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The Best Divvy Alternatives For Businesses

It's important to shop around while looking for a corporate card that's a perfect fit for your small business. If Divvy doesn't work, check out these six alternatives.

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Divvy is a corporate card that delivers impressive expense management tools. But it’s not right for everyone. Are you looking for alternative Divvy choices? If your company is on the hunt for a Divvy credit card alternative, you’ve got options.

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Best Divvy credit card alternative for no fees
Best Divvy credit card alternative for no fees

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Best overall Divvy credit card alternative
Best overall Divvy credit card alternative

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Rho Business Banking

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Best Divvy credit card alternative for flexible terms
Best Divvy credit card alternative for flexible terms

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American Express

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Best Divvy credit card alternative with employee options
Best Divvy credit card alternative with employee options

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J.P. Morgan

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Best Divvy credit card alternative for purchase options
Best Divvy credit card alternative for purchase options

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Other Featured Options:

  • Airbase: Best Divvy alternative for expense management

Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

The 6 Best Divvy Alternatives

The Divvy corporate card offers impressive perks. But a Divvy card also has drawbacks, such as lackluster rewards, foreign transaction fees, a non-transparent structure, and more. This list of six top Divvy alternatives could deliver a better corporate card package for your company.

  1. Ramp: Best Divvy credit card alternative for no fees
  2. Brex: Best overall Divvy credit card alternative
  3. Rho: Best Divvy credit card alternative for flexible terms
  4. American Express: Best Divvy credit card alternative with employee options
  5. J.P. Morgan: Best Divvy credit card alternative for purchase options
  6. Airbase: Best Divvy alternative for expense management

1. Ramp: Best Divvy credit card alternative for no fees


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  • No fees of any kind
  • Simple rewards scheme
  • Excellent cost-cutting tools


  • No mobile app
  • Available only to US businesses
  • Large cash holdings required

Ramp corporate card offers an unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase and spend management tools with auto-generated savings insights that can help your company limit wasteful spending. Indeed, Ramp claims that 98% of its customers save $100K+ within their first year of using Ramp. While we haven’t verified that claim, we agree that Ramp’s focus on eliminating unnecessary expenses is both helpful and unique among corporate card companies.

In addition to its corporate card and expense management services, Ramp offers a range of fintech services, including bill pay and accounting automation. Unfortunately, Ramp eligibility restrictions mean that not every business will be able to qualify for and use this card.

Ramp Rewards

Unlike some corporate cards with complex rewards schemes and tiered rates, Ramp makes it simple. Every purchase you make with the Ramp credit card delivers 1.5% cash back. Rewards appear as a statement credit. Ramp also offers users up to $175K in exclusive deals, discounts, and welcome offers from partners. These partners include Amazon Web Services, Slack, Rippling, Secureframe, Pulley, and more.

Ramp Features & Services

Alongside its corporate card, expense management tools, bill payment, and accounting automations, Ramp promises automatically generated savings insights that rely on algorithms to notify users of duplicate subscriptions, redundant software purchases, lower pricing tiers, and more. In addition, Ramp corporate card includes these features:

  • Unlimited physical and virtual cards for employees
  • Daily, monthly, and one-time spend limits per card
  • Spend tracking
  • Spend request tools that work via email, SMS, or Slack
  • Out-of-pocket reimbursement requests
  • Accounting integrations with NetSuite, Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage Intacct
  • HR integrations to automate onboarding and sync employee details

Ramp Pricing & Fees

One of Ramp’s best features is its pricing. It’s completely free. You will avoid all the most common fees, including setup fees, late fees, annual fees, foreign transaction fees, and employee card fees. There are no added costs for using Ramp’s expense management software, spend controls, or other features.

Ramp Eligibility Requirements

Unfortunately, not every business will be able to use Ramp. If you run your business as a sole proprietorship or if your business is unregistered, you will not be eligible. Although Ramp does not require a personal guarantee, your company’s cash balance, cash flow, and other financial details will be examined. Ramp requires businesses to have at least $75K cash on hand.

