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Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You From Getting A Startup Loan

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Few things in life feel as good as a fresh start. This is especially true when you’re launching a new business and are full of enthusiasm to start making your dream a reality. But if you’ve been through some financial hardships that have left your credit score battered and bruised, a fresh start can be hard to come by. How can you get the startup funds you need when most banks won’t touch you with a ten-foot pole?

This is where alternative financing—online loans, personal loans, merchant cash advances, and many other options—can come in. Contrary to popular thought, it is totally possible to get a reasonably priced startup loan, even if you have a poor personal credit score of 600 or even lower. There are even some lenders that issue business loans with no credit check.

What follows are ten highly-rated lending services (and three credit cards) for startups with bad credit.* There is a very good chance that one of these financing options will propel you toward that fresh start in business you’ve been dreaming of.

But first things first: check your credit score before you start applying so that you’ll know which of these options you qualify for.

*Note that for the purposes of this article, I’m talking about “startups” as businesses 6 months old or newer, and considering “bad credit” to be a score of 600 or lower.

Lender Name Type of Financing Required Credit Required Time in Business
Lendio Various 550 6 months
BlueVine Line of Credit 600 6 months
Behalf Purchase Financing N/A N/A
Fora Financial Merchant Cash Advance N/A 6 months
LendingPoint Personal Loan 600 N/A
Accion Term Loan 575 N/A
Fundbox Invoice Financing N/A 2 months
Avant Personal Loan 580 N/A
Credibly Short-Term Loan 500 6 months
PayPal Working Capital Short-Term Loan N/A 3 months
Capital One Spark Classic Business Credit Card 580 N/A
Wells Fargo Business Secured Secured Business Credit Card 500 (or lower) N/A
Discover It Secured Secured Personal Credit Card 500 N/A

1. Lendio


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Best for…

Businesses that aren’t sure which type of financing they need.

Lendio is an online loan matchmaking service that lets you compare and apply to multiple business loans at once. Even if you have a credit score as low as 550, you can find likely find some financing options through Lendio. Using this service, you can prequalify for short-term loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, SBA loans, and more. Lendio is especially helpful if you’re new to business financing and aren’t sure which options you might qualify for or would work for your business.

Lendio Borrower Requirements

Borrower prerequisites vary depending on which financing product you apply to. However, Lendio recommends you meet the following minimum requirements:

categoryminimum requirement

Time in Business

6 months

Business Revenue

$10,000 per month

Personal Credit Score


Why We Like Lendio

  • Relaxed credit score requirements
  • Lets you save time by applying to multiple loans at once
  • Helps you figure out which financing product is best for your needs

2. Bluevine


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Best for…

Young B2B or B2C businesses already generating revenue.

BlueVine is one of our favorite lenders in the line of credit (LOC) lending space, in part because the borrower requirements for Flex6, their six-month line of credit, are easier for businesses to meet than those of most other LOCs; you only need a “fair” credit score of 600. Note, however, that this product is only available to startups already generating revenue—you must be in business at least six months and make $120,000 per year to qualify. Additionally, BlueVine also offers invoice factoring services to low-credit borrowers, which can be used by B2B startups.

BlueVine Borrower Requirements

You need to meet the following borrower qualifications, depending on which financing product you’re applying to:

6-Month LOC

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:6 months
Personal Credit Score:600
Business Revenue:$120,000 per year

12-Month LOC

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:2 years


Personal Credit Score:650
Business Revenue:$500,000 per year


Personal Credit Score:620
Business Revenue:$900,000 per year

Invoice Factoring

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:3 months
Personal Credit Score:530
Business Revenue:$100,000 per year

Why We Like BlueVine

  • Solutions for cash-flow problems
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast time to funding
  • Transparent advertising
  • No maintenance fees or lockbox fees

3. Behalf

behalf logo



Best for…

Businesses that struggle to pay their vendors on time.

Behalf offers a type of business financing called purchase financing, which is similar to purchase order financing. Qualified applicants can borrow up to $50K from Behalf to pay vendors for goods and services, with repayment terms as long as 6 months. There are no specific credit score or time-in-business requirements to use this service, making it suitable for startups and businesses with bad credit. However, this does not mean that everyone will qualify, as Behalf will still pull your credit and take a close look at your business finances and credit history. Behalf is a useful resource if your vendor will not extend credit to your business, you want longer repayment terms than your vendor can offer you, or you have vendors you need to repay ASAP.

