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KDS Kitchen Display System

What Is A Kitchen Display System?

In this day and age, keeping up with society’s constantly changing slang can feel like a bit of a chore. For restaurateurs who want to maintain a competitive edge, there is an additional need to stay on top of new foodservice-related tech terms and acronyms. If you’ve heard the term “KDS” floating around the industry and […]

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Best Black Friday Deals for Small Business Owners

2017 Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Deals for Small Business Owners

I’ve never understood why, on the day after we meditate on being thankful and content with what we have, we rush to the store and push through crowds of people to buy the next best thing. Until now, that is. When it comes to your small business, you should take advantage of every deal available […]

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Is Your POS System Safe From The KRACK Attack?

As you get older, the things you are afraid of begin to change. When you have to file your own taxes and set up your own doctor appointments, suddenly the boogie man doesn’t seem so scary. However, there is a new ‘scare’ every adult should be aware of, and I’m not referring to the clown […]

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The Top 7 POS Systems for Seasonal Businesses

When they think of “seasonal businesses” most people immediately picture one of those enormous Spirit Halloween stores—the ones with the animatronic demon babies and horrible spring-loaded clowns that jump out from dumpsters, terrifying customers and yet inexplicably making my two young sons want to go back repeatedly. But not all seasonal businesses automatically prompt the […]

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7 POS Systems For Drive-Thrus

In the retail industry, operating a successful drive-thru can be a tricky but ultimately rewarding proposition. With a high level of customer turnover and orders being taken in rapid-fire, you need a streamlined system in all facets to maximize your profits. You may also be dealing with a large number of employees, all utilizing the […]

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The Best Multipurpose POS Systems On The Market Today

If you are opening a new business, whether you’re selling artisanal vegan beignets or specializing in novelty key chains featuring lesser-known Family Ties characters, there is a point of sale system that is perfect for you. If you’re, for some amazing reason, doing both of those things, you’re going to need a POS that matches up […]

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