When To Use Ramp

If you’re looking for both a corporate card and strong expense management tools, Ramp can be a good option. And you won’t find a better option for the price. With its complete lack of fees and $0 foreign transaction fees combined with a healthy 1.5% cash back on every purchase and its focus on cutting costs, Ramp is the most cost-effective Divvy credit card alternative.

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2. Brex: Best overall Divvy credit card alternative


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  • High rewards
  • Valuable partner discounts
  • No personal guarantee or credit check
  • Welcome offer
  • Unlimited employee cards


  • Not available to all business types
  • High cash-on-hand requirement
  • Requires exclusive card use

If you’re looking for a full range of financial services, Brex delivers, with the Brex corporate card, cash management via Brex Cash, instant revenue, expense tracking, automatic bill pay, spend controls, and more. And Brex also offers a cash-back rate that can be eye-popping at as high as 8x, depending on what you buy and how often you choose to pay off your purchases.

It’s important to note that you’ll have to make Brex your company’s exclusive card if you want to earn the highest rewards. You also must make daily automatic payments using Brex Cash. If you don’t qualify for Brex’s exclusive program, you’ll still earn an unlimited 1 point for every dollar you spend on the Brex card.

Brex Rewards

Every Brex card user will earn a minimum of 1x rewards. If you qualify for Brex’s top rewards program, you can earn points bonuses of 8x points on rideshares and taxis, 5x on Brex Travel, 4x on restaurant purchases, 3x on software subscriptions, and eligible Apple purchases, and 1x on everything else. If you don’t qualify for the exclusive program, your earnings will be a 1x. And if you opt for weekly or monthly payments instead of daily, you’ll receive 1 point less per dollar spent in most of those bonus categories. Points never expire and can be redeemed for cash back via Brex Cash, applied to purchases through Brex Travel, or for statement credit, gift cards, or crypto.

Brex also delivers exclusive offers from various partners, worth a total of $150K+. That includes partner offers from Amazon Web Services, QuickBooks, UPS, Gusto, Slack, and more.

Brex Features & Services

Far more than simply a corporate card, Brex delivers a suite of fintech tools to help companies manage their complex finances. These tools include the charge card, a cash management account called Brex Cash, expense tracking, spend controls, and automatic bill pay. Brex’s feature set is built around the goal of helping businesses track where and how employees spend money. Here’s a sampling:

  • Free physical and virtual cards for employees
  • Card controls that can be tailored for each subscription, vendor, and employee
  • Spend tracking in real-time
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you deposit checks, approve payments, and manage cards
  • Receipt matching via the mobile app, text, and email
  • Travel perks include 24/7 concierge assistance
  • Automatic invoice payment
  • Spend controls that include custom expense policies and alerts to help you manage employee spending

Brex Pricing & Fees

Brex is free to use, with no annual or account fees, no global ACH fees, and no wire transfer fees. Employee cards are free, too. Since Brex includes significant travel rewards, it’s important to note that you’ll pay $0 foreign transaction fees when you use the Brex card internationally.

Brex Eligibility Requirements

Brex is available only to US-based C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, and LLPs. To apply to use Brex, you will need to supply an EIN for your business, but you won’t need a personal guarantee or credit check. Brex maintains a list of prohibited and restricted activities that include traditional high-risk businesses. If your business is typically classified as high risk, be sure to check Brex’s limitations.

If you wish to earn the highest rewards rate in Brex’s exclusive category, you will need to pay off your Brex account daily but you won’t need to meet a minimum cash requirement. If you want to pay weekly or monthly, you’ll need a minimum of $50,000 in the bank.

When To Use Brex

Brex is a solid choice for any business looking for a corporate card, a cash management account, or both. This vendor is an appropriate choice for businesses that want to make it easy for employees to make purchases as well as those that want to make expense tracking and receipt tracking as easy as possible. Brex offers convenience and nice rewards for use. Additionally, it’s a great tool for helping you understand why and how your business spends money.

