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The 6 Best Business Credit Cards With No Personal Guarantee (PG) Required

Want a business card that doesn't require you to sign a personal guarantee? Explore the best options & rewards available, as well as eligibility requirements.

    Kate Hoots
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Business credit cards with no personal guarantee

Business credit cards with no personal guarantee are hard to find. Is it worth your time to look for business credit cards with no PG? Personal guarantee requirements mean that when you apply for a business credit card, you’ll be required to share your personal information. Your personal credit will be hit with a hard inquiry that can affect your credit score. Moreover, providing a personal guarantee for a business credit card means you commit to personally covering your business liability.

Unfortunately, many issuers won’t hand out business credit cards without the financial security that a personal guarantee provides. Still, you can find a few options that don’t require a personal guarantee. That’s why we’ve created this guide.

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Other Featured Options:

Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

What Is A Personal Guarantee?

A personal guarantee on a business credit card is a legally binding agreement to repay credit issued to the business with your personal assets if the business cannot pay off the debt. You will be held personally liable for your business credit card balance if the business closes or defaults.

It’s easy to see why credit card companies require personal guarantees. And it’s equally easy to see why a business owner might want to steer clear of them. Fortunately, you have some good options that don’t require a personal guarantee, including these:

  • Brex: Best for cash back.
  • Ramp Corporate: Best corporate card.
  • Stripe Corporate: Best for new businesses.
  • Coast Fleet & Fuel Card: Best for fleet businesses.
  • Divvy Credit Card: Best for managing budgets.
  • SVB Innovators Card: Best for startups.

How To Get Business Credit Cards Without A Personal Guarantee

For most small business owners, getting a company credit card without a personal guarantee probably won’t be a walk in the park. Many business credit cards on the market require some sort of personal guarantee. But the relative lack of options without a personal guarantee doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

How Easy Is It To Get A Business Credit Card With No Personal Guarantee?

Business credit cards that don’t require a personal guarantee are difficult to qualify for. These cards are generally reserved for larger businesses with an established credit history. As such, the average small business owner won’t be able to apply successfully for a credit card with no personal guarantee.

Credit cards without a personal guarantee are frequently found in a category known as corporate credit cards. With this in mind, once your business is large enough, with a certain number of employees or a high enough revenue stream, you may be able to sign up for a corporate credit card. These cards typically free you from personal guarantees and include perks, such as improved expense reporting and easier access to flexible credit lines.

Check out our post on the cards that we ranked as the best corporate credit cards to look into for your business.

Can I Use My EIN To Get A Credit Card?

If you’re applying for a business credit card as the sole proprietor of a small business, you may be able to use your personal Social Security number in your application. You’ll almost certainly have to provide your personal Social Security number if you apply for a card with a personal guarantee.

All other business types will require an Employer Identification Number, so you’ll need to know how to find your EIN to apply for a no personal guarantee business credit card.

What You Need To Apply For A No Personal Guarantee Card

The Small Business Association says that about one-third of businesses with employees will fail within their first two years. So it’s no surprise that credit card issuers are leery of extending credit to small businesses that don’t have a proven track record. That’s where the personal guarantee comes in.

If you’re hoping to find a business credit card with no personal guarantee, these two factors can improve your chances of being approved:

Financial Stability

Your business will need to be financially stable. For example, the Brex card we list below may require that you have at least $50,000 in the bank. Other corporate cards without personal guarantees may have similar or even stricter requirements, such as over $1 million in annual revenue.

Consistent Spending Patterns

Beyond your business’s stability factor, you may also need to demonstrate consistent spending patterns and an otherwise healthy financial history. If you want to go the corporate card route, you probably aren’t eligible if your business is a sole proprietorship or otherwise not registered as an S-corp, C-corp, or LLC.

The 6 Best Business Credit Cards With No Personal Guarantee

A few business credit cards don’t require a personal guarantee. While these aren’t traditional business credit cards, your business may qualify for one without having to sign a personal guarantee.

Let’s look at the six best no personal guarantee credit cards for business.

1. Ramp Corporate Card: Best For Corporate Card


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  • No personal guarantee
  • Simple and solid cash back rate
  • No fees
  • Algorithm-driven insights that can help save money


  • Available only to US-based companies
  • High cash requirements
  • No mobile app

Ramp Rewards

You’ll earn 1.5% back across the board on all purchases made with your Ramp card and can redeem these rewards in the form of a statement credit. You’ll also gain access to $175,000 in deals and discounts from Ramp partners, such as Amazon Web Services and Slack.

