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POS system cost

How Much Does A POS System Cost?

A point of sale system is a major investment for any retail or restaurant business, and not one you should undertake lightly. Your POS is what allows you to take payments, and any issues with your point of sale can potentially impact your bottom line. An unreliable POS system might not let you accept payments […]

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offline transactions

POS 101: Offline Mode

AGH! It is finally happening! I wasn’t prepared for this! The world is— Excuse the brief interruption, but you should probably read about how POS software operates in the cloud before continuing (because it’s kind of important). Okay, back to panicking… —coming to an end! Oh, the horror! What of the children? Oh, the humanity! What? You haven’t […]

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The 10 Best Retail POS Systems For 2018

Not every POS software program is suitable for every industry. If you’re running a retail business, you’re going to suffer from a system that’s designed for a foodservice environment. Not only will you be inundated with tools you don’t need (like table-mapping and check-splitting), but you’ll sorely lack the features that could make or break […]

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Best small business POS

Best Small Business POS Software For 2018

POS systems (that’s point of sale, for the uninitiated) have undergone some major innovations in the past few years. The biggest of these changes include the move of many systems “to the cloud” and the emergence of mobile POS systems. While Square is probably the best-known mobile POS, it is fairly basic and works best […]

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Food truck POS

The Best POS Systems For Food Trucks

So you’ve finally financed that food truck you’ve been dreaming about since college, and it’s exactly what you always hoped it would be. You’ve fitted it up with gorgeous new equipment and commissioned a killer custom paint job and a perky little striped awning. You’re on your way to Portland, or New York City (or […]

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The Best Apple iPad POS Systems And Software

iPads: “They’re not just a way for tourists to awkwardly take photos anymore!” (That is just one of the hundreds of rejected slogans I’ve pitched to Apple over the years, but I’m still optimistic. One of these days, I’ll hit the sweet spot and retire on the marketing royalties.) In all seriousness, the iPad has been […]

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POS systems for franchises

Franchise Management Software: 10 Great POS Systems For Franchises

From Dairy Queen to The Athlete’s Foot, more franchise businesses are moving their point of sale systems to the cloud, and for good reason. Franchises large and small have unique requirements that modern cloud POS systems are well equipped to meet. Specifically, POS’s for franchises need: Web-based reporting to collect and share sales data on […]

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Top 5 POS Tablet Systems For Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a hectic environment with a ton of moving parts. From taking orders to printing tickets to splitting checks, every function needs to work seamlessly if you’re to maximize your sales potential — and stay alive. Studies show that nearly 60% of restaurants close after three years, so choosing the right point […]

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The 5 Best Android POS Systems

Full disclosure: I have no dog in the Android vs. Apple turf wars that threaten to tear us apart. I have an Android phone and a Chromebook, but my wife owns an iPhone and a MacBook. Somehow, despite being unequally yoked, we have made things work. I respect her desire for functionality and user-friendliness. She […]

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The Best Free POS Systems

Who doesn’t love stuff for free? If you’re raising your hand right now, not only do you look silly, but you’re also a liar. Go to any major sporting event that features America’s greatest contribution to society — the t-shirt cannon — and you’ll see just how much people love free crap. That said, as […]

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