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3. Rho: Best Divvy Credit Card Alternative For Flexible Terms

Rho Business Banking

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  • Flexible repayment terms of up to 60 days
  • Cash back rate up to 1.75%
  • Minimal fees
  • Unlimited physical and virtual cards


  • No mobile app
  • High account minimums

Rho offers a corporate card with a unique feature: You can choose your credit terms, taking from 60, 45, 30, and 1 day to pay off your balance. The repayment terms you choose determine your cash-back rate on purchases, with rates decreasing as your term increases, from 1.75% with a 1-day repayment to 0% with 60-day terms.

Rho’s offerings include a full commercial banking suite as well as spend management and accounts payable tools. You can order physical as well as virtual cards for employees and you can customize those cards with individual spend limits and categories for each employee. Cards can be customized with your logo.

Rho Rewards

When you choose Rho as your corporate card, you can choose the rate at which you’ll earn rewards, based on how often you pay off your balance. Terms can be adjusted up to four times each year, so you can structure repayments based on your cash flow. Here’s Rho’s tier structure:

  • 1.75% cash back if balance is paid daily
  • 1.50% cash back if balance is paid monthly
  • 0.75% cash back if balance is paid every 45 days
  • 0% cash back if balance is paid every 60 days.

If your company does significant business overseas, it’s important to note that Rho does not pay cash back on international purchases. If you use Rho’s business banking services (checking and treasury accounts) you will earn a rate of return that is below the national average. Rho’s APY is listed currently at 0.01%.

Rho Features & Services

Rho takes a slightly different approach to corporate cards, combining that with commercial banking and accounts payable services. Rho is not a bank and works with partner institutions to offer FDIC-insured banking services. Like other corporate cards on this list, Rho offers some useful spend management tools for businesses. Here’s a roundup of Rho features:

  • Physical and digital cards for employees
  • Spending limits and restrictions
  • Transfers and deposits to commercial bank accounts via ACH, wire transfer, mobile check deposit, and linked bank accounts
  • Bill payment via automated accounts payable lets you receive, approve, code, and pay invoices within the Rho platform
  • Global payments via fee-free USD wires to 161 countries, plus foreign transactions via global currencies with a 0.5% fee
  • Auto-synced accounting with QuickBooks, Sage, and Wave via Plaid
  • Spending categories

Rho Pricing & Fees

Overall, Rho offers relatively few fees. You’ll pay nothing for ACH deposits, domestic wires, international wires in USD, bill pay, additional cards, and card transactions domestically and internationally. Two fees you may encounter: a wire recall fee of $30 and a 0.5% fee for wire transfers in foreign currencies.

Rho Eligibility Requirements

Rho doesn’t have high credit requirements for users, and you won’t need to put up a personal guarantee to use Rho, so long as you are 18 years old and your company is incorporated in the US. You may need to maintain an account balance between $50,000 — $100,000, depending on your ownership. Rho does not work with businesses in high-risk industries.

When To Use Rho

Although you’ll receive better cash back rewards if you pay off your balance frequently, Rho offers payment flexibility that may make this an attractive corporate card for certain businesses. While Rho doesn’t offer the most robust spend management tools we’ve seen, the ones that are included with Rho are certainly adequate. And if your business is looking for a banking partner, Rho stands out for the FDIC-insured commercial bank options it offers.

One thing to keep in mind is Rho’s relatively high cash requirements. If you don’t have a minimum of $50K in the bank, this might not be the best corporate card for you.

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4. American Express: Best Divvy Credit Card Alternative With Employee Options

American Express

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  • Choice of cards to match different needs
  • Tailored rewards
  • Spend management tools


  • Annual fees
  • Limited information available online

American Express issues four versions of its corporate credit cards. That variety allows you to choose the right card for your company. Each features different levels of expense management tools and employee limits. Here are the cards:

  • Corporate Platinum Card: $550 annual fee, aimed at senior executives and frequent travelers
  • Corporate Gold Card: $250 annual fee, aimed at frequent travelers
  • Corporate Green Card: $75 annual fee, aimed at employees who travel infrequently
  • Business Extra Corporate Card: Annual fee varies, up to $75

Each of these cards comes with its own rewards scheme, with both points and cash back options available. The rewards scheme can be tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. Amex also offers a corporate program for startups that comes with the full suite of Amex benefits and a credit limit that is linked to your business bank account balance.

