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business acquisition loan

How To Get A Business Acquisition Loan

So you’re looking to purchase a business, either as a first-time venture into entrepreneurship, or to expand your existing company by acquiring new assets. The only problem is, you’re short on the capital needed to take on such a venture. Darn. Naturally, you might think of going to a bank or credit union for a […]

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5 C's of Credit: What Lenders Look For

The 5 Cs Of Credit: What Lenders Look For

You’ve heard the old adage “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” This phrase is more than just a To Kill A Mockingbird lesson on understanding where others are coming from — it’s also the key to securing the business loan you need. By considering the loan process from the lender’s perspective and understanding what […]

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franchise loan

Franchise Financing: The 7 Best Places To Get A Franchise Loan

Opening a franchise can be a smart choice for an aspiring entrepreneur. Becoming a franchise owner gives you the flexibility of owning your own business with the added security of being part of an established brand. However, as with owning any new business, start-up costs can be high and you may require infusions of capital […]

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The 6 Best Small Business Loans For Bad Credit 2018

Whether due to sacrifices made while starting a business or other reasons, many business owners have poor credit. When you have bad credit, getting a business loan with fair terms and affordable fees can be difficult, to say the least. While you could get a loan from one of many “payday lenders” who offer short-term loans with […]

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business line of credit loan

The Best Business Lines Of Credit For 2018

A line of credit is one of the most useful tools at a business owner’s disposal. Merchants with a line of credit can have short-term funds available within a few days without going through a long application process every time. These funds can be used for many business reasons, such as working capital, business growth, […]

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