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employee retention tax credit

What Is ERC? The Complete 2023 Guide To Understanding & Receiving The Employee Retention Tax Credit

One form of relief offered to small businesses is the Employee Retention Tax Credit. First introduced in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, this tax credit could be claimed by eligible employers on quarterly tax returns. This program was expanded by the Consolidated Appropriations Act signed into law in December 2020, making the credit accessible to more employers.

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Sep 18, 2023 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Employee Retention Credit

What Are Business Grants & Are They Taxable?

There are business grants out there that give small business owners and entrepreneurs access to capital. However, it isn’t as easy as pulling out your credit card and receiving a magic list in your mailbox. It takes work to find grants that you qualify for, and even then, competition is pretty stiff. That doesn’t mean you should automatically write-off business grants, though.

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Jan 9, 2023 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Business Grants

The Complete Guide To New York Payroll & Payroll Taxes

The more complex details of payroll and payroll taxes can be time-consuming and confusing, but they are absolutely essential for avoiding legal issues and penalties. We know small businesses have plenty on their plate already, so in this article, we’ve broken down all the steps involved in doing payroll in New York State — and the key regulations to be aware of. Ready to learn how to do payroll in New York? Read on!

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May 20, 2022 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Payroll