American Express Rewards

When you choose American Express for your corporate credit card, you’re not locked into using one type of card exclusively. You can mix and match to meet your employees’ spending and travel habits. Each card comes with different rewards, including Hilton Honors status, flight discounts, Uber rewards, credits for services such as airline clubs and Global Entry, and cash rebates.

The exact rewards scheme you have will be unique to your business, if you use any of the first three cards listed above. If you choose the Business Extra Corporate Card, you’ll net 4 points for every $20 you spend on eligible American Airlines flights and 1 point for every $20 you spend on eligible purchases.

American Express Features & Services

Every Amex corporate card account offers spending insights, employee limits, and flexible rewards. Here is a rundown of Amex features:

  • American Express @Work offers insight into employee spending and allows you to control it
  • Flexible rewards can accrue to individual employees as cash back or points earned, or as a monthly credit on the centrally billed statement
  • Streamlined expense submission process
  • Real-time alerts for unusual employee expenses
  • Customized, industry-specific spending insights
  • Virtual cards via American Express Go
  • Automated Payment Solutions lets you earn rewards through accounts payable

American Express Pricing & Fees

American Express corporate cards comes with annual fees ranging from $75-$250. Some Amex cards charge foreign transaction fees, while others do not.

American Express Eligibility Requirements

Amex corporate cards are available for different types of corporations, including C-Corp, S-Corp, and LLC. Some nonprofits and government agencies may be eligible. Amex will look at your company size, annual revenue, and anticipated annual spending, among other factors in determining your eligibility and credit limit. In general, applicants must be US-based and 18+ years of age, with a minimum of one year in business and a distinct physical address.

When To Use American Express

Amex doesn’t deliver a one-size-fits-all corporate card solution. So if you have various employees with different needs, you’ll like what you find when you consider American Express corporate cards. You can mix and match cards, choosing different rewards for different levels of employees based on their spending limits and travel needs, among other considerations. You can even choose whether to let employees keep their rewards or to claim them as statement credits in a common pool.

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5. J.P. Morgan: Best Divvy Credit Card Alternative For Purchase Options

J.P. Morgan

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J.P. Morgan & Chase Co. corporate card

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Annual Fee:


Purchase APR:


  • Variety of program options
  • High rate of rewards
  • Single-use virtual cards


  • Limited information available

J.P. Morgan offers corporate credit cards that pair well with the business credit cards offered by its subsidiary company Chase under the Chase Ink Business brand. Like the multiple business credit cards Chase offers, J.P. Morgan makes available three corporate credit cards. That means businesses can choose the one that most closely matches their employee’s spending habits and their rewards preferences. Here are the three corporate card options:

  • J.P. Morgan Corporate Card is targeted toward business travelers
  • J.P. Morgan Purchasing Card is made for managing business-to-business purchases
  • J.P. Morgan One Card is aimed at businesses that want a single card for every expense, including B2B purchases, travel, entertainment, and more.

You can also access a single-use virtual card if you want to make your company’s credit available to employees who will need it infrequently or who require strict limits.

J.P. Morgan Rewards

The richest rewards are available through the One Card, which offers unlimited points on purchases, earned at a rate of 1 point per $1. There’s no maximum on points you can earn, and they never expire. Points can be redeemed through the J.P. Morgan portal for cash back, travel expenses, gift cards, and merchandise. And you can choose to keep all points earned in a central corporate pool or use them as an employee reward.

J.P. Morgan Features & Services

The features of J.P. Morgan’s corporate card vary, depending on which card you choose. Here are some highlights of each card:

  • J.P. Morgan Corporate card includes user-friendly tracking and reporting software.
  • J.P. Morgan Purchasing card includes data analysis to aid your payment strategy and enable strategic adjustments as needed. Program-level and individual controls let you contain employee spending.
  • J.P. Morgan One Card includes web-based tools for transaction reporting and data management. Employee cards come with control options, extensive reporting, and integrations with your accounting or ERP software.

J.P. Morgan Pricing & Fees

J.P. Morgan does not disclose the fees for its corporate cards.

