Visa’s International Service Assessment Fee credit card image

What Is Visa’s International Service Assessment Fee?

No one likes paying extra fees, especially merchants who have to pay them as part of maintaining a merchant account so their customers can use credit cards. Extraneous, poorly-disclosed fees are the bane of the processing industry, and it seems like the various entities involved in credit card processing come up with a new way […]

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unsecured business loan

Top 10 Best Unsecured Business Loans

No one likes to feel insecure or to leave their home or valuables in an unsecured state. However, when it comes to business loans, a lack of security can actually be a good thing. While we certainly want you to maintain a healthy self-esteem in your personal life and to lock your front door, you […]

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Tardy to the Party: Preparing for eCommerce Holiday Sales in October (Or Later!)

We’re already well into October, and grocery stores everywhere are preparing to replace their aisles of Halloween candy with ornaments, candy canes, and cheaply made stockings. Yuletide is almost here, and if you haven’t yet begun, it’s time to start preparing. This is an important time for many merchants, including online sellers. According to a […]

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GoFundMe VS Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is a funding solution shaped to fit the iniquitous era that incubated it. As our society (and our collective psyche along with it) careens from crisis to crisis, reducing us to neurotic spectators watching our phones and waiting for the next shoe to drop, one thing has become abundantly clear: the cavalry isn’t coming. There […]

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Shopify alternatives

A Quick Guide To Shopify Pricing

When it comes to shopping cart platforms, Shopify (see our review) is the one to beat. This hugely popular eCommerce software serves over 400,000 merchants worldwide and has facilitated $34 billion of sales since its founding. Shopify’s easy-to-use design and affordable price make it a highly accessible choice for small business owners who want to expand […]

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