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4 Ways Businesses Can Use Hard Money Loans

In an environment where debts are high and credit tight, non-traditional forms of funding start to fill in the gaps. Within the real estate development industry, one popular form of alternative lending is hard money. What Is A Hard Money Loan? Hard money is a form of private lending secured by property. Since these private […]

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Is Hard Money The Answer When You Have Declared Bankruptcy?

Businesses that have declared bankruptcy can face a challenging road back to the regularly lending scene. If you search online for loan alternatives, sooner or later you’re going to run into the concept of hard money. Hard money is a direct loan from an investor to an individual or business for the purpose of buying […]

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How Can I Get A Bank Loan For My Business If I’ve Had A Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be taken lightly. Aside from asset forfeiture, the shock to your credit rating is the main disincentive to filing bankruptcy. Prospective filers are cautioned that they’ll have a hard time accessing credit for up to a decade. While there’s some truth to these warnings, the worst case scenarios are also a bit overblown. […]

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8 Alternative Crowdfunders To Fund Your Business

When we survey the socio-economic landscape for entrepreneurs, two seemingly incongruous things stick out. First, recent economic data indicates that the rate of startup business creation in the US is near its 40-year low. Second, over this past decade — the very decade that has seen a nadir in entrepreneurship — young companies have raised […]

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A General Guide To Filing For Bankruptcy For Small Businesses

Inability to meet your expenses is one of the most frightening things you can experience as a business owner. When you have no reasonable hope of getting your head above your water, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. What Is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy comes in a variety of forms that we’ll cover below, […]

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How To Get A Loan For Your New Business

It’s the central conundrum of starting a business. It seems that everyone, from politicians on down, ritualistically extols the virtues of the American small business owner. They are the ur-icons of star-spangled capitalism and the sturdy foundation of our national exceptionalism, sitting square alongside mom, apple pie, and the ghostly visage of Dale Earnhardt. We […]

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Equity VS Non-Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is all the rage these days. I don’t have to tell you this; it is a manifest truth, apparent in the world around us. From the Kickstarter-driven boom in the tabletop gaming industry to the use of GoFundMe as a rickety substitute for a national health care safety net, crowdfunding is a fundraising solution […]

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Mirador Finance & Merchant Maverick: Making Small Business Loans Easier

Although business financing can be found from a number of sources, loans from banks, credit unions, and nonprofits consistently offer the best terms, rates, and fees. However, these loans are also notoriously difficult to get; traditional lending institutions are known for having long, sometimes prohibitively drawn-out application processes. Even though many small business owners might […]

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What Are Hard Money Loans?

It’s not unusual to be caught in a Catch-22 when you’re looking for loans. The ideal borrower is one with good credit and strong revenue. You know, the kind that isn’t that desperate for a cash infusion. But if you’re looking to purchase and develop property, even with a handicap like poor credit, there’s another […]

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