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Best E-Cigarette & Vape Merchant Accounts In 2024

An e-cigarette and vape merchant account can provide your business the flexibility and financial security it needs to create a seamless buying experience for your customers both online and in person. Your goal when choosing a merchant account should be to provide intuitive payment processing solutions that meet your business’s needs.

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Feb 5, 2024 Filed under: High-Risk Merchant Accounts

The Best Collection Agency Merchant Services Providers In 2024

To start a collection agency, you’ll need a robust suite of hardware and services to accept payments online and over the phone. Whether you’re building your agency from the ground up or already have a business that needs to switch to a better merchant account provider, your agency’s success depends on multi-channel payment support, systems to combat fraudulent chargebacks, and transparent pricing plans and contractual requirements.

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Feb 1, 2024 Filed under: High-Risk Merchant Accounts

The 7 Best Merchant Accounts For Adult-Oriented Products & Services

Do you run an adult business? We’ll explain the unique challenges faced by the adult entertainment industry and why it can be difficult to find a provider that will approve your business for a merchant account. We’ll also make some specific recommendations of providers that accept adult businesses. Read on for the best merchant accounts for adult-oriented businesses.

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Apr 16, 2024 Filed under: High-Risk Merchant Accounts

6 Best Credit Repair Merchant Accounts

Credit repair companies are considered high risk by most payment service providers, so finding someone that will work with you can be a chore. Merchant Maverick has found that the five services offering the best credit repair merchant accounts are PaymentCloud, Soar Payments, Instabill, eMerchantBroker, and PayKings.

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Feb 16, 2024 Filed under: High-Risk Merchant Accounts
High-risk merchant account instant approval

Can You Get A High-Risk Merchant Account With Instant Approval: The Bitter Truth

Getting swift approval for a merchant account is uncommon, particularly for high-risk merchants. Accordingly, there are a number of merchant services providers promising high-risk merchant account instant approvals. In this post, we’ll explain what “instant approval” really means and why it’s a bad idea, no matter how desperate you are to get a merchant account.

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Jan 31, 2024 Filed under: High-Risk Merchant Accounts