Minority Business Loans

For minorities seeking business loans, the normal challenges of financing can be compounded by lending biases, language barriers, and under-served communities. It’s not all bad news, though. There are a number of organizations that seek to even the playing field, either as a part of their mission or as one of their services. We’ll look at […]

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Squarespace Pricing: Which Squarespace Package Is Best For You?

As DIY website builders go, Squarespace has long been seen as the Neiman Marcus of the industry; a pricier, more elegant alternative to the likes of Wix and Weebly. This notion has always been something of an exaggeration, as Squarespace’s pricing and level of features don’t drastically differ from the offerings of the competition. However, […]

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QuickBooks Self Employed vs. Xero TaxTouch

QuickBooks Self-Employed VS Xero TaxTouch

Accounting software has been around for ages, but tax software is new to the game. Intuit created a program specifically designed for freelancers called QuickBooks Self-Employed in 2015, and Xero quickly followed suit with their Xero TaxTouch app in 2016. Since this type of software is still so new, it can be hard to know which is best. That’s why we’re here.

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How to Get a Restaurant Loan

Restaurants have a reputation for being particularly risky business endeavors, but that conventional wisdom is more myth than reality. It is possible to launch and run a successful restaurant without losing your shirt. However—despite all your killer recipes and great ideas—without funding, your restaurant ambitions won’t take you very far. The good news is there are […]

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Small Business Loans for Minorities with Bad Credit

As much as we may want to pretend otherwise, the business world isn’t an even playing field. No matter how good an idea or business plan you have, there can still often be a complex mix of social and financial barriers to getting a loan. And, of course, having bad credit never makes getting a […]

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How Much Does Square Charge?

Square gets a lot of love from merchants because of its clear, affordable pricing. Square bills itself as charging 2.75% per transaction, regardless of card type. That’s true, but pricing Square is slightly more complicated than that given the wide range of services the company offers merchants. So how much does Square charge? That honestly […]

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How to Setup Your Accounting Software

How To Set Up Your Accounting Software

Setting up accounting software is like baking a cake. A huge variety of cakes exist in the world—chocolate, caramel, lemon drizzle; Bundt cake, layered cake, cupcake. Each has a different style and a different recipe. However, there is still a basic formula that lays the foundation for all cakes. You can always expect to use […]

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business loans with no credit check

The 5 Best Business Loans with No Credit Check

It’s nearly impossible to find a business lender that doesn’t check your credit. But if you have a tarnished credit history or don’t want to lower your credit score with multiple credit checks when loan-shopping, it might be in your best interest to find a lender that doesn’t do a credit check. (You should note, […]

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7 POS Systems For Drive-Thrus

In the retail industry, operating a successful drive-thru can be a tricky but ultimately rewarding proposition. With a high level of customer turnover and orders being taken in rapid-fire, you need a streamlined system in all facets to maximize your profits. You may also be dealing with a large number of employees, all utilizing the […]

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Equipment Lease Vs. Lease Line of Credit

If you need equipment financing for your business, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. You’ll have a choice between a number of different lease types that can be tailored to your needs based on term lengths, ownership preferences, and buyout options. Businesses seeking even more flexibility can […]

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