POS 101: Choosing A POS System

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Choosing a point of sale system that’s just right for your business is incredibly important. With the right POS software, your business should produce all you need to live a fairly comfortable life. With the wrong POS software, your business will explode in a fiery spectacle.

Alright, so maybe selecting a POS isn’t quite that dramatic, but whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already got the show on the road and you’re looking for an upgrade, the system you choose plays a big roll in the success or failure of your business. Fortunately, POS software has advanced since the era of the first old-timey cash register, meaning that you no longer have to process payments on a glorified calculator.

In fact, you have hundreds of POS vendors competing for your business. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before entering into the decision-making process and selecting new point of sale software for your business. There are a million variables to consider, including out-of-pocket costs, integrations, features, customer service, and more. But how are you to sort through which variable are important to the health of your business and which won’t affect you one way or another?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing a POS system for your business. But let’s start out by talking about why you might want point of sale software in the first place.

Do I Need A POS System?

Ah, the age-old existential question: to POS or not to POS? I guess I can’t really force anyone to modernize, and it might be a little difficult to believe (what with all my wild examples) that a POS upgrade is really that important. So I’ll be upfront with you and just bring it to the bottom line: cloud-based point of sale software will save you time and money. The reporting suites you’ll find in most systems provide the behind-the-scenes information you need to know what’s selling and what’s not, who’s performing and who needs improvement, who voided a transaction and what was voided, percentage of labor against sales, etc. The customer management and marketing tools now built directly into these systems will save you money on third-party CRM programs. It’s the same with eCommerce options and accounting needs. But hey, even if you want to use third-party software, the breadth of integrations available make it a simple process to transfer accounting information to Xero, sync inventory and stock levels to Shopify (see our review), and export customer profiles to Zoho CRM.

Really, I don’t have to try that hard to convince you that you need a modern POS system. The software speaks for itself in that regard. The question we should be asking is what, specifically, do you need for your particular business? As the rest of this article suggests, that question has many facets.

Let’s discuss some of the variables you should keep in mind as you choose a new POS system.

Business Type

Anyone who has worn a custom-made suit will probably tell you that they could never go back to the feel of the discount rack attire. And those of us who can’t afford custom-made anything will just have to take their word for it. Fortunately, POS systems (unlike custom suits) are plentiful enough to offer the features you need without costing you an arm and a leg. The only problem is narrowing down the search to a system that will suit (no pun intended) your specific business. A restaurant POS is not the same as a retail POS, which is not the same as a general, all-purose POS. Even the systems like Revel (see our review) that basically try to be all things to all people have their limits and won’t be appropriate for all merchants.

You have to ask yourself which category you fit into. Are you a mobile food truck? Are you a small coffee shop that sells both food and hand-crafted nicknacks? Are you a full-service restaurant and bar? Are you a nightclub? Are you a bike shop that repairs and rents out tandem bikes? Are you an online business or a brick-and-mortar store?

All of these business are going to have different needs, and narrowing down what category you fit into will at least point you in the direction you need to go.

Cloud-Based POS Solutions

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have been and will continue to subtly steer your mind toward cloud-based POS solutions throughout this article. Yeah, I took a psychology class my freshman year of college so I’m pretty sure I’ve got this subliminal massaging and brain cleaning thing down.

choosing a posAlthough I am biased toward cloud-based POS software, it is not without good reason. Locally-installed software had its place at one point–back when it was an upgrade from old-fashioned cash registers, but it is quickly being outmoded by much more advanced software. Even the larger companies that traditionally relied on the stability of a legacy system are trading in their bulky (and expensive) servers, high support costs, and general inconvenience for the all-purpose mobile Swiss Army knife of the POS world: cloud-based solutions. Quite a few mega chains and franchises (i.e. Goodwill, Cinnabon, Belkin, Toms, and Adidas–just to name a few) run very successfully on cloud-based software.

I won’t try to give you a full run down of the benefits and trade offs of a cloud POS, because I’d just be rehashing what has already been said, but the proof is really in the systems themselves. It’s only a matter of time before traditional locally-installed systems are completely outmoded by the sleek cloud-based software of the future.

Ease of Use

Y’know, I’ve always heard that you should be at least 10% smarter than the object you’re working with, but in the era of smart phones, Siri, and Wikipedia, that can be a little difficult to do. Okay, maybe not so much with Wikipedia, but you get the idea.

