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SBA Loans For Women: What You Need To Know

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. However, if you’re a female entrepreneur, you may face even more challenges when owning and operating your own business. After all, until the passage of H.R. 5050: Women’s Business Ownership Act in 1988, women in many states couldn’t even receive a business loan without having a male cosigner. Thanks […]

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Business Loans For Food Trucks: Best Financing Options

Food trucks are rolling out across cities and towns across the nation, bringing delicious dining options to businesses and events. These mobile businesses don’t just benefit hungry diners, though. Restaurants-on-wheels also open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. With operating costs that are only a fraction of what it would be to open and maintain a […]

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The Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies

Business owners today know that it’s more important than ever to be able to accept credit cards. Customers carry less cash and rely on credit and debit cards for the majority of their purchases. If you’re an eCommerce merchant selling online, taking “plastic” is just about your only option. Unfortunately, you usually can’t accept credit […]

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The Complete QuickBooks Product Comparison Guide

Not sure which version of QuickBooks you should choose? Can’t decide if QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or some other version of QuickBooks is right for your business? With five different products to choose from, deciding on the best QuickBooks software can be intimidating. Not to mention the fact that QuickBooks isn’t always the most forthcoming […]

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Xero VS Wave

Though Wave is able to hold its own as an accounting program, Xero takes the win by far, and it’s easy to see why. Over the last several years, Xero has established itself as a solid program at the top of the accounting software market. The program can be used by someone with little accounting experience, but it’s not “watered down” to the point that someone with a solid bookkeeping background would feel frustrated.

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Xero VS QuickBooks

In Monopoly, there’s always that one smug player who snatches up Boardwalk and Park Place first and proceeds to put three houses on each space even though we all know they’re going to win anyway. For years, QuickBooks was basically that guy. But now Xero, a relatively new contender, has placed a piece on the board.

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Secured Business Credit Cards: What They Are And Best Options

If you’ve been comparing business credit cards online, there’s a decent chance you’ve come across some secured business credit cards. If you aren’t sure what “secured” means or how to compare secured cards to other business credit cards, we’re here to help. Conventional wisdom dictates that you’ll have a difficult time accessing credit — including […]

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xero vs quickbooks

Quickbooks Online VS Xero

Intuit has dominated the accounting software market for years. QuickBooks is a household name, with a reputation for reliability. It’s only relatively recently that the competition has begun to heat up – and it’s happening in the rapidly expanding field of cloud accounting software. Specifically, it’s happening with Xero. […]

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PayPal VS Stripe

Pressed for time and trust our judgment? Check out our #1 rated pick Square. Predictable flat-rate pricing, no monthly fees, impressive feature set, all-in-one payment system, developer API for payments integration, and more to help you build a new webstore easily or get payments into your existing website. Sign up for free and see how […]

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