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Guide To Buying ShopKeep Hardware

There are a lot of reason why ShopKeep is among our most recommended point of sale systems for small businesses. This product remains one of the more affordable options on the market while giving you a wide variety of features to help your retail or restaurant establishment function efficiently. Chances are, if you’ve decided to […]

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Jul 7, 2019 Filed under: Hardware, Point of Sale 0

The Best Credit Card Machines & Terminals For Small Business

Devices that process credit (and debit) card transactions come in three general varieties: (1) mobile card readers that connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and require an app to function, (2) credit card terminals that combine all processing functions into a single device, and (3) point-of-sale (POS) systems that add functions such as inventory management, employee scheduling, analytics and reporting, loyalty/gift card programs, and more.

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Apr 30, 2021 Filed under: Credit Card Processing, Hardware, Point of Sale 8

What Is A Kitchen Display System & Do You Need One For Your Restaurant?

If you’ve heard the term “KDS” floating around the industry and have found yourself at a bit of a loss, you’ve come to the right article! Short for “Kitchen Display Systems,” these digital screens replace the need for receipt printers or handwritten orders (although some point of sale systems do still require a traditional thermal printer be used in conjunction with their KDS screens). But is this something your restaurant needs?

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Jun 24, 2021 Filed under: Hardware, Point of Sale, Restaurant POS 3

Get A Free Hardware Bundle From NCR Silver

For a limited time only, NCR Silver (see our review) is offering new customers free iPad or discounted Android hardware bundles. To qualify for this special promotion, there are just a couple of requirements: You must be a new customer of NCR Silver. Users must sign up for a two-year contract with NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro. This […]

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Aug 14, 2019 Filed under: Hardware, Point of Sale 0

The Future Of mPOS In An EMV World

Even if you’ve never used a card swiper attached a tablet or smartphone yourself, chances are you’ve seen one. Any pop-up booth, stall, or merchandise table you see (at a theater, concert, convention, sporting event, or even along the street) that takes credit cards is probably relying on a mobile POS (mPOS) system with a […]

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Feb 21, 2017 Filed under: Hardware, Mobile Payments 0
SumUp reader in its box

Unboxing The SumUp Card Reader

First things first: SumUp provided us with a free card reader for the purposes of our review. Our opinions are entirely our own.   The mPOS scene has thinned out recently, leaving only a few really great options and a smattering of so-so ones. That’s why we’ve been keeping an eye on the European mPOS […]

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Aug 14, 2019 Filed under: Hardware, Mobile Payments 1

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