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Guide To Buying ShopKeep Hardware

There are a lot of reason why ShopKeep is among our most recommended point of sale systems for small businesses. This product remains one of the more affordable options on the market while giving you a wide variety of features to help your retail or restaurant establishment function efficiently. Chances are, if you’ve decided to […]

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buying a franchise

Should I Buy A Franchise & How Do I Start?

Becoming a franchise owner is a career path some people look into when their life circumstances change. For example, recent retirees or veterans returning to civilian life often turn to franchising. But really, you don’t have to have any special circumstances or qualifications to become a franchisee. You do, however, need to know what you’re […]

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ShopKeep VS Square

If you’re in the market for a mobile POS, you’re going to eventually come to a short list of names — the ones with the best product, the best service, and the best pricing. And odds are pretty good you’re going to have both ShopKeep and Square on the list. With some cursory digging, you’ll […]

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5 Best Mobile POS Apps

But first of all, there’s one really important question we have to address: What constitutes an mPOS anyway? As with a lot of industry-related terms, you’ll see some differing interpretations. I’m a bit of a purist in that I believe a truly mobile POS is one that operates on a smartphone OR tablet. But I […]

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9 POS Systems With Great Mobile Apps

I’ll be honest. Excluding trips to the grocery store, I’m always a bit surprised when I see a business with a clunky old POS. I just about cringe when I see one of the really old systems. And maybe that’s because my job is reviewing mobile processing apps, but in 2018 there’s really no reason you […]

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What is cheaper than Square?

Top 7 Square Alternatives

Square has made itself a giant of commerce, rising from a simple mobile point of sale (mPOS) app to a full business eco-system with an mPOS, tablet-based POS systems, ecommerce integrations, developer tools, and a lot more. It’s a favorite of cafes, quick-serve restaurants, and artists and traveling business people. So even if you haven’t investigated […]

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ipad POS

15 Best Touchscreen POS Systems

Touchscreens are everywhere, and the point-of-sale industry is no exception. Touchscreen POS systems are more intuitive and easy to learn than traditional legacy POS software, and many cloud-based systems employ the same kind of iPad and Android tablets that your employees already use every day at home. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a retail outlet, […]

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POS 101: Choosing A POS System

Choosing a point of sale system that’s just right for your business is incredibly important. With the right POS software, your business should produce all you need to live a fairly comfortable life. With the wrong POS software, your business will explode in a fiery spectacle. Alright, so maybe selecting a POS isn’t quite that […]

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