The Apple aesthetic has permeated our culture with a near-universal standard of usability. These days, unless you can configure the basic settings on a point of sale with minimal help from tech support, the system isn’t going to do so well on the market (mind you, this is not true of more advanced setup, but more on that below). Aside from customer support, usability is one of the biggest things I’ve seen people complain about in a POS system. Merchants shouldn’t need a background in computer engineering just to configure their tax levels, yet some systems are just that complicated. Fortunately, an “Ease of Use” section is included in all of our POS reviews, but no user is going to have the same experience. iPad-based systems may seem completely intuitive to Apple lovers, but totally frustrating to Android loyalists. The best advice I can give is to thoroughly test the software by taking advantage of the free trial versions most vendors offer these days. It won’t be the same as running it through the motions during a peak selling hour, but you can at least get a feel for how easy (or not) the system is to use.

POS Pricing

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately things cost money. And point of sale software is a thing. Ergo, POS systems cost money (learn more about how much POS systems cost). I apologize for the highly technical logical progression I just laid down, but all those years of Advanced Data Analytics are suddenly validated.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a logical genius like me to take your budget into account when picking a POS system, but you do want to be aware of the fact that vendors’ pricing structures are rarely as simple as they are portrayed to be. For example, a system can technically be advertised as “Free” (because you don’t have to pay a licensing fee), but even if you factor out the money you’ll have to spend on hardware (like a cash register and receipt printer) and possibly support costs, you’ve still got to pay the monthly fees to process credit and debit card transactions.

You’re going to want to keep all these categories in mind when adding up exactly how much your new POS is going to cost you:

  • Software: This is the most transparent part of the price. You’re either going to pay a one-time licensing fee with additional fees for upgrades or a monthly subscription fee that is essentially made up of the licensing fee, upgrade costs, and support costs.
  • Hardware: Naturally, the size of your business is going to directly affect how much hardware you’re going to need, but your type of business will also affect it. If you’re just wanting to sell your hand-made ceramic frogs at a street fair, you’re probably just going to need a tablet, a credit card reader, and a cash box. On the other hand, if you’re a multi-location restaurant chain, you’ll probably need POS terminals, receipt printers, bump bars, cash drawers, maybe barcode scanners for inventory, and perhaps some digital menu boards (among other things). Price will also vary depending on whether you use proprietary hardware or an Android or iPad solution. Fortunately, most suppliers offer flexible pricing on hardware and special deals for bulk buyers.
  • Integrations: Though many vendors are trying to fill in the cracks with their own software, there’s a definite market for third-party integrations to supplement your POS system. Some of these programs are free, but most of them are going to cost you an extra monthly fee. This might also be true of the integrations themselves (some companies will make you pay extra to sync your POS data with external software).
  • Credit Card Processing: With how widely used credit cards have become, you really can’t get away with the cash or check only options anymore. In order to process credit and debit transactions, though, you’re going to need to get set up with a merchant account. You’ll want to keep in mind the recent EMV liability shift as well, since not all processors and POS systems are EMV-compliant yet. If you’re wondering “what exactly is a merchant account?” you’re not alone, but you can learn more in our complete guide to credit card processing rates and fees.
  • Support: Most cloud-based POS systems include 24/7 (or almost 24/7) support with the monthly subscription cost, but sometimes you can get premium support (like on-site training) for an extra charge. I don’t know of any locally-installed POS systems that don’t come with exorbitant technical support fees.

POS Features

Mapping out exactly how much functionality you need is important, but you should also take into account features that you might want even if you don’t absolutely need them. For instance, would you like the option to integrate a digital menu? Do you want to add self-checkout kiosk? Or maybe you want a more advanced email marketing system? You shouldn’t have to settle for the bare minimum just because you think you won’t be able to handle or pay for anything more. You’ll probably be surprised by the level of functionality out there for surprisingly affordable prices.

In any case, there are a number of selections for any level of business. If you’re looking for something simple and cheap–but still functional–then Square (read our review), Vend (read our review) and Imonggo (read our review) are all good choices. Trying to go for something with more features, maybe with some good social media integrations? Well, you’ve got SalesVu and NCR Silver. How about something with a great user base in the food service industry? ShopKeep, Toast, and TouchBistro are all highly-ranked. Are you interested in some in-depth, ERP-style reporting functions? Revel and ERPLY have what you need.