Behalf Borrower Requirements

Column HeadingData

Time in business:


Personal credit score:

No specific score stated, but Behalf does perform a hard pull on your credit

Business revenue:


Why We Like Behalf

  • Easy to qualify for
  • You can choose term length (up to 180 days)
  • Weekly or monthly repayments
  • No origin or maintenance fees (you only pay fees on principal)

4. Fora Financial


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Best for…

Merchants with healthy daily debit/credit card sales.

Fora Financial offers merchant cash advances (MCAs) and short-term loans (STLs) up to $500K to newer businesses, including those with poor credit. They do check your credit score, but having a bad score will not prevent you from accessing capital; Fora Financial’s main requirement is that you have at least $5K in monthly debit/credit card sales (or $12K if you’re applying for an STL). With a merchant cash advance like those offered by Fora Financial, the lender fronts you a sum of cash and then takes a percentage of your daily credit card sales until the principal is repaid. MCAs can be a viable source of capital to startups and bad credit businesses because they generally have relaxed borrower requirements.

Fora Financial Borrower Requirements


RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:6 months
Personal Credit Score:Unknown
Revenue:$12,000 in monthly gross sales & monthly avg. bank account balance over $1,000


RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:6 months
Personal Credit Score:Unknown
Revenue:$5,000 in monthly credit and debit card sales

Why We Like Fora Financial

  • Excellent customer service
  • Relaxed borrower qualifications
  • Fast time-to-funding

5. LendingPoint


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Best for…

Startup owners with a personal credit score in the 600s.

LendingPoint sells personal installment loans that can be used for business. Because these are personal loans, there are no specific business requirements. While more established businesses will typically not use a personal loan for business, personal loans are a good option for startups that don’t have much of a business track record. Unlike most personal loan companies which require good credit, LendingPoint targets borrowers with a “fair” personal credit score of 600-680. You can only borrow up to $25K through LendingPoint, so if you need a larger amount of capital, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

LendingPoint Borrower Qualifications

LendingPoint has no specific business qualifications other than that you have fair personal credit (600-680) and personal income of at least $20K. They’ll also consider your job history and credit behavior. Learn more about LendingPoint’s borrower requirements.

Why We Like LendingPoint

  • 2-4 year term lengths
  • No fees for early payoff
  • Great customer service
  • Fast and easy application

6. Accion



Best for…

Entrepreneurs with a business plan and little personal debt.

Accion is a nonprofit lender offering short-and medium-term installment loans to startups and existing businesses. These mostly include microloans under $50K, but there are also some offers for loans as large as $1 million. If you have poor personal credit but need a small startup loan, Accion is one of the few reputable online lenders that can help you out without screwing you over. The only caveat is that loans are offered on a regional basis; you’ll only be able to apply to whichever loans (if any) are offered in your area.

Accion Borrower Qualifications

Time in Business:N/A
Personal Credit Score:575 (550 in some places)
Business Revenue:Sufficient cash flow to support repayments

Accion will not accept you if you had any late rent or mortgage payments in the past year, or if you had had any bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past 2 years. You also can’t be more than 30 days overdue on any bills.

Additionally, if you own a startup, you must:

  • Have less than $500 in past-due debt
  • Have a business plan with a 12-month cash flow projection
  • Have a partner referral (like SCORE or SBDC)

Why We Like Accion

  • Fantastic customer service
  • Fair terms and rates
  • Fast time-to-funding
  • Business education resources
  • Monthly repayments

7. Fundbox


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Best for…

Small, newer businesses that use invoicing or accounting software.

Fundbox has two very easy-to-qualify for products: business lines of credit and invoice financing (in case you’re not sure, here is the difference between invoice financing and invoice factoring). As long as you make at least $50K/year, use compatible invoicing/accounting software, and have a compatible bank account, you should be eligible for Fundbox’s services. There are no specific credit score requirements or time-in-business requirements, making FundBox suitable for startups and bad-credit borrowers. However, the interest rates can be on the high side and the maximum borrowing amount is $100K, so larger and more established businesses will get better terms with a lender like BlueVine.

