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Types of Crowdfunding for Business: Debt, Equity, or Rewards

Crowdfunding has become a bona fide economic and cultural phenomenon over the last decade. A report from 2015 found that $34 billion had been raised to date through crowdfunding — a figure that has undoubtedly grown significantly in the time since. Crowdfunding’s public profile seems to grow by the day, with high-profile crowdfunding campaigns for medical […]

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Accion VS Kiva U.S.

Any entrepreneur will testify to the difficulty of securing capital for their businesses, particularly start-up businesses. Banks aren’t exactly known for being understanding or compassionate in assessing people’s worthiness to get a business loan. Especially in this post-recession climate, it’s only natural that entities offering smaller loans to those without perfect credit would rise in […]

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Top Personal Loans For Business Compared

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur with a plan of action. You’re passionate about what you do and you’ve developed the schematics to launch your own venture. You’re got the skills, the drive, and the business plan. Now, all you need is some startup capital. To this end, you should have little trouble getting a business […]

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The 5 Best Small Business Loans for Women

Obtaining financing can be a significant hurdle when starting or expanding a business; this is particularly true for women. According to Inc., one-third of female entrepreneurs say a lack of capital held them back when getting their startup off the ground. Furthermore, the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) Annual Report found that men start their […]

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OnDeck VS Kabbage

Read Review Read Review Visit Site Visit Site OnDeck and Kabbage are, hands down, two of the most popular online lenders available. Between OnDeck’s term loans and lines of credit, and Kabbage’s line of credit, these two lenders have just about everything you’re looking for in a non-bank loan: low borrower qualifications, fast access to […]

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Should I Sign a Personal Guarantee?

Chances are, if you’ve accepted business financing from a bank, credit union, online lender, or another source, you’ve been asked to sign a personal guarantee. This agreement (sometimes also spelled “personal guaranty”) is basically a promise that you, the business owner, are responsible for repaying a business loan should your business become unable to. Unfortunately, […]

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