Foodservice & Restaurant POS Features

  • Online ordering
  • Delivery apps
  • Check splitting/tip features
  • Ability to use kitchen screens
  • Back- and front-house communication tools
  • Table layout features
  • Loyalty programs
  • Advanced inventory with tracking for individual ingredients
  • Pay-at-table services

Retail POS Features

  • eCommerce integration
  • Advanced inventory with matrix
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards
  • Customizable SKUs
  • Shipping features

Service POS Features

  • Advanced scheduling for people, rooms, and equipment
  • Calendar
  • Online reservations
  • Customer-facing booking tools
  • eCommerce integration
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards


There’s a common misconception (at least it seems to me) that a good POS system shouldn’t need much support. I’d say this is only really true of the most basic systems that don’t have very advanced settings or functions.

Sure, once it’s all up and running, business owners shouldn’t need to call tech support every seven days to figure out how to run a weekly sales report. Unless you really want to. Because let’s face it, dating websites are expensive and you’re paying for the support anyway (in some form or another) so you might as well see if you can’t get something extra out of the experience. I’ve heard ShopKeep has award-winning customer service. What do you think the awards are for?

You need to be realistic about how much support you’re going to need and investigate whether the vendor you’re looking at is can provide it. For instance, I’ve seen so many people bashing perfectly functioning POS systems simply because they didn’t take the time or spend the money to have a professional set up their system. The more advanced systems, especially, offer on-site setup help. Use it! At the very least, get some over-the-phone training even if you feel like you’ve got a handle on the system, because you never know what you may have missed.

Make sure technical support will be available when you need it. Most businesses are open outside of the standard Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM work hours, meaning your support options must be open then, too. This usually means having 24/7 service. Some systems offer less coverage, but still seem able to offer their customers the support they need. It really all depends on your specific needs, so be sure to run the support staff through all the tests you can think of while you’re playing around in the system.

Final Thoughts

So which POS system are you going to choose?

One of the most important parts of researching the right POS for your business is talking to as many people as possible. The sales guy may be nice, but he’s also not going to be super quick to point out all the faults and shortcomings of the software or POS terminal he’s making a commission off of. All of the top POS systems have been used and reviewed by any number of people, you just have to be willing to look for the information. Get a second opinion from a professional as well.

At the end of the day, you’re ultimately responsible for the success (or failure) of your business, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tools out there that are going to make your job a whole lot easier. Your point of sale solution could very well unlock the potential of your business, so make sure you pick the right one.

Looking for a recommendation? Square is a good, all-around POS systems for smaller, low-volume businesses. Toast and Revel are fanastic restaurant-based point of sale software systems for both quick-service and fullservice restaurants. Vend and ShopKeep are good for retail establishments. Our full, unbiased POS reviews have more information all all of these vendors and more.

Get Started With Square

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    I’m looking at starting my own makeup artist business and was hoping to get your recommendation on the POS system. Given I’ll be traveling to most of my clients (I’m guessing the bulk will be bridal) and working on-site at hotels, churches, etc, I was thinking I’d fall under “Service POS Features.” Do you have any affordable suggestions for someone starting out with these types of needs?

    Thank you for all of your great content! 🙂

      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hi Casey,

      Take a look at this article on Mobile POS apps. I think it may be more suited to your startup, mobile business model, and can help you narrow down some better options for you.

      This article will focus on low-cost, mobile-focused POS software to accept credit card payments on the go.

        Bethany Birchridge

        I like that you mentioned that you should make sure you have the right type of POS for your business, as the needs between a restaurant and retail vary greatly. My friend is actually working on setting up his own business, so this could help him find a great POS system. I’ll be sure to mention this article to him.

          Linda Thomas

          We need to get a POS system capable of both coffee shop / retail and also our 4 suite Inn .

          I have read on several and find it confusing as to whether or not one POS can handle both and be Quickbooks friendly.

          Please Advise 🙂

            Jessica Dinsmore

            Hi Linda,

            I would say ShopKeep or SalesVu if either of those meets the needs of your Inn. If you need a slightly more robust system and can pay a little more Revel is worth looking into. All three integrate with Quickbooks. I hope that helps!

