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6 Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies

You’ve finally done it. You’ve finished setting up your online store! Congratulations. After weeks spent slaving over code and adjusting colors, banners, and fonts, you feel proud of your storefront. Your products and images are uploaded, and you’ve given the whole site more trial runs than you can count. And now, it’s ready. So, you […]

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How To Start An eCommerce Business In 5 Easy Steps

There is no shortage of messages telling you that the key to your financial freedom is to break into eCommerce. Everyone from software companies to magazines tells you to “be your own boss.” The allure is almost irresistible: no bosses, no commute, no deadlines, no time clocks. But you know what they say about things […]

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Best Shopping Carts For Global eCommerce

Online sellers are always looking to expand–expand their product catalogs, expand the reach of their marketing, and expand across sales channels. And when it comes to expansion, there’s no bigger project to undertake than international growth. Successfully going global is only possible if you have the appropriate resources in the form of products, market, and […]

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Top 11 Add-Ons For Shopify

If you’re an established Shopify (see our review) merchant, you already know that — although Shopify is a great eCommerce platform — in order to make your store function at a higher level, you’ll need to install add-ons. Add-ons (free or otherwise) increase the functionality of your store by providing features Shopify doesn’t offer. For example, […]

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10 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Shipping Strategy

Shipping effectively is one of the most complex aspects of online selling, and a topic we focus on frequently here at Merchant Maverick. With so many variables affecting shipping, it can be difficult to know where your business stands. You could be missing out on valuable opportunities for savings or faster shipping without even knowing! […]

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PayPal vs. Stripe

PayPal (see our review) and Stripe (see our review) are tools to handle online payment processing, but they’re also so much more. With its slew of interconnected products ranging from mobile payments to financing services, I think it’s safe to say that PayPal is a household name. And Stripe, while more of a “behind the […]

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Getting The Most Out Of Shopify

  As I’m sure you know, Shopify is one of the biggest players in the eCommerce world. This shopping cart currently hosts over 500,000 users—up 200,000 from just last year! If you’re one of those users (or are considering becoming one), you may be wondering about the best way to implement your platform. You’re in […]

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The 5 Best Small Business Credit Card Processing Companies

Unless your small business consists of running a lemonade stand on the corner of your street, sooner or later you’re going to need to accept credit and debit cards as payment to compete in today’s marketplace. Customers are increasingly relying on their “plastic” to make purchases, and consequently carrying less cash. eCommerce – something that […]

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How Does Shopify Work?

If you’ve just begun looking into shopping cart software, chances are you’ve run into Shopify (see our review). Shopify is an all-inclusive online selling platform. For one monthly rate, you can create and develop an online store from which you can promote, sell, and ship your products. Shopify is popular due to its low startup cost […]

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