Fundbox Borrower Requirements

Column HeadingData

Time in business:

No specific time in business requirement, but must have been using compatible accounting/invoicing software for at least 2 months, or a compatible bank account for at least 3 months

Personal credit score:


Business revenue:


Why We Like Fundbox

  • Fast and easy application process
  • No credit check
  • No time-in-business requirements
  • Good customer service

8. Avant

avant logo



Best for…

Entrepreneurs and business owners with good personal finances.

Personal loans, as mentioned, are a way brand-new businesses can receive startup funds, as these loans are based on your personal creditworthiness, not the strength of your business. Avant is a reputable provider of personal installment loans of up to $35K that can be used for business, and they also accept credit scores that most personal lenders would balk at (as low as 580–600).

Avant Borrower Requirements

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:N/A
Personal Credit Score:Minimum 580 (but 600 - 700 is typical)
Business Revenue:N/A

Note that while Avant accepts poor-credit borrowers (though not very-poor-credit borrowers), you may be denied funding based on other reasons, such as insufficient personal income to meet the incremental payments. They do not have any business income requirements, however.

Why We Like Avant

  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Fast application process
  • Fair rates and fees (especially compared to other personal lenders such as payday lenders)
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Monthly repayments

9. Credibly


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Best for…

Bad-credit businesses with healthy monthly revenues.

Credibly originates short-term loans, including working capital loans and business expansion loans. This company is startup-friendly (though you do have to have been in business for 6 months) and will accept you even if you have very poor credit. Woo-hoo! Credibly offers two separate loan products (working capital loans and business expansion loans). Credibly’s rates can be a bit high; however, the money comes through fast. Unlike a lot of short-term financiers, which require daily repayments, Credibly offers the option of weekly repayments.

Credibly Borrower Requirements

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:6 months
Personal Credit Score:500
Revenue:$15,000 per month
For Expansion Loans, your average daily balance must be over $1,000

Why We Like Credibly

  • Easy application process
  • Low borrower prerequisites
  • Good customer service
  • Weekly repayments (on business expansion loan)

10. PayPal Working Capital



Best for…

PayPal sellers with Business or Premier PayPal accounts.

PayPal Working Capital offers short-term loans that function similar to merchant cash advances. These loans have no credit score requirements and are good options to consider if you already do business on PayPal. As with most other short-term lending options, PayPal’s Working Capital doesn’t charge interest; rather, you are charged a one-time fee that is repaid along with the loan. PayPal will then collect a small percentage of your daily sales until you have repaid the loan and the fee. If you don’t use PayPal but use Square or Shopify to process payments, those vendors offer similar short-term financing products.

PPWC Borrower Requirements

To qualify for PPWC, you simply need to process an average of $15K annually on a PayPal Business account or $20K annually on a PayPal Premier account. Your account needs to have been open for at least 3 months.

Why We Like PayPal Working Capital

  • Startup and bad credit-friendly
  • Fast application process
  • Low fees
  • Easy repayments
  • Fast access to cash—get money within minutes of accepting a loan offer

Credit Cards For Startups With Bad Credit

It’s possible that you won’t qualify for any of the above loans, because most require that you have at least some time in business and/or an established business revenue stream. If you aren’t quite ready for a business loan yet, a business credit card can be a good way to pay for startup business expenses, while building your credit at the same time. Business credit cards are also a good way to establish business credit history and/or separate your personal credit history from your business credit history. Some cards also offer some type of cash-back reward or perk.

What follows are some of the best credit cards for businesses with bad credit. These cards don’t offer as much cash back as those for good credit, and they can carry a high APR. You might also not be able to borrow that much at first if your credit score is low. However, these cards can help you build your credit, and if you can pay off your balance every month, then you won’t have to pay any financing charges.

1. Capital One Spark Classic

Capital One Spark Classic For Business


Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

24.74%, Variable

Best for…

Fair-credit borrowers who want to establish business credit.

Capital One Spark Classic is a great first business card for new businesses. This card accepts fair-credit borrowers with scores in the high 500s and has no annual fee. Capital One is also one of the few card issuers that reports your payments to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and business credit bureau Dun & Bradstreet. This means that the card will this card will help you establish or improve your business credit score. (Many other credit cards only report negative account activity to the credit bureaus and/or don’t report to D&B.) Additionally, you’ll get 1% cash-back on all purchases with this card.

Capital One Spark Classic Eligibility

As long as you’re 18 or older and have a fair or average credit score at least 580, you are eligible to apply.