              Lily Bliss


              Thanks so much for all of these very helpful articles. We are a guest ranch looking for a POS for our bar and retail shop. One of the most important features needed is for the system to be able to hold house accounts/tabs, so that the guests can pay at the end of their stay through our main office. We use Quickbooks for our bills and accounting. Do you have any suggestions?

              Thank you!

                Jessica Dinsmore

                Hi Lily,

                I think Shopkeep or Toast or possibly Revel would be worth looking into. They can keep tabs open, and they all integrate with QB. Request some demos and see what you think!

                  Pat Eder

                  Started out thinking I knew what I needed. Ended up not being so sure. Expanding our catering operation and opening a small breakfast / lunch cafe on the new site and also offering prepared meals to go. Need a POS system that will track inventory, integrate with Quick Books online, have good reporting features and possibly have employee timeclock functionality. Recommendations?

                    Jessica Dinsmore

                    Hi Pat,

                    There are several great POS options, but in order to determine which program best suits your particular business, I’d suggest trying our filtering tool. Once you’ve answered the questions, the tool will narrow down your options and compare their features to help you make an informed decision.

                      Christine Hayward

                      I found this article interesting but I am still confused about what POS to choose. I have owned and operated a clothing boutique for the past 11 years. I have used Lightspeed for the past 5 years but I find it a little too complex for our business. I would like to also sell online and I want the system to integrate with Quickbooks online. I will also be doing some selling on the road so would like to use it on my Ipad. What would you suggest?

                        Jessica Dinsmore

                        I’d suggest you take a look at Vend. I think you’ll find that it will meet your needs, it integrates with QB, offers ecommerce integration and it is more user friendly.

                          Debi Wickliffe

                          Hi-Very helpful, but I am still confused as to which system is best for my business. We are an art gallery / consignment / and new products as well. I want to be able to track consignors and customers as well but keep it simple most of all. I need a card reader and cash drawer. Can you possibly guide me in a more specific direction? Thanks, Deb

                            Jessica Dinsmore

                            Hi Debi,
                            I think Shopkeep would be a good choice for your business. They have a POS System specifically for consignment shops! Hope this helps!

                              Andreas Elia

                              hello and thanks for the article. i am about to open a coffeshop as an extension to my organic store located in Larnaca, Cyprus.

                              at first i was sure about things regarding the pos, i mean i have an ipad 2 that i dont use and its in great condition, i will dowload free or budget pos, a thermal printer, a drawer and begin operations.

                              then friends started asking questions: why ios and not android or windows tablet? is the software you choose compatible with iOS? how will you integrate visa payments?

                              and now i am offcially lost. any guidance to clear things up?

                              thanks in advance


                                Jessica Dinsmore


                                Most POS systems will work internationally but not all of them will offer international support. With that said, we have a great filtering tool that will help you narrow your choice down based on the kind of business you have and the features you need. After that, I would contact each vendor directly to see if they’re willing to work with a business in Cyprus. I would also ask them if they can recommend a credit card processor that integrates with their system that would also be willing to work with a business in Cyprus.

                                In regards to iOS vs Android, it’s really a matter of preference, so it depends on what you prefer. Since you already have an iPad 2, why not just go with an iOS system?

                                I hope this helps!

                                  Monica Starling

                                  I am part of a home medical equipment company, I am in need of a POS system that will allow us to take copays, ROA payments as well as retail sales. We need a system that we can type in the description of the retail item, as well as taxable and non-taxable options. We need to have the ability to have multiple users for accountability purposes. Any help with the appropriate POS system would be greatly appreciated.

                                    Jessica Dinsmore

                                    Hi Monica,
                                    We don’t currently have any experience with POS systems in the medical field. If you search “Medical POS software” you may find something that could work for you. Good luck!


                                      I thought your article was very informative but I’m still stumped as to exactly what I should look for. I work for an American Legion (non-profit) and the Board has asked me to find a POS system. We are a bar/restaurant type of business so we need to track sales and inventory, get reports that are accurate, etc. I currently use QuickBooks to track income, expenses and payroll. I would appreciate any input that you can provide. I just am at a loss as to where to start and what I should be looking for. Thank you in advance.

                                        Chloe Bahal

                                        Hi Kate,

                                        I am going to send you an email right now so please keep an eye out for it.


