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POS 101: Inventory Management

No one ever said starting a business would be easy. It’s not. Starting and running a business is downright difficult. If you want to succeed in your restaurant or retail business, a working knowledge of point of sale technology (POS) is essential, especially when it comes to the tools you need to manage your inventory. […]

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POS systems for spas

Top 4 POS Systems for Spas and Salons

There are a lot more point of sale systems (POS) available now than there used to be, especially since the advent of powerful, compact new hardware alternatives like the iPad. As a result, taking payments and tracking sales, employee activity, and customer information with a POS is no longer just a privilege reserved for large […]

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POS 101: Security

Criminal behavior is constantly changing in response to the methods designed to prevent it. Given technological advances, successfully robbing a bank is much more difficult than it used to be. And this holds true for any form of theft that requires the offender to be physically present. The advent and proliferation of the internet, however, […]

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best clover resellers

The Best Clover Resellers

Clover is everywhere these days. All the hip new stores seem to have this modular, Apple-esque point-of-sale system. In fact, both of the coffee shops I regularly write from use Clover (including the one I’m working from right now), and as a freelancer, Clover’s “email receipt” option makes calculating meal expenses a breeze come tax time. […]

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Business News and Other Stories for March 2017

Part of our work here at Merchant Maverick is staying on top of new developments and trends in the industries that we cover. We learn a lot from the news article, blogs, and community forums we frequent. So much, in fact, that we want to share our knowledge with you in a more direct fashion. […]

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QuickBooks Self-Employed

7 Point of Sale Systems That Integrate With Quickbooks

Launched in 1992, Quickbooks is a popular accounting and personal finance software. Because it is highly complex and has an advanced feature set, this software can be fairly intimidating for some small businesses. However, for all its complexity, Quickbooks is an incredible accounting solution once mastered. So incredible, in fact, that many people select all other business […]

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Get a Free Hardware Bundle from NCR Silver

For a limited time only, NCR Silver is offering new customers free iPad or discounted Android hardware bundles. To qualify for this special promotion, there are just a couple of requirements: You must be a new customer of NCR Silver. Users must sign up for a two-year contract with NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro. This special […]

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POS system cost

How Much Does a POS System Cost?

A point of sale system is a major investment for any retail or restaurant business, and not one you should undertake lightly. Your POS is what allows you to take payments, and any issues with your point of sale can potentially impact your bottom line. For example, an unreliable POS system might not let you […]

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