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Tax Prep Checklist

2017 Tax Prep Checklist

At this time of year, if you’re a small business owner, you don’t have time to read lengthy introductions and funny anecdotes. You need to get your taxes done, and done fast. You’re not alone in the race to meet this year’s April 18th deadline. We Merchant Maverick folk are here to help, and so […]

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Best Accounting Software 2017

Best Accounting Software for 2017

What’s better than a table full of New Year’s appetizers? Better than a good glass of champagne? Even better than a midnight kiss to ring in the new year? Accounting software. Okay. So it’s a stretch, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Each new year brings fresh, exciting opportunities; in the accounting world, this […]

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10 Reasons to Use Xero This Tax Season

No matter how much you might love your accounting software, you probably don’t love doing taxes. As overwhelming as this season can be, you don’t need to hibernate in a cave until April 15th has passed. Your accounting software is here to help, and so are we. Xero users are especially in luck! Xero is […]

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Best Free Accounting Software

What if I told you there was a free accounting software that could compete with and outrank even some paid software options? No limits, no gimmicks, simply free software. We’ve explored a lot of great software solutions in this blog series, looking at the best choices for small businesses, larger businesses, accountants, and invoicing. But […]

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