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Top 3 Ways To Cancel Your Credit Card

Find yourself haunted by a credit card your business doesn’t use? If it comes with extraneous fees that outweigh your rewards rate, you may want to just cancel the card and completely close your account. You might also need to cancel a card if you put too many purchases onto the card—negatively affecting your business’s […]

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best business credit card

The Best Business Credit Cards For 2019

Credit cards are a very good solution to many business financial goals. Whether you’re interested in earning points or cash back, easily keeping track of your spending, consolidating business expenses to a single source, or improving your business credit score, a credit card can help. But which credit card is best for your business? There […]

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Secured Business Credit Cards: What They Are And Best Options

If you’ve been comparing business credit cards online, there’s a decent chance you’ve come across some secured business credit cards. If you aren’t sure what “secured” means or how to compare secured cards to other business credit cards, we’re here to help. Conventional wisdom dictates that you’ll have a difficult time accessing credit — including […]

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spark cash vs ink cash

Capital One Spark Cash vs. Chase Ink Cash

If you’re going to be charging business expenses to a credit card, you may as well be rewarded for that spending. Cash back business credit cards give your business the chance to recoup a portion of your business costs in the form of cash and other rewards. Chase’s Ink Business Cash card and Capital One’s Spark […]

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The Best Business Loan And Financing Resources For Washington Small Businesses

Washington State is known both for its breathtaking typography and for being one of the biggest tech hubs in the nation (outside of Silicon Valley). With the Seattle metro area experiencing explosive growth, it’s a great time to be doing business in the Evergreen State. Of course, keeping a business running smoothly requires money — sometimes […]

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spark miles vs ink preferred

Capital One Spark Miles VS Chase Ink Preferred

Business travel. Maybe you hate it, maybe you enjoy it. Either way, for certain types of businesses, work-related travel is an unavoidable expense. Get a business credit card with travel rewards, and you’ll be able to recoup a portion of your travel expenses in the form of points or miles, which can then be used […]

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The Best Airline Credit Cards For Businesses

One of the best ways a frequent flyer can save money is through a credit card designed specifically for air travel. These cards often give you bonus miles when you purchase airfare or spend money on other travel expenses. Plus, you can usually earn miles for making regular purchases, such as for gas or on […]

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