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Spot Factoring vs. Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is often cited as an ancient form of business financing, dated back to the time of ancient Mesopotamia. But while the basic concept may be old, it is not outdated; factoring structures are continually changing to stay relevant to the needs of modern business owners. One new development, for example, is spot factoring. […]

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What Is A Captive Lessor?

Leasing terminology isn’t the kind of vocabulary you’re likely to develop in your day-to-day life, so if you’re looking at leasing for the first time, you’re likely to be confronted with a cryptic battery of jargon. One of the stranger phrases you might encounter is captive lessor. While it may conjure up images of a […]

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6 Ways to Reduce and Reclaim Abandoned Shopping Carts

Imagine walking into a grocery store only to encounter row after row of full-to-the-brim shopping carts. What exactly has happened here? Have hundreds of people gone to the trouble of filling up their shopping carts only to ditch them last minute? Why would anyone do that? You likely you don’t find this type of abandoned shopping cart […]

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3 Reasons Your Online Store Should Have a Blog

These days, blogs run the internet. You see posts everywhere: on Facebook, Twitter, and in Google searches. Your competitors regularly update their blogs, and you’re beginning to wonder if you should too. But you might be also be wondering why blogging is such a common practice. What’s the point? How does blogging benefit an online […]

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8 Insights on the Cashless Revolution at the Portland Food Carts

Simple and streamlined to the core, it’s no wonder the ancient art of street food vending has blossomed with the increasingly fast pace of life. The humble food cart fully launched into the modern era with the introduction of mobile payment processing solutions offered by companies like Square. With pricing and equipment tailored for low-volume/low-ticket […]

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How To Sell Online in 5 Easy Steps

There is no shortage of messages telling you that the key to your financial freedom is to break into eCommerce. Everyone from software companies to magazines tells you to “be your own boss.” The allure is almost irresistible: no bosses, no commute, no deadlines, no time clocks. But you know what they say about things […]

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Volusion vs Shopify

Volusion vs Shopify

Shopify and Volusion are two of the biggest names in eCommerce, robust SaaS solutions that provide users with web-based platforms on which they can feature, market, and sell their products. Both are easy-to-use shopping carts that are comparable in features and price. So, how do you choose between the two? We’re here to help. We’ve […]

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Best Shipping Software Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

It’s 4:30 on a Friday and you’re knee-deep in packing peanuts and cardboard boxes. You’ve got twenty orders to pick, pack, and ship before the post office closes, and you keep misplacing your packing slips. There must be a better way. If your storage space is covered in packing materials and you record all your […]

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PayPal VS Merchant Account

When you’re just starting a business, or switch from cash-only to also accepting credit cards, you need to consider your payment processor. There’s no shortage of options available, but your short list will probably include a merchant account and the juggernaut of commerce, PayPal. Surely they’re not all that different, are they? Isn’t PayPal just […]

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