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QuickBooks Self Employed vs. Xero TaxTouch

QuickBooks Self-Employed VS Xero TaxTouch

Accounting software has been around for ages, but tax software is new to the game. Intuit created a program specifically designed for freelancers called QuickBooks Self-Employed in 2015, and Xero quickly followed suit with their Xero TaxTouch app in 2016. Since this type of software is still so new, it can be hard to know which is best. That’s why we’re here.

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How to Setup Your Accounting Software

How To Set Up Your Accounting Software

Setting up accounting software is like baking a cake. A huge variety of cakes exist in the world—chocolate, caramel, lemon drizzle; Bundt cake, layered cake, cupcake. Each has a different style and a different recipe. However, there is still a basic formula that lays the foundation for all cakes. You can always expect to use […]

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locally installed software security

How to Keep Your Locally-Installed Accounting Software Secure

I’ve heard it again and again. People choose a locally-installed accounting software over cloud-based software because they don’t trust the mysterious, elusive Cloud. While it is true that locally-installed software has the potential to be more secure than cloud-based software, users who don’t take the proper security measures are subjecting themselves to a storm of […]

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Cloud Security

How To Keep Accounting Data Safe in the Cloud

We store away our physical treasures behind locks, but what about the treasures we can’t see? What about the information we store on that invisible mystery called the Cloud? The internet is arguably the place we need security the most, and the place we most often forget about it. If you use cloud-based accounting software, […]

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Chart of Accounts

How To Set Up A Chart of Accounts

There are some things in life that haunt your nightmares forever. For me, it’s that dang bear scene in Revenant. For many business owners, it’s setting up a chart of accounts. At first glance, a chart of accounts can be one of the scariest concepts in accounting. Faced with hoards of seemingly random numbers (that […]

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Xero VS Wave

Though Wave is able to hold its own as an accounting program, Xero takes the win by far, and it’s easy to see why. Over the last several years, Xero has established itself as a solid program at the top of the accounting software market. The program can be used by someone with little accounting experience, but it’s not “watered down” to the point that someone with a solid bookkeeping background would feel frustrated.

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wave accounting vs quickbooks online

Wave VS QuickBooks Online

In the world of accounting, QuickBooks is a big name, but how does the online version of this popular software stack up against Wave, a free online accounting software? Which program is better? Are they even in the same league? The answers to these questions are more complex than you might think. […]

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