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FedEx Options For eCommerce

Deciphering shipping options can feel a lot like navigating a maze. You’re faced with decisions at every turn, and each path seems to split into more and more potential routes. This is difficult enough for a brick-and-mortar retailer, but as an eCommerce seller, you need to make these decisions frequently and in very little time. […]

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How To Print, Pack, And Ship With FedEx Office

As an online seller, you’re a busy person. Between managing your website’s design and processing incoming orders, you barely have enough time to restock your packaging materials, much less create and print new marketing inserts! If this is you, it might be time to look into FedEx Office. You know FedEx as a shipping carrier […]

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How Does Work? is currently running a promotion for new merchants who sign up. Use the code STAMPS 100 to get $40 in postage coupons (to be used in increments of $10 over four months) and a free supplies kit. You’ll get all this in addition to’s usual offerings, which include $5 in free postage, a […]

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How To Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a hot topic in eCommerce. The dropshipping business model attracts hundreds of merchants with the shiny appeal of minimal work and easy profits. Dropshipping webinars and ebooks have continued to perpetuate the idea that dropshipping is the newest way to GET RICH QUICK! while working from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, […]

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USPS vs UPS vs FedEx: Which Shipping Carrier Is Best?

Shipping is a difficult problem for any merchant to work out. With three major shipping carriers to choose from — and different priority mail and flat rate options offered by each carrier — it can be difficult to know which service you should use for your shipments. Never fear! We’ve researched the advantages and disadvantages of […]

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Best Shipping Software For 2018

It’s 4:30 on a Friday and you’re knee-deep in packing peanuts and cardboard boxes. You’ve got twenty orders to pick, pack, and ship before the post office closes, and you keep misplacing your packing slips. There must be a better way. If your storage space is covered in packing materials and you record all your […]

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what is dhl ecommerce?

What Is DHL eCommerce?

On this site, we often discuss shipping carriers, but most of the time we focus on UPS, USPS, and FedEx. We don’t frequently mention DHL, an alternative shipping carrier specializing in international shipping. This article is here to remedy that. DHL offers services for domestic and international shipping, including pickup, delivery, and return. The company […]

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10 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Shipping Strategy

Shipping effectively is one of the most complex aspects of online selling, and a topic we focus on frequently here at Merchant Maverick. With so many variables affecting shipping, it can be difficult to know where your business stands. You could be missing out on valuable opportunities for savings or faster shipping without even knowing! […]

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How Does Shopify Shipping Work?

If you operate an online store, you’re familiar with the everyday challenge of printing postage and shipping your packages on time. Because managing logistics is needlessly complicated, I often advise merchants to integrate full shipping software into their shopping cart system. Using a shipping software can help streamline your fulfillment process and prevent headaches caused […]

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