                                          This is a great article, but we are having trouble finding the right POS for our business. It classifies as retail, but it falls more on the side of “service” as most of our work is done in client’s homes. I like the look of most of the systems, we just can’t seem to find one that integrates POS with inventory, AND customer history. Any ideas?

                                            Chloe Bahal

                                            Hi Stephanie,

                                            We have a great filtering tool that you can try here. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.

                                              Paula Green

                                              Hi Jordan,
                                              Thanks so much for this info, however, our business is very different. We own a plant nursery and need an easy inventory system with labeling available to put on all of our inventory. Honestly, we are just using a normal cash register and credit card machine. I enter everything into quickbooks. I told my husband (the owner) that I would do some research on POS software and I just don’t know where to start. Any help you could give?

                                              Paula Green

                                                Chloe Bahal

                                                Hi Paula,

                                                I am going to send you an email right now so please keep an eye out for it.

                                                  Linda Lacasse

                                                  We own a Nursery and Greenhouse business. Can you point us in the right direction for POS? Thanks.

                                                    Jessica Dinsmore

                                                    Hi Linda,

                                                    We would need a bit more info to make an informed recommendation. Give our filtering tool a try! It will help point you toward a top rated POS system for your particular situation.


                                                      Hey Jordan,
                                                      Great article! I am opening a small brick and mortar lifestyle shop and have been looking at ShopKeep, Vend and Shopify. Heard Shopify doesn’t calculate COGS, is that still true? Also, I’m finding many negative reviews for all of these systems which has me a little rattled. I need something that allows for one of a kind inventory items as well as items with variables such as size, color, scent etc. Also a systems that integrates easily with QuickBooks. Help!

                                                        Chloe Bahal

                                                        Hi Donna,

                                                        I am going to send you an email right now, so please keep an eye out for it.

                                                          Tyson Coleman

                                                          I loved this article and it really opened my eyes as far as what I should be looking for. But I am still at a loss for where to start with updating the old POS system in my Jewelry store/manufacturer. We need to be able to handle retail sales as well as custom orders/repairs and track/manage the job tickets. We’re looking for server based for security purposes and want to be able to attach images to tickets. Do you have any suggestions on more resources that may help me figure out where to start when picking a new system?

                                                            Chloe Bahal

                                                            Hi Tyson,

                                                            We have a great filtering tool that you can try here. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

                                                              Farrah Rose

                                                              Hi Jordan,
                                                              I’ve read a bunch of articles and came across a comment from you about the Intuit Cloud-Based POS. I’ve read mixed reviews about Revel and I wondered if the Intuit Powered by Revel eliminates or reduces many of those concerns. My client is opening a high-end, brick and mortar retail electronics store in OR. They’re using Mac computers and iPads and need to be able to track inventory, get solid reporting and have a great customer experience (e.g., interface and equipment should look very nice and be branded, ideally). I see negative reviews for everything out there. I’m considering Intuit Cloud-Based POS, ShopKeep, Vend, LightSpeed and possibly Retail Pro 9. They’re estimating $500k in revenue to start and will be growing, but will probably stay in only one store location. We want to be able to check out customers on the floor as well as have a register. Thank you so much in advance! What a daunting process!

                                                                Chloe Bahal

                                                                Hi Farrah,

                                                                Choosing a POS system can definitely be daunting! I went ahead and sent you a direct email with more information that you will find helpful.


                                                                  Your article is very helpful as are the comments. I find myself in an unusual situation looking for a POS. We are a small, non-profit maritime museum. I am replacing a 10 year old Intuit Quickbooks POS that has gone rogue. I can’t find a POS that addresses our needs. We track Admissions, memberships, donations, we have a Gift Shop with inventory, we need to connect with our Quickbooks accounting program, we have one employee and numerous volunteers of all ages and abilities that really mess up the POS. We want something that works when the internet goes down for our admissions and gift shop. I have read the reviews. We could upgrade to a new version of Intuit Quickbooks POS or ShopKeep or? Am I headed in the right direction? Or should I research others?

                                                                    Chloe Bahal

                                                                    Hi Charon,

                                                                    ShopKeep is a great option and I would also check out Vend.


                                                                      Thanks Chloe, will check out Vend.


