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If you are looking for a single place to see reviews of various merchant service providers, take a look at Merchant Maverick. I came across this site while searching for information on CardFellow, and I read a few reviews. I liked the format. I have no idea whether it is doing a good job, but at least it offers a point of view. It didn’t offer reviews of PNC or Emerald World, but it did review Wells Fargo and WorldPay, both of which I have dealt with — and those reviews seemed to comport with my limited experiences. Merchant Maverick also has reviews of point-of-sale systems and shopping-cart providers — something for everybody!


Payments comparison site Merchant Maverick posted the text of that note: Tuesday, February 16, 2016: We will send instructions on how to connect your account to Stripe. It will be immediately available for use as a replacement processing platform with the Flint app. 6 PM PST Thursday, February 18, 2016: Payment acceptance on Flint’s current processing platform will be de-activated. Note: you will receive deposits for outstanding settled transactions. 6 PM PST Saturday February 27, 2016: Flint services will go offline. If we are able to extend operations beyond this date we will let you know as soon as we can.


Amad Ebrahimi runs a website called Merchant Maverick, which reviews mobile payment companies. He’s had hundreds of complaints about Square on his site. He doesn’t see a good reason for the lack of communication. “There should be some investment in a risk department that focuses exclusively on phone communication and getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible,” he says. And Ebrahimi points out that Square is no longer alone in mobile payments. There’s PayPal, traditional banks and smaller competitors…


Hidden costs: Tom DeSimone of Merchant Maverick estimates that the cost of a new EMV-compliant terminal is between $250 and $300. For one that can also take near-field communications payments — such as Apple Pay — the cost is between $350 and $450. But merchants would do well to research whether the card reader they are purchasing treats debit and credit transactions the same way as before. Some of the readers will only process debit cards as credit, meaning that merchants are stuck paying the higher transaction fee on credit transactions.


Find out what others think. Read customer reviews at processors’ websites, and check out ratings at independent sites such as Merchant Maverick.


Bianca Crouse is a Small Business Loan Reviewer at Merchant Maverick, a website that reviews services used by small businesses. “A lot of business owners don’t have the time or the option of going through the SBA application process, either because they do not meet the basic requirements to get an SBA loan due to poor credit, no collateral, et cetera, or they don’t have the time to invest in a two- or three-month long application process,” she writes in an email to

Founded in 2009 as a source of unbiased reviews for credit card processing, Merchant Maverick has grown into a robust comparison site that provides SMBs education on a wide spectrum of merchant-related software and services. Now offering free beginners’ guides to get online merchants up and running, the company has emerged as an authoritative and trusted voice in the eCommerce space. We recently sat down with Liz Hull, Lead eCommerce Writer at Merchant Maverick, to discuss how the company’s wide range of resources, unique customer service, and flexible office culture have contributed to its success.


Amad Ebrahimi is a problem solver. With a background in online marketing and eCommerce, he’s all about using the web to come up with valuable solutions. Years ago, he came up with the idea for a travel website — not realizing how arduous a task it would be just to get his business off the ground. He and his business partner ran into a dilemma when trying to obtain a merchant account. Search as hard as they might, the duo found only deceptive rates and sleazy salesmen.