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PCI Compliance Fees: A Fair Processing Charge Or A Junk Fee?

Merchant services providers are notorious for tacking on all kinds of additional fees for their services, often not disclosing them during the sales process and leaving it to merchants to find them buried somewhere in the pages and pages of fine print that make up their contracts. One fee that raises a lot of questions […]

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The 5 Best Small Business Credit Card Processing Companies

Unless your small business consists of running a lemonade stand on the corner of your street, sooner or later you’re going to need to accept credit and debit cards as payment to compete in today’s marketplace. Customers are increasingly relying on their “plastic” to make purchases, and are consequently carrying less cash. eCommerce – something […]

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POS 101: Security

Criminal behavior is constantly changing in response to the methods designed to prevent it. Given technological advances, successfully robbing a bank is much more difficult than it used to be. And this holds true for any form of theft that requires the offender to be physically present. The advent and proliferation of the internet, however, […]

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Just How Secure is mPOS Equipment, Anyway?

We live, unfortunately, in the age of the data breach. Target. Home Depot. Sony. The IRS. ADP. Noodles & Co. Wendy’s. Yahoo. Over the past few years, all of these companies (and many, many others) have been hit with some sort of data breach that has compromised personalized data ranging from social security numbers and W2 information to credit card numbers. […]

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How EMV affects eCommerce

How EMV Affects eCommerce

Every sector has its own language. The government, the military, and the medical field aren’t the only ones that seem to have more acronyms than actual words; now, the private sector gets to join in the esoteric fun. In this article, I’ll reveal the latest acronym that merchants need to know – EMV. What It […]

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Is Your POS System Secure?

Watch out, merchants: Dubbed “PoSeidon” by Cisco Security Solutions, this malware is a new type of trojan that specifically targets POS (point of sale) systems, nabbing the credit card information of your unsuspecting customers. Cisco stated in a March 2015 report that POS malware attacks are on the rise, affecting businesses both large and small. […]

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The Quick Guide to PCI DSS Compliance for Small Merchants (Level 4)

A large majority of companies in the U.S. are considered small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Most SMBs don’t process any more than 20,000-1,000,000 (some much less) transactions per year, categorizing them as Level 4 merchants in the PCI world. For those of you that have read my article on merchant risk levels, you’ll know […]

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Determining Your Merchant Risk Level for PCI Compliance

Both VISA and MasterCard have created a structure for determining the risk level of a merchant. The more transactions you process, the more risk you pose to the two credit card organizations. In order to maintain some sort of order within PCI compliance, VISA and MasterCard have created 4 risk levels that will apply to […]

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