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Credibly Review

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Troy, MI


  • Relaxed loan qualifications
  • Transparent terms and fees
  • Easy application process


  • Moderate factor rate
  • Some additional fees
  • High origination fee


Credibly is a Michigan-based online lender that offers short-term financing in the form of business loans and merchant cash advances.

With terms and fees that fall well within alternative lending norms (which tend to be quite high), Credibly relies on its relatively easy qualifications to attract customers. While most lenders require a long time in business or a flawless credit score, Credibly’s qualifications are much lower — you might qualify even if you’ve only been in business six months or have a credit score of 500.

In other words, if your business doesn’t yet qualify for financing elsewhere, Credibly is a worthwhile alternative. While you might want to shop around a bit before settling, Credibly offers competitive rates and has transparent service.

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Interested in learning more? Read on for the details!

Services Offered

Borrower Qualifications

These are the minimum requirements to get a working capital or business expansion loan from Credibly:

RequirementMinimum requirement
Time In Business:6 months
Personal Credit Score:500
Revenue:$15,000 per month
For Expansion Loans, your average daily balance must be over $1,000

Terms & Fees

These are the terms and fees for a Working Capital Loan:

RequirementMinimum requirement
Borrowing Amount:$5,000 - $400,000
Term Length:6 - 18 months
Fixed Fee:Starts at 1.09 (9% of the borrowing amount)
Origination Fee:2.5%
Effective APR:Learn more
Collateral:UCC-1 blanket lien, personal guarantee

Credibly’s Working Capital Loan is a short-term loan. Unlike longer-term loans, short-term loans don’t accrue interest over time. Instead, the total cost of borrowing is front-loaded into a flat fee. This cost is expressed as a multiplier called a factor rate. If you want to know how much the loan will cost you, multiply the amount you’re borrowing by that rate. The result is the amount you have to pay back. Note that this does not include the origination fee.

The other major difference comes in the form of the method of repayment. Each payment period, Credibly will withdraw a micropayment from your business account through an automated clearing house (ACH). For this product, repayments can be on a daily or weekly basis.

Since short-term loans tend to translate to very high rates of interest while still technically being subject to state loan laws, Credibly’s Working Capital Loans aren’t available in every state. (They don’t disclose which ones on their site, however.)

These are the terms and fees for Business Expansion Loans:

RequirementMinimum requirement
Borrowing Amount:$10,000 - $400,000
Term Length:18 - 24 months
Interest rate:9.99% - 36%
Origination Fee:2.5%
Effective APR:Learn more
Collateral:UCC-1 blanket lien, personal guarantee

A more traditional option is the Business Expansion Loan. These loans accrue interest in the same way that bank loans do. Repayments, however, resemble those of short-term loans, only all Business Expansion loans carry weekly repayments. The interest rate you’re assigned will be based on the overall health of your business as assessed by Credibly’s underwriting department.

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Application Process

You can “prequalify” for a loan online, a term which here means, “begin the application process.” You’ll be required to enter basic information about yourself and your business. Credibly will use the answers provided to decide whether or not you’re eligible for a loan and how much funding you qualify for.

If you are eligible, you’ll have to talk to a real person. This person will work with you to determine how much money your business needs and what documentation you have to provide. Before the loan is finalized, you’ll have to provide the following information:

  • Business lease agreement or business mortgage statement
  • Picture ID of all owners
  • Most recent business tax return (for loans above $100K)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Basic personal information like your social security number

When you’ve provided all the information, your file will be sent to underwriting.

Assuming all your information checks out, Credibly will extend a finalized offer to you. Should you accept, you’ll have to sign a business loan agreement, and the money will be sent to your account.

Time from application to funding generally takes two to five days: one day for application, one day to get a finalized quote, and one to three days for funding.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

Credibly discloses most of the basic information you’ll need on their website, although there are a few elements that could use some elaboration. Overall they provide a whole lot more information than many other short-term lenders do.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Credibly is available by phone and by chat via their website. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Or, if you don’t want to talk to people, they have an FAQ.

Customer service is often cited as one of the high points of working with Credibly. Representatives are friendly and hold times are short.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

On the BBB, Credibly currently has two recent complaints, one negative review, and an A+ rating overall. The company also has a handful of negative reviews on TrustPilot.

Here are some of the most common complaints about :

  • Early repayment stipulations: While Credibly does allow early repayment discounts, you’ll have to read the fine print to make sure you get the discount. It has to be made in a lump sum from a qualified account, for example.
  • Payment issues: A few customers complained about the repayment system and having to make more payments than anticipated. Given the nature of merchant cash advances, however, this may not have been Credibly’s fault.
  • Long application process: Some reviewers complained that the application process took longer than they expected. Note that while Credibly makes claims of 48-hour funding, this refers to how long it will take to receive the funds after your application is approved.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

There are a few testimonials on Credibly’s website and YouTube page, and some positive reviews on TrustPilot. In general, customers cite:

  • Easy application process: Compared to traditional lenders, Credibly’s process should be quick and easy.
  • Low prerequisites: Younger businesses without great credit can qualify for funding.
  • Good customer service: Most clients were pleased with the frequency and quality of the assistance they received from Credibly staff.

Have you done business with Credibly? Leave a message in the comments letting us know what you think!

Final Verdict

Credibly falls firmly in the average-to-middling category of short-term financing, but despite the high cost of borrowing, the company doesn’t raise any red flags. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to other financing, Credibly might be the lender that works for your business.

Don’t get a loan from Credibly without making a few comparisons first, though. Most lenders (Credibly included) will provide an initial quote within a few minutes without damaging your credit score. Head over to our Small Business Loan Comparison page to learn about some of our favorite business lenders.

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Chris Motola

Chris Motola

Finance Writer at Merchant Maverick
Chris Motola is a writer, programmer, game designer, and product of NY. These days he's mostly writing about financial products, but in a past life he wrote about health care and business. He's a graduate of the University of Central Florida.
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    Bill Henry

    Organization Name: SnB Operations Inc

    In my opinion Credibly should not be considered as a source of funding by any small business. Their terms and conditions are only slightly better than a loan shark. They do not offer a discount for early payoff once you pay off 50% or more. This term alone is noncommercial and speaks volumes of the integrity of these people. In my opinion Credibly should not be considered as a source of funding by any small business.I have been unable to log into my Credibly account to download statements to reconcile to my financial statements. When I contact customer service I get voice mail, leave a message and get no call back. It took more than 10 days to receive a statement by email. I called today and left a message and again, no return call.

    • Organization Name: SnB Operations Inc

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jennifer Price

    Credibly is awful and I find that your review isn’t from a qualified client – so I want to make sure that you include the fact that there customer service is terrible and they are quite sneaky and try to avoid questions. Don’t do business with this company – you won’t find anyone is accountable.

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Ryan Rosett

      Organization Name: Credibly

      Jennifer, I am sorry you had a bad experience at Credibly. We pride ourselves on superior customer service. I am the founder and CEO. I would love to learn more about your experience as we thrive to improve our customer experience every day.

      • Organization Name: Credibly

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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