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High-Risk Merchant Account Reviews

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  • PaymentCloud

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    PaymentCloud specializes in providing payment processing solutions for eCommerce, mail order/telephone order (MOTO), and other generally high-risk businesses. Although PaymentCloud serves lower-risk and brick-and-mortar establishments as well, this merchant services provider really shines in the eCommerce and mid-to-high-risk space.

  • Durango Merchant Services

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    Durango Merchant Services stands out from the crowd by offering fair pricing in a segment of the market that's notorious for charging highly inflated prices and invariably provides excellent solutions to complex merchant situations. Durango will deliver the kind of exceptional service our other 5-star processors do, with the added benefit of expertise in high-risk accounts.

  • Soar Payments

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    Soar Payments Review specializes in finding credit card processing homes for hard-to-place (that is, high-risk) merchants with refreshing transparency.

  • SMB Global

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    SMB Global is set up to work exclusively with high-risk merchants and those who need an offshore merchant account. Although it's a relatively new company, we're pretty excited about what we've seen so far, and it's one of the few reputable high-risk specialists we've found in the payments processing industry.

  • Host Merchant Services

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    Host Merchant Services offers a full range of products and services for just about any type of business.

  • Easy Pay Direct

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    The company's EPD Gateway is its primary product, with associated merchant accounts provided through partnerships with numerous major US and international processors and banks. It's also possible to use the gateway with your existing merchant account if you already have one. Easy Pay Direct primarily markets its products and services to high-risk merchants, which means if you're a gun merchant, CBD seller, nutraceuticals vendor, or "adult" product business, your day has finally come! Lower-risk businesses can probably find a better deal elsewhere, but Easy Pay Direct does have several features that might be of interest to non-high-risk businesses as well.

  • CCBill

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    CCBill offers a powerful platform for billing & recurring payments. The company even works with high-risk businesses, especially those in the adult entertainment industry. More surprisingly, the company discloses its rates. But is it a worthwhile contender for your business? Check out our review to find out.

  • eMerchantBroker

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    At the same time, eMerchantBroker gets high marks for high-quality customer support and a reputable sales team. The company’s sales agents won’t deliberately mislead you the way many other high-risk providers frequently will. As always, we highly recommend that you read your contract thoroughly before signing up for an account. This is particularly true of eMerchantBroker, as its use of so many different processors means there will be a lot of variation in contract terms and conditions.

  • Instabill

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    If you run a high-risk business or have had a hard time getting approved for a merchant account, Instabill might be your saving grace.

  • PayKings

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    PayKings doesn't reinvent the niche, but it offers its customers a complete suite of services. PayKings also appears to have particular expertise when it comes to selling CBD products on Shopify, so businesses using that platform for eCommerce may find this company especially well-suited to their needs.

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