Ramp Eligibility

Ramp aims its corporate card at corporations registered in the US. While you won’t have to offer a personal guarantee to Ramp, the company will examine your company’s cash balance, cash flow, and other indicators of its financial health. Companies using Ramp are also required to have at least $75,000 in the bank.

Where Ramp Really Shines

The Ramp Corporate Card sets itself apart by offering a straight 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Beyond the cash back rewards, you can take advantage of $175,000 in exclusive partner rewards and a savings insight tool that aims to help companies find ways to cut costs and limit unnecessary spending.

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2. Divvy Credit Card: Best For Managing Budgets


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  • No personal guarantee
  • Flexible rewards scheme and payoff frequency
  • Built-in budget management tools
  • No annual or employee card fees
  • Mobile app


  • Foreign transaction and late payment fees
  • Limited rewards redemption options

Divvy Rewards

Divvy offers a flexible rewards structure that lets you earn rewards faster by paying off your card balance more frequently. You’ll earn points by using your Divvy card for purchases in three categories: restaurants, hotels, and recurring software subscriptions. Pay daily, and you can earn up to 7x points on restaurants, for example, with that rate dropping to 4x if you pay twice a month and 2x if you choose a monthly payoff. Redeem points for travel, gift cards, a statement credit, or cash back at a rate of 1 cent per point for travel and about a half-cent per point on everything else.

Divvy also offers discounts and credits on purchases with partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google Ads, FedEx Office, and Costco.

Divvy Eligibility

Divvy now accepts all business types, from sole proprietorships to corporations to LLCs, although its website doesn’t disclose this. Beyond requiring applicants to have a US bank account and EIN, Divvy is nontransparent about its eligibility requirements. You’ll need to reach out to Divvy for more information.

Divvy does disclose that international companies may apply so long as at least one owner with a 25% or higher stake is a US citizen.

Where Divvy Really Shines

Like several other corporate cards on this list, Divvy offers users access to automatic expense reporting features. For example, Divvy allows users to take pictures of receipts and includes an automatic, real-time collection of transactions.

You can use Divvy to help manage your company’s spending by setting budgets by team, project, event, or any other category. You can also set employee spending limits and view and edit budgets in real-time and share them via the web or Divvy’s mobile app.

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3. Brex Card: Best For Cash Back


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  • No personal guarantee is necessary
  • High rewards rates
  • Solid portfolio of extra benefits
  • Instant revenue from connected eCommerce platforms
  • Flexible credit limit


  • High cash reserve requirements
  • Exclusivity requirements
  • Available only for US businesses

Brex Rewards

The Brex card features a rewards scheme with 8x points for ridesharing apps and taxis, 5x on travel, 4x at restaurants, 3x on recurring software, 3x on Apple products, and 1x on everything else. However, these rates won’t be available to every user. To earn them, you’ll need to pay off your Brex card daily and use Brex as your only corporate card. If you don’t qualify for the exclusive program or pay less frequently, you’ll earn an unlimited 1 point per dollar spent.

Additional rewards options are available for tech, science, and remote companies.

Brex Eligibility

The Brex corporate card for startups has stringent eligibility requirements, meaning that not every would-be Brex user will be able to qualify.

Your business needs at least $50,000 in the bank, though there is an exception if your company pays off your balance daily. Additionally, Brex is available only for C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, or LLPs organized and registered in the US.

Where Brex Really Shines

To earn Brex’s highest rate of rewards, you’ll need to make this card your only business credit card, and you’ll have to pay off your balance daily.

If you qualify for Brex’s exclusive status, you’ll earn up to 8x points per dollar spent, with a minimum of 1x earning on every purchase. Use your points to pay for travel expenses, redeem them for gift cards, or take them back in cold, hard cash.

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4. Stripe Corporate Card: Best For New Businesses

Stripe Corporate Card

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Stripe Corporate Card

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Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

N/A (this is a charge card)


  • No personal guarantee
  • Unlimited cash back
  • No fees
  • Finance software integrations


  • Automatic payment required
  • Rewards available only as a statement credit

Stripe Corporate Card Rewards

Use the Stripe Corporate card, and you’ll earn a straight rewards rate of 1.5% cash back on every business purchase regardless of category. Your rewards balance will be automatically credited to your balance each month, so you won’t have to worry about tracking them. With a few notable exceptions, Stripe Corporate does not offer any higher tiers of earning on specified categories, such as travel or dining. Stripe also does not offer additional redemption options, such as airfare points or gift cards.

Additional perks are available to Stripe Corporate customers in special offers from about 20 partner companies. These include discounts and credits, such as 25% off an annual Slack subscription, three months free with Gusto and Guideline, and $150 in Google Ads credits. You can also earn a higher rewards rate on spending with several specific partners, such as 5% back on purchases with Kasa and Snap or 50% cash back on what you spend with 1Password.

