table-mapping and check-splitting), but you’ll sorely lack the features that could make or break […]

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Easy Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Easy Accounting Software For Small Businesses

If you’re reading this, you’re in the market for a simple accounting solution. Maybe you don’t know anything about accounting and need a program that’s easy to learn. Or maybe you’ve been using Sage or QuickBooks Desktop Pro and are tired of the confusing accounting lingo. The good news is that accounting doesn’t have to […]

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What Is Waterfall Project Management?

It should come as no surprise that there are several methodologies out there for managing projects. Likewise, with different priorities, goals, and habits, it should make sense that different project management apps exist to meet the needs of those varied methods. The most basic, traditional, and universal of those methods is Waterfall project management. In […]

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Simple Email Marketing Best Practices Every Merchant Should Know In 2018

At the outset, email marketing can seem like an overwhelming prospect. There are so many things to do — building your subscriber base, designing attractive messages, tracking click-through rates, following anti-spam laws, and more than anything else, writing actual emails for your readers. The good news is that these jobs don’t have to be your responsibility alone. […]

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double entry bookkeeping

What Is Double-Entry Accounting (And Do You Need It)?

If you’re just beginning your search for accounting software (or have read any of our reviews), you’ve probably come across the term double-entry accounting. But what is double-entry accounting? Good question! Double-entry accounting is a way of recording bookkeeping transactions, where each transaction affects two accounts. This method of accounting helps ensure accuracy, as the […]

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cdfi community development financial institution

Is A CDFI Loan Right For My Business?

Merchants looking for business financing are often faced with a difficult choice: apply for a bank loan (which are low-cost but time-consuming and hard to get) or an online loan (which have higher approval rates and faster applications but can be very expensive). However, some business owners might not be aware that they have a […]

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Stripe VS Square

Stripe VS Square ✓ Products and Services ✓ ✓ Compatible Hardware ✓ ✓ Fees and Rates ✓ ✓ Sales and Advertising Transparency ✓ Customer Service and Technical Support ✓ ✓ Negative Reviews and Complaints ✓ ✓ Positive Reviews and Testimonials ✓ Tie Final Verdict  Tie Read Review Read Review Visit Site Visit Site Overview Spend […]

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