The Future of eCommerce: 4 Carts for 2017 and Beyond

We’re well into January, and the New Year’s buzz is finally beginning to die down. Already, before we’ve even had time to take down the Christmas lights, we’ve seen articles about how to set achievable New Years resolutions, how to stick to them, and what to do when those resolutions fall apart. In the eCommerce […]

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invoice factoring

A Basic Introduction to Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a legitimate way for B2B businesses to maintain a consistent cash flow. However, many businesses do not know where to start their search for a factoring company that will fit their needs. Are you trying to choose a factoring company? Here’s everything you need to know. Table of ContentsWhy Factor Invoices?What is Invoice […]

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wix vs squarespace

Wix VS Squarespace

Having a strong online presence is essential these days, whether you’re trying to run a business, promote your brand, or simply provide information to the community. Unfortunately, most people lack the skill to develop a website themselves and don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a professional web designer. For many small business owners […]

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Top 10 Add-Ons for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most commonly used eCommerce platforms for WordPress, and it’s no surprise! This open source eCommerce platform easily plugs-in to any site, and it does so completely free of charge. You may be asking yourself: how can WooCommerce afford to offer their services 100% free? There’s an easy answer to that: […]

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post-launch checklist

The Post-launch Checklist: 6 Things Your E-store Needs After Launch

  Table of ContentsThe Post-launch ChecklistEnable User ReviewsInstall Google AnalyticsCreate a sitemap.xml file (and robots.txt file)Cultivate outside linksSet up Google AlertsAdd Trust SealsConclusion The Post-launch Checklist Starting an online store can be a full-time job by itself. Once your store goes live, it can be very tempting to sit back, sigh in relief, and think […]

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Top 10 Trello Integrations

Whenever I get asked “what project management application do you like the best” (believe it or not, I have been asked that question), I start to feel a little sheepish. I wish I had some kind of fantastic answer detailing a long list of amazing features; I wish I could name some outrageously complicated and expensive software that automates […]

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Top 5 Wrike Integrations

In 2017, Wrike, one of the best-reviewed project management applications on the market, turns 10 years old. It’s been a prosperous almost-decade for the company, which began in 2007 as a small outfit offering a real-time Gantt chart solution. In the years that followed, Wrike has grown into a project management powerhouse with over 400 employees […]

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Top 8 Add-Ons for Jimdo

So you’re thinking of launching your own website. You decide to hire a web designer for the job. So far so good. The thing is, you have an expansive idea of what you’d like your website to be. You want an online store, a music player, a newsletter signup tool, live chat, and possibly some […]

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successful e-store

7 Characteristics of a Successful e-Store

So you’ve launched your store (or are about to), but you really want to hit it out of the park. Great! With that kind of attitude, you probably will! In this article, I’ve condensed a lot of my experience and some eCommerce Best Practices from around the web to give you the top characteristics of […]

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10 Reasons to Use Smartsheet

Smartsheet, a perennial project management choice, turned 10 this year. This program is one of our favorites here at Merchant Maverick (read our review for more info) and there are all kinds of reasons to want to use this spreadsheet-based software. In honor of the company’s anniversary, though, I am going to highlight the top […]

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