J.P. Morgan Eligibility Requirements

The company does not list its eligibility requirements. If you’re interested in a J.P. Morgan corporate card, you will have to contact the company online. However, a tool on the company’s website steers users toward the right card, based on annual sales. This tool indicates that companies making less than $10 million/year will be steered toward the One Card.

When To Use J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan’s corporate cards are not aimed at small businesses. If your organization is large and well funded, you may appreciate the range of choices you see represented in these corporate card options. With features geared toward travel, B2B purchases, and other business expenses, you can choose the card that makes the best sense for your needs.

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6. Airbase: Best Divvy Alternative For Expense Management


Visit Site


  • Free version
  • Robust spend management tools
  • Prepaid and charge card options
  • Rewards
  • Workflow automations


  • No travel rewards

Most of the options covered in this list of the best Divvy alternatives focus on the corporate card side of Divvy’s offering. If you’re more interested in the expense management/spend management functionalities Divvy delivers, then you might want to take a look at Airbase as a top Divvy alternative.

Airbase Rewards

Airbase offers two credit options: a pre-funded card that offers 2.2% back on purchases and a charge card that offers 1.6% cash back. These cards are available with no credit check or personal guarantee and boast no interest or fees. The rewards are available on all purchases, regardless of category. If you choose the charge card, you can access up to 30 days to pay off your charges.

Airbase also partners with Silicon Valley Bank and American Express, integrating their cards into the platform, so you can use Airbase without switching cards.

Airbase Features & Services

The Airbase offers features in three area: bill payment, corporate cards, and expense reimbursement. Using Airbase, the company claims, lets users add visibility and control across these areas, utilize automations, and clean up your possibly messy financial stack. Here is a sampling of what that looks like:

  • Consolidation of all non-payroll expenses, including spending, purchase orders, invoices, and expense reimbursement
  • Integrations with accounting software
  • Make payments from one “command center” via check, ACH, card, international wire, and vendor credits
  • Set expense policies and rules that the system can enforce
  • Employee spending requests and reimbursement via workflows
  • Automatic formation of audit trail
  • Automated bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, and amortizations
  • Real-time reporting, with notifications via web, email, mobile app, and Slack

Airbase Pricing & Fees

You can use Airbase Essentials for $0/month. The Essentials version is aimed at companies with about 100 employees. Two paid versions, Growth and Enterprise, target companies with up to 500 and up to 3,000 employees. The paid versions unlock additional features, though it’s important to note that the free plan is surprisingly robust. Pricing is available by custom quote only.

Airbase Eligibility Requirements

Airbase is open to all business types. If you want to use the corporate card, your credit profile may steer you toward the pre-funded card rather than the charge card.

When To Use Airbase

Divvy is known for its robust spend management tools. If you’re looking for a Divvy alternative that delivers the same (or better) in that area, take a look at Airbase. With its corporate card option, prepaid card, and integrations with Amex and Silicon Valley Bank cards, Airbase is a Divvy alternative that does it all.

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Which Divvy Alternative Is Right For Your Business?

Corporate cards offer unique benefits, such as expense management tools, spending rewards, and fraud protection. Available only to businesses that are structured as corporations, corporate cards do not typically require a personal guarantee. In deciding what card is right for your business, think about the way you spend money, how much help you need in tracking your own and your employees’ spending, and what kind of rewards you’d like to earn for your business. Each option on this list of the best Divvy alternatives offers different rewards and tools. You can learn more about them by looking at our list of the best corporate credit cards available.

Once you decide which card is right for you, use our suggestions for how to get a corporate credit card to make sure your application is successful. And, of course, once you have a corporate card account, make sure you get the most from it by using our tips to managing your corporate card!

In Summary: The 6 Best Divvy Alternatives

  1. Ramp: Best Divvy credit card alternative for no fees
  2. Brex : Best overall Divvy credit card alternative
  3. Rho Business Banking: Best Divvy credit card alternative for flexible terms
  4. American Express: Best Divvy credit card alternative with employee options
  5. J.P. Morgan: Best Divvy credit card alternative for purchase options
  6. Airbase: Best Divvy alternative for expense management
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