2. Wells Fargo Business Secured

Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card

business credit cards fair credit

Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

Prime + 11.90%

Best for…

Business owners with bad credit or no credit.

The Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card provides a way for business owners with low credit scores or even no credit history to obtain a credit card to pay for business expenses. Because this is a secured business credit card, you’ll have to place down a refundable security deposit. This kind of sucks, but it’s a way to get a credit and start building your business credit so that you can eventually qualify for better cards and loans. It’s also one of the few secured cards designed specifically for business and is the only secured business credit card that reports positive account activity to Dun & Bradstreet (which is important for building business credit).

This card carries a $25 annual fee in addition to the $500 minimum security deposit. However, you can earn 1.5% cash back (or equivalent rewards), which is unusual for a secured card.

Wells Fargo Business Secured Eligibility

To be eligible, you can have a very poor credit score of 500 or lower, but you’ll need to put down a minimum deposit of $500.

3. Discover It Secured

Discover it Secured


Annual Fee:


Purchase APR:

24.99%, Variable

Best for…

Anyone who wants to establish credit or improve their bad credit.

Discover It Secured is another secured credit card option that helps poor-credit borrowers improve their credit while being able to charge expenses and earn rewards. This card has no annual fee but requires a refundable security deposit of $200. This card gives you 1% unlimited cash-back on all purchases, except for gas stations and restaurants, where you get 2% cash back, up to $1,000 for each quarter.

Discover It Secured is a personal credit card, but you can certainly use it for business expenses. The card helps you build your credit by reporting positive account activity to the Big Three credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.).

Discover It Secured Eligibility

Applicants with very poor credit scores of 500 or even no credit history are eligible to apply. The security deposit upon account activation is $200.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about all of these bad credit startup loans is that, with a few exceptions, the application process is quick, painless, and entirely online. Also, there’s no risk to getting pre-approved, as this usually only requires a “soft” credit check that does not impact your credit score. That means you can get prequalified for multiple loans and then compare your offers to choose the best one.

If you check out some loan or credit card options and are not pleased with the offers you’re getting based on your current credit score, you might consider trying to improve your score or looking into further alternative financing ideas. The following resources have some information on how to improve your credit score and some other ideas for funding your startup.

Also note that once you’ve been in business for 12 months, many more loan options will be available to you. So, it might be worth it to wait a little bit longer to apply for financing, if you can. Just make sure you don’t waste your time applying for a bunch of loans that you don’t meet the minimum qualifications for.

Shannon Vissers

Shannon Vissers

Shannon is a writer and editor based in San Diego, CA. Shannon attended San Diego State University, graduating in 2005 with a BA in English. She is the former editor-in-chief of SteelOrbis, an online trade publication. Shannon has also published articles for LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, Life'd, and other websites. She has been with Merchant Maverick since 2015, writing about POS software, small business loans, and financing for women entrepreneurs.
Shannon Vissers
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    George Davis

    My credit score is in the low 500s and I need about $20,000 for the start up cost of everything I’ll need to get it going. I currently make around $11,000 monthly but I need to lease an actual location for my massage company. I would have around $2,000 to put down for any loan. Any ideas on what might work for me?

      Shannon Vissers

      Hi there! If you have officially been in business for at least six months, you could almost qualify for Credibly—but you’d have to get your business revenue up to $15K a month. You might also qualify for a loan from Accion, though you might need to improve your credit score to at least 575. Check their website to see the requirements and loan options in your state. Avant is another possibility if you can get your score up to 600. Hope it helps!


        I’m a certified life coach wanting to jumpstart my coaching and public speaking business, I have very little disposable income and a credit score below 550. Are there any options available to me?

          Shannon Vissers

          Hi Scott! You do have options with bad credit, but whether you’re eligible will depend on your income level. Lenders want to see that you have enough money to make payments on your loan—daily or weekly repayments on your loan will start as soon as you receive the money. Credibly, for example, will accept scores as low as 500, but they’ll want to see that you make $15K/month. You might also have to pay a lot of interest if you have bad credit, so that’s something else to keep in mind.


