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Best Short-Term Loans For Small Businesses In 2024

Short-term business loans can be just the thing to see your business through unforeseen challenges or to help you take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. If you can pay back your loan in a timely manner, you’ll have overcome your temporary hurdle, dodged the debt trap, and positioned your business for future success.

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May 21, 2024 Filed under: Business Loans
Prepayment penalties

What Is A Prepayment Penalty?

Lenders want borrowers to pay as much interest as possible, which is why some loans discourage and penalize early payment through the use of prepayment penalties. However, using the strategies outlined in this article, you may be able to make prepayments on your business loan while avoiding or minimizing any penalties, even if your loan does include a prepayment penalty.

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Apr 19, 2023 Filed under: Business Loans
best same day merchant cash advance funding & business loans

The Best Same-Day Business Loans & Funding Options For Fast Funds

Your original business plan may not have called for seeking a same-day business loan from an alternative lender, but, as you know, things happen. You may not have planned for certain challenges, but when the unexpected happens, it’s possible to get a quick business loan — perhaps even a same-day business loan. Read on for a look at the most reputable same-day lenders.

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Apr 10, 2024 Filed under: Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advance
seed funding

Seed Funding: What It Is & Where To Get It

Seed funding can be any amount of money, from any source, that helps move a business from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase. Seed funding is typically a small amount of money relative to the scope of the business proposal and often comes from personal sources like family and friends.

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Jul 27, 2023 Filed under: Business Loans