Stripe Corporate Card Eligibility

Stripe Corporate is aimed at US-based businesses that use Stripe for payment processing, although you can still apply for the card if you do not use Stripe. If you’re not a Stripe customer already, you may need to provide additional information about your business. Stripe makes eligibility decisions based on your payment volume, your history on Stripe, and your bank account history.

If you’re interested in applying for the Stripe Corporate card, you’ll need to request an invitation and then reply to the email you’ll receive.

Where Stripe Corporate Card Really Shines

Stripe offers relatively new businesses a chance to apply for a corporate credit card without demonstrating a long history in business or signing a personal guarantee. With discounts on useful services and integrations to financial software, Stripe can help your business grow in the right direction.

If you’re not already settled on a payment processor, the Stripe Corporate card could help you in that area too. Add in zero fees and a credit limit that will increase as your business success grows, and you have a nice business credit card with no personal guarantee that could suit your new business just fine.

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5. Coast Fleet & Fuel Card: Best For Fleet Businesses


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  • No personal guarantee
  • It can be used at any gas station/truck stop
  • Spend controls
  • Expense tracking
  • No hidden fees


  • Limited rewards
  • $2 monthly fee per card

Coast Card Rewards

Coast can be a good credit card for businesses operating fleets of vehicles in need of a business credit card with no personal guarantee. However, you won’t receive overwhelming rewards when you choose this card.

In addition to a signup bonus of a $100 statement credit when you spend $1,000 in your first three months, you’ll receive a discount of 2 cents per gallon of fuel purchased with the Coast card.

Coast Card Eligibility

Coast is available for US-based businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. There is no minimum or a maximum number of vehicles, but qualifying businesses need to be structured as partnerships, corporations, or LLCs. Sole proprietorships are not eligible.

You can add employee cards, though you’ll pay a $2 fee per card in any month where the employee uses that card.

Where Coast Card Really Shines

If fuel costs are a major part of your business expenses, you may have considered getting a business credit card to enable employees to pay those bills. However, many gas credit cards are specific to certain brands of gas stations. It’s nice to find a fleet card that can be used at fuel stations nationwide and even better to find one that doesn’t require a personal guarantee.

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6. Silicon Valley Bank Innovators Card: Best For Startups

Silicon Valley Bank

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  • No personal guarantee
  • Flexible credit limits
  • 2x rewards points on all purchases
  • No annual or employee card fees
  • Financial software integrations


  • Limited rewards options
  • Eligibility requirements are not transparent

SVB Innovators Card Rewards

You’ll earn unlimited rewards points at a rate of 2x on all purchases made using your SVB Innovators Card. Points can be redeemed as a statement credit or for gift cards, travel, or merchandise. No matter how many cards you use, points will accrue in a single pool.

SVB also offers a business checking account.

SVB Innovators Card Eligibility

SVB Innovators Card is aimed squarely at startups. The application is available online and asks for information about your business, including address and year of founding, revenue model, and forecasted and previous annual revenue.

You’ll also be asked to share information about your funding sources, any incubator or accelerator programs you’re involved with, and service providers you work with, such as law or accounting firms.

Where SVB Innovators Card Really Shines

SVB Innovators Card is designed to support growth for startups. That includes having no personal guarantee, an unlimited number of employee cards, and a credit line that scales with your company’s growth. SVB customers also have access to unique lending options geared specifically toward startups, including venture debt, growth capital, working capital, and mezzanine financing to support acquisitions, earnouts, capital expenditures, and more.

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Corporate Credit Cards To Consider Despite A Personal Guarantee Requirement

If you’re looking for a familiar card from one of the mainstream business credit card issuers, you’ve probably noticed you didn’t find it on this list of the best business credit cards with no personal guarantees. Many mainstream credit card issuers don’t offer normal business credit cards without personal guarantees.

However, if you have a solid personal credit rating and a reasonably stable, thriving business, signing a personal guarantee might be worth it. In exchange, you can access higher lines of credit and more valuable rewards for your business purchases.

Here’s a quick look at some of the big players:

American Express

While American Express offers corporate cards, all of its business credit cards require a personal guarantee.


Alongside the J.P. Morgan brand, Chase also offers a variety of corporate cards. However, Chase’s standard business credit cards do require personal guarantees.

US Bank

You can tap into US Bank’s corporate card program, but its standard business credit cards include personal guarantees.

Wells Fargo

You’re probably noticing a trend: Wells Fargo has a commercial card; however, the bank’s lineup of small business credit cards still requires personal guarantees.

