8 Reasons To Use a Restaurant-Specific POS System

In a time where the POS industry is rapidly changing and evolving, giving business owners more and more options, it can be daunting to figure out which system will best suit your individual restaurant. While it may be easy to assume that most POS systems are similar and will accommodate your business in a similar fashion, […]

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3 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work (Hint: You May Be Surprised)

Ah, work productivity. The subject of countless blogs, bestsellers, motivational speeches, and kitten-based posters. Everything that can be said about productivity has already been said, a million different ways, using an infinite number of cliches and axioms. There is nothing new under the sun, right? The sad thing is, you can’t even talk about work […]

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Use Your POS to Reduce Labor Costs

Table of ContentsWhat are Labor Costs and why Should you Care?Use Your POS System to Manage Staffing and SchedulingUse Your POS System to Keep Your Employees HappyUse Your POS System to the FullestPOS Systems With Good Labor FeaturesFinal Thoughts What are Labor Costs and why Should you Care? As a business owner, talking about labor […]

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What Are The Pros and Cons Of A Free POS System?

Which is truer? The best things in life are free. or… There’s no such thing as a free lunch. As usual, in this battle of idiomatic chestnuts, the answer does not present itself in a neatly tied, black-and-white package, but in a drab array of flannel grays. Both are true. Neither are true. The fact […]

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3 Scalable eCommerce Platforms For Growing Businesses

Growing an eCommerce business is a lot like growing up: awkward. After a while, things don’t seem to feel right, and what was once a perfect software fit is now bursting at the seams. If your eCommerce platform isn’t keeping up with your company’s ever increasing demands, or if you’re a small seller looking forward […]

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Chart of Accounts

How To Set Up A Chart of Accounts

There are some things in life that haunt your nightmares forever. For me, it’s that dang bear scene in Revenant. For many business owners, it’s setting up a chart of accounts. At first glance, a chart of accounts can be one of the scariest concepts in accounting. Faced with hoards of seemingly random numbers (that […]

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What’s the Best Way To Get a Loan For My New Business?

Perhaps it’s an understatement to say that starting a business is hard work. With countless judgment calls, details to attend to, plans to make, and business-related things to learn, quite frankly, it’s a wonder that anybody starts a successful business. One of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur with a fledgling business has to make is how to fund […]

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Team Bio Series: Julie Titterington (The Mystery Bookworm)

Round two of our team bio series highlights our wonderful Managing Editor (and queen of the turkey leg emoji) Julie! This native Oregonian spends her time “reading early 20th-century mystery novels, staring blankly at her iPhone, and attempting to keep her kids fed, clothed, and relatively uninjured.” She definitely keeps the Merchant Mav team on […]

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