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loans for freelancers

Loans For Freelance Businesses: Your 13 Best Options

Freelancer. The very word evokes freedom (and lances). If you’re a self-employed freelancer, I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you about the perks and drawbacks of running a freelance business. You probably enjoy the independence — the feeling of freedom that comes from choosing your own work assignments and making your own financial choices […]

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cdfi community development financial institution

Is A CDFI Loan Right For My Business?

Merchants looking for business financing are often faced with a difficult choice: apply for a bank loan (which are low-cost but time-consuming and hard to get) or an online loan (which have higher approval rates and faster applications but can be very expensive). However, some business owners might not be aware that they have a […]

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SBA Loan Rates: A Complete Guide (For April 2018)

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a number of loan programs designed to help small businesses. SBA loans are known for having some of the lowest interest rates possible. Below, we explain the rates for three of the SBA’s most popular loan programs: 7(a) Loans: General purposes loans used for many business purposes such as working […]

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The Best Equipment Financers For 2018

  While there’s still a good case to be made for going through traditional banks for equipment funding, circumstances — including mediocre credit, unhealthy cash flow, or a short time in business — may lead you to look online for a less traditional method of financing. Below, we’ll share information about some of our favorite […]

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low interest small business loans

The Best Low-Interest Small Business Loans

Interest rate is arguably the most important metric on any loan. You’ll usually have to contend with various other loan fees as well, but in most cases, interest rate is the biggest determinant of the total cost of a loan. The interest rates you get are dependent on the strength of your business. Strong businesses with […]

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lending club alternatives

The Best Alternatives To Lending Club Personal And Business Loans

Lending Club (read our review) is, hands down, one of the most popular lenders available online for personal and business loans. Founded in 2006, this company was one of the first non-bank, non-payday lenders on the market. While there are many other online lenders available now, Lending Club loans are popular because they are competitively […]

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real estate crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Is It Right For Your Business?

With the increasing prominence crowdfunding has attained over the course of the last decade, I’m sure you’re broadly familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. You’ve probably heard of people using GoFundMe (see our review) to try to cover medical expenses and other personal emergencies. You’ve probably also heard of crowdfunding a la Kickstarter (see our […]

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