If you have good or excellent personal credit and are willing to make a personal guarantee, check out our list of the best business credit cards to see what kinds of rewards and features are available.

Why We Don't Recommend These 3 Options

Occasionally, we encounter options that are noteworthy even though we don’t feel they deserve to be included on this best-of list. Here are some options we researched and decided to leave off the list:

Sam’s Club Business Mastercard

If you’re already a Sam’s Club warehouse store member, or if you don’t mind shelling out the $45 to become one, you might be offered a Sam’s Club Business Mastercard. Although some users can access this business credit card without a personal guarantee, it’s difficult to waive the personal guarantee. Unless your business has at least $5 million in annual revenue, a minimum of two years’ operating history, and more than ten employees, you will not be eligible for this card unless you’re willing to offer a personal guarantee.

Shell Small Business Card

You may have heard about Shell’s small business card, with its fuel rebates and no personal guarantee requirements. However, this card can be used only for vehicle-related expenses and only at two types of vendors: Shell gas stations and Jiffy Lube. If you’re looking for a business credit card with no personal guarantee and regularly have business expenses with those two businesses, this card definitely is worth looking into.

Office Depot OfficeMax Business Credit Card

You can get a business credit card that lets you make purchases at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores and online. This business credit card doesn’t require a personal guarantee for all users. However, if you want to skip the personal guarantee with this card, you’ll need at least three years’ worth of business history and a minimum of $5 million in annual sales. If your business is at that size, you likely can qualify for a corporate card  (such as Ramp or Brex) that offers rewards. The Office Depot OfficeMax Business Credit card does provide some special financing terms on purchases over $299 but does not offer any reward in the form of points earned or cash back.

FAQs: No Personal Guarantee Credit Cards

Do all business credit cards require a personal guarantee?

Almost all business credit cards require a personal guarantee. When you sign a personal guarantee, you agree to be personally responsible for any debt the business takes on. However, a few credit cards, such as those listed in this article, and many corporate cards do not require a personal guarantee.

What is the easiest business credit card to get?

The easiest business credit card to get will depend on your credit history, business revenue, and other factors. Generally speaking, secured business credit cards are the easiest to get, even if you have bad credit or no credit history. That’s because your credit limit will be equal to the amount you deposit with the credit card issuer, and the issuer will have that collateral if you don’t repay your debt.

How can I open a business credit card without personal credit?

You can open a business credit card without personal credit in two ways. First, you can apply for a business credit card that does not require a personal credit check or guarantee. Second, you can apply for a secured business credit card, which requires you to make a deposit that will equal your credit limit. As you use your business credit card responsibly, your credit profile will grow, and you may be able to apply for a different kind of business credit card.

What credit score is needed for a business credit card?

Most credit card issuers will look for a credit score of 600 or above. However, people with lower scores might qualify for a secured business credit card or another card designed for borrowers with poor credit.

Can you get a business credit card with bad personal credit?

Yes, you can get a business credit card with bad personal credit. One option is to apply for a secured business credit card that gives you a credit limit equal to the amount of money you deposit into a secured account. You won’t be able to withdraw that money while your card is active, but over time, you’ll repair your credit and be able to apply for different types of business credit cards. You can also apply for a business credit card for a particular store, such as Office Depot/Office Max, or a gas station, such as the Shell card. Using these types of cards responsibly can help you build your credit profile.

Are you personally liable for business credit cards?

You will be personally liable for business credit card balances if you sign a legally binding personal guarantee when you apply for the card. Should the company go out of business or default on the debt, you will have to pay off the balance on the card. You can find a few business credit cards that do not require a personal credit card, or you can apply for a corporate card if you can meet eligibility requirements.

Don’t Qualify For A Card Without A Personal Guarantee? Your Next Best Options

Alternatives to Business Credit Cards With No Personal Guarantee

Should you sign a personal guarantee? Deciding whether to sign a personal guarantee or not can be a tough decision. If you’ve decided that applying for a business credit card with a personal guarantee is your best move, your first step may be to understand and understand and improve your personal credit score. It’s also helpful to understand hard vs. soft credit inquiries and how each can impact your credit score.

If you’re interested in applying for a corporate card instead, check out our advice on how to get a corporate card for tips that can help you succeed.

In Summary: The 6 Best Business Credit Cards With No Personal Guarantee

  1. Ramp: Best corporate card.
  2. Divvy: Best for managing budgets.
  3. Brex : Best for cash back.
  4. Stripe Corporate Card: Best for new businesses.
  5. Coast: Best for fleet businesses.
  6. Silicon Valley Bank: Best for startups.
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