                                                                        Hello! What do you think about Harbor touch? I would like to find more information on them. Thanks!

                                                                          Patricia Landes

                                                                          I am so lost in picking out a POS system for my restaurant which serves drinks also. Can you please help.

                                                                            Jordan Nelson

                                                                            Hello Patricia,

                                                                            A good place to start would be to take a look at our top-rated restaurant POS solutions. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, feel free to send us a note and we’ll see if we can help you find a good system for your business.



                                                                              I am struggling with deciding on a POS system. We own candy stores, we sell candy by weight, coffee, ice cream, souvenirs, and toys. We also ship our hand made candy all over the country. We have gift cards and would like to have costumer loyalties programs. We are also looking for inventory tracking. Any suggestions would be great!

                                                                                Jessica Dinsmore

                                                                                Hi Heidi,

                                                                                I’d recommend Toast or Shopkeep for you. They should both be able to check all your boxes and easily accommodate your needs.


                                                                                  Amad, which POS system would you recommend for a vape shop? We will carry hundreds of different products.

                                                                                    Jordan Nelson

                                                                                    Hello Larry,

                                                                                    It’s difficult to make a recommendation with so little information, but you can find a list of our top-rated POS systems here. If you would prefer some more specialized assistance, please contact us for a personal consultation.



                                                                                      I really found this article informative. I am just getting started on a food truck and am very interested in a POS but I mostly deal in cash payments and not any credit cards. I guess I will be straight forward, I have read that some of these systems require SSN and bank account info to process cards, because as I stated, I am just getting started, I do not want to report my income with IRS. I would like to see where this goes before taking it that far wich is something that I would really like in ther future. Is there a POS you can recommend that would give me features that would relate to a food truck, like printing receipts for cook orders? Thank you

                                                                                        Jordan Nelson

                                                                                        Hello John,

                                                                                        It is illegal to not report your income to the IRS so I can’t condone that. As for your question, you can find an article on the best POS systems for food trucks here.



                                                                                          Really great guide to POS systems that isn’t overly technical. As technology continues to advance, I’m curious to see how much more the process can be streamlined for users.


                                                                                            Great article…very informative! I’m opening a Christian bookstore and looking for advice on the best POS cloud based system that will integrate Ingram distributors. Any thoughts?

                                                                                              Jordan Nelson

                                                                                              Hello Linda,

                                                                                              It’s difficult to give a recommendation with so little information. You can find some of our top-ranking POS systems here or contact us with some more information for a free consultation.


                                                                                                Alex Trodder

                                                                                                My dad had his own business growing up. You make a great point about how your company’s point of sale system can be a major factor that can contribute or hurt your business. In today’s economy, it can be really important to have access to systems that have analysis tools to help you identify trends. For my dad, it was really important for him to have repeat customers for his business. Knowing what information is essential for you business can also help you choose a POS that is best for your business.

                                                                                                  Kenneth Gladman

                                                                                                  You make a great point about tracking business trends. It is pretty amazing what our software can do these days. I think a pos system would be great for franchises looking to take advantage of new technology.

                                                                                                    Thiru Kumaran

                                                                                                    Great article! I would like to share my opinion here. When you decided to buy a POS solution for your business, you not only see its capabilities but also see whether it has certain features that can benefit you when you grow and need them in future.

                                                                                                      Don Fitch,MS

                                                                                                      Amed, great article! We’re an NGO, Nys lic. Business school teaching persons with mental & physical disabilities computer job skills & placing them. We’re 100% govt. funded. We’re searching for a retail Pos system the students can learn from. A simulation of the retail sales transaction. What software/hardware would you recommend ? Thank you, Don




                                                                                                          I have loved this article. So informative and easy to comprehend. I’m looking for a good POS in a busy bar. Kindly advice.

                                                                                                            Amad Ebrahimi


                                                                                                            You can’t go wrong with either Shopkeep or Revel in a bar setting.


                                                                                                              Bakari Tareq

                                                                                                              Thanks for this article. Im still confused which pos will fulfil my business needs. I need your help. Please drop me an email so we can talk.
                                                                                                              email: berleen.uae@gmail.com
                                                                                                              Thanks Amad and awaiting your response.

                                                                                                                Amad Ebrahimi


                                                                                                                Give your POS software tool a try. It should help you find the right software for your business. 🙂


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