            my husband and I have a small wellness centre (massage therapy, wellness products) in a rural community in NW Iowa. We basically have no credit, other than medical bills that have brought our scores way down…house paid for, vehicle paid for, no credit cards…
            Small business with maybe $2000 income at the moment (single therapist, soon to be me and my husband part time)…so trying to find a lender who will loan is even $15,000 is difficult, because we do not have a minimum revenue of $15,000 a month or big deposits in our checking account.
            All we have built up so far has been done with our own saved money and turning what we make at the business back into it.
            What are options for a small but growing business, who could take that $15,000 and potentially turn it into an additional $30,000 in revenue within the first year. We have our business plan, and the upgrades we want to incorporate will bring in extra revenue easily, with little additional effort on our part.
            Spa treatments within our scope of massage license, Sauna room, yoga and dance, herbal store….we just need to find the opportunity of someone taking the chance with us…somewhere

              Shannon Vissers

              Hi there! It’s difficult if your income and credit score are both low. The lenders that accept bad credit tend to have higher income requirements. Business lenders will want to see that you have sufficient income to repay the loan, because loan repayments can be quite large and are taken from your account on a weekly or even daily basis. For a short-term loan of even just $15K, you’d likely be paying back something at least $500-$1000/month (broken into daily or weekly repayments), depending on the length of your loan term.

              With all that said, I think the best bet for you would probably be a personal loan, as these don’t have business income requirements and they may accept applicants with fair credit scores. A personal loan will also usually allow you to repay the loan over 2-5 years, compared to a short-term business loan that could require you to pay back the loan in just a few months. Here is a resource on personal loans for business to get you started. Prosper, Lending Club, and Lending Point are a few popular lenders in this category.

              If you can improve your credit score so that it’s at least in the 600s, you might be able to qualify for a personal loan (though you’ll need to check each individual lender’s requirements). Also be sure to check the loan terms before accepting an offer to make sure you can afford the repayments.


                I’m trying to start a trucking company and only have a credit score of 600 the only bad credit is hospital bills I got my EIN# and llc yesterday I need a lone to buy a commercial straight truck. Me and my wife have about 90,000 of personal income annul for 2 years but if we start are own business it would generate about 200,000 per year per truck the goal is to start small with one truck and after 2 years get 2 more and start hiring employees what are my options for lines of credit and financing of equipment

                  Shannon Vissers

                  Hi Brad, we recently published The Best Business Loans For Trucking Companies which I think will help you. For your particular situation, since you just need to buy one truck, I think an equipment loan/lease might be the best fit.


                    I have a concrete business that once generated 3 million dollars in revenue annually. Due to illness and some personal issues, the business closed. I have overcome all the personal issues, and I am ready to restart the business. However, I do not have the working capital but I have equipment valued between $650k and $820, I need a loan of $100k -$150k to be able to restart the business. The construction industry is blooming and I have ready customers for my products. My credit score is about 600.

                      Kenneth Wells


                      We’re a start-up Solar company doing about $50k in revenue, we are in need of some working capital. But can’t find anyone to approve us.

                        Jessica Dinsmore

                        Hi Kenneth,

                        I think this blog post on Working Capital should point you in the right direction! I’d also suggest this one, on being declined. Best of luck to you with your solar business!


                          I have an idea for technology start-up. My credit is fair. I have a business plan, a non-working prototype. I would like a small business loan to get started on building a working product.

                          Are there any lenders I should consider going to?

                            Jessica Dinsmore

                            Hi Yvonne,

                            I’d suggest looking over our startup loan comparison chart. We have their credit score requirements posted on the chart, so you can easily determine which ones you might qualify for. Good luck!

                              Walt Wade

                              Hi I have mining claims lease for 11 years. My mine has certified registered geologist report stateing I have 6 million ton on the surface , my estimated ton is 300 million. Ton ton of my iron ore will produce 1500 pounds of gun grade steel. This is the only deposit of iron ore in the world at this time. I also have certified lab results showing 40 ounces of gold 400 ounces silver and copper. The mine is already approved to mine truck state BLM. I decided to build a foundry to pour the steel out and seperate the precious metals off the steel. This takes a 3 step melting process which have built all crushing and milling equipment greater exchange and 2 of the 3 melters needed for the separation. I spent all my money doing this and also ruined my credit doing it. I have decided to form 2 LLC companies one for the mine and the other for the foundry to keep them separate. I also want to write up a contract from my mine to my foundry for the production of 6 million tons of the iron ore. One ton of gun grade steel retails for 22 thousand my melter will produce 1.6 ton in 24 hours using foundry coke for fuel. That around 35 thousand a day in steel product and 78 thousand a day in gold and 7,500 a day in silver I am in need of 120 thousand to finish into production with in a 3 to 6 month time . Is this type of loan possible

                                Jessica Dinsmore

                                Hi Walt!

                                To be honest, this isn’t something we’ve ever encountered before, so it may be a bit outside of our expertise. I’d rather not give you an answer that I’m not too certain about. I’d suggest looking into lenders that specialize in the mining/industrial sector. If you happen to figure this out on your own, please let us know what solution you find so we can learn how to answer something like this in the future. Good luck!


                                  Hi, I have a credit score of about 656, a few late payments (less than a year old but maybe 6 or so months old), and I also have a bankruptcy that never went through with but is showing up as dismissed from 6 1/2 years ago. I am looking for startup funds to help purchase kitchen equipment and help with buildout payments to contractors for a small restaurant. Are there any companies or organizations that would approve funding with that credit history and only 1 sole owner?

                                    Shannon Vissers

                                    Hi Damaris, your credit history shouldn’t be a problem with any of these lenders; your approval will depend more on your current income. For most of these lenders, you will need to have been in business at least 6 months and already be generating business revenue. Avant doesn’t have any time-in-business or business revenue requirements but will want to see that you have sufficient personal income to support repayments.


                                      My credit score is bad (around 590 or so) and I need a start up business loan for a group home business (for individual with disabilities). Which of this lenders would be a perfect match for me?

                                        Shannon Vissers

                                        Hi Josh! I think Accion would be a good fit for you, as they are a nonprofit that lends to startups with bad credit and especially caters to inclusive businesses that help the community. They have pretty fair rates, too. If you don’t qualify, you may be able to get a small loan through Kiva if you can get some loan backers from your personal networks. Credibly lends to startup businesses that are already generating revenue, so you may also look into them if you’re making $15k/month.


                                          Hello! Do any of the above lenders extend credit to owners of ecommerce/online businesses? I want to purchase an existing ecommerce business and while my credit is not terrible (650), I’d prefer not seek financing through a traditional lender.

                                            Shannon Vissers

                                            You could likely get a loan through a lender like Accion, Prosper, Avant, or Upstart (maximum $10K-$50K) but these are pretty small loans which likely would not be large enough to finance an entire business purchase. You might want to check out my article on business acquisition loans for some more ideas on how to finance your business purchase.

                                              Marley Wells

                                              I have bad credit below 550 and I want to open my own boutique. Which would be best for me bruh that I don’t have much income due to a art time job

                                                Shannon Vissers

                                                With a credit score that low, it will be pretty difficult to get a startup loan, especially since you don’t have much income or any time in business. You might be able to get a very small loan from Kiva, which doesn’t have any income or credit score requirements; however, businesses younger than 90 days can only get a max of $5K and businesses still in the idea stage can get a max. loan of $1K. Accion or Credibly might also be a possibility after you’ve been in business six months and started generating some revenue. You might consider establishing a home-based business and selling online or at events before opening the actual boutique — you can get a PayPal Working Capital loan once you have had a PayPal business account for a few months and are processing $15K a year.

                                                  Shanawaz khan

                                                  Thanks for the useful and informative article! There should be less interest rates and easy repayments.

                                                    Max Baron

                                                    I think PayPal Working Capital is one of the best lending services because PayPal’s Working Capital doesn’t charge interest and obviously Easy repayments and bad credit-friendly. I have to say the reasons because recently I got the loan in PayPal Working Capital.

                                                      clive ngobeni

                                                      i nee a loan t pay for the franchise

                                                        Jessica Dinsmore

                                                        Hi Clive,
                                                        Here is a great article on Financing a Franchise that might be helpful to you. Good luck!

                                                          Marvin Bowen

                                                          I think it’smay be in to take loans for bad credit if you have a good plan that would work if you’re about to do business.

                                                          Like me, I am currently trying to get loans to bring my idea to life after I just got the patent, but it has been difficult getting a loan. I believe in the idea that if made right, it would work.

                                                            Steve Trooper

                                                            Nice list of lenders for getting a business startup loan. There are some people that get a personal loan when trying to start a business and that is a bad decision. People should only get a personal loan for personal use hence the name. I have seen people take out a business installment loan online for bad credit. This is a big mistake. These loans should online be used for financial emergencies.


                                                              Thanks for this informational article